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It takes all

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by Bubbas, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. kinds. So heres the story went to the local processor to place cards and tags and I find this:

    It seems that one of the other guys is running a big buck contest I dont care hate to give anything away when we can get paid. BUT this guy has hooked up with a guy that was a taxidermist WAY back until the bottle got him. We mounted two deer for this guy(the old taxidermist) and it took a letter being sent to get paid. Well he just took his next or should I say his 3rd buck for last season to the guy over in the next county. Now it seems that the guy who has never showed is using this old boy to mount some of his stuff and riding his Blue ribbons from back in the 80's to get business in.

    Here is his contest:
    1st-shoulder mount by *TA Blue Ribbon Winner Valued at $750 detailed mount
    2nd-shoulder mount " " " Valued at $350 custom mount
    3rd-shoulder mount commercial mount valued at $300

    I dont think I would have put a value on them like that! Maybe a shoulder mount for 1st,skull for 2nd and horn for 3rd. Clients not placing 1st might want to know just wat they arent getting for that extra $400.


    I am sorry but there isnt enough this guy can do to a mount that would make it worth $400 more!!

    Also if I was the client that placed 3,4,5,6 so on what in the world am I not getting!!
  2. Becky P

    Becky P One must believe the glass is half full.

    If you place 4,5,6, etc, looks like YOU get to pick your taxidermist and probably be better off. LOL

    Not meant to be ugly towards you, but towards the other guy. Sounds like winner might get ripped off.

  3. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    There's always that crap going around Kim, let it go ;)

    I'll use smaller new restraunts & new ones trying to drum up instant business as an example. They always try to get business with advertising crazy cheap specials. The only one's that stay around though might not be the best in the world BUT they maintain a CONSISTENCY in quality! I wouldn't worry about it, like I said the same thing happens here. We have one guy advertising $275 per shoulder mount, I hope he get's a crap load of them them!! Then alot of the business will be mine and a couple of others around here who have maintained quality & integrity over the years.
  4. We never worry aabout crap like this last year alone two young guns popped up going around talking their crap well found out today one is gone and the other has raised his prices just goes to show you in time some may learn and the rest will go away.
    But this guy has been around for like 20 years and I guess he's trying to improve his work by getting someone else to do it.
    You are right Michael he has maintain a CONSISTENCY in quality!!

  5. Kim its always going to be that way.

    Around here we have new guys and the olds guys, some of the old guys dont bother to finsh the deerheads, paint etc. Some of the new guys are cheaper than production cost.

    The new one come and go and aalways will. last srping the local college ran their ads, some young lady was going to open her taxidermy art studio after graduating. Listed he credits other than the local Super high school (community college) ta da of course her taxidermy training was by reading books and on line here.

    Did she show up at the ATA show? nope and it was only 50 miles from her home. She will be in this awhile and then realize she is starving to death.

    And they wonder why us old timers are so pricey!!

    We do have some older timers that are cheaper and their work reflects the price, burned out plain and simple. They have their customers and the others come and go.
  6. Sawetamen

    Sawetamen New Member

    I have alot of respect for the old timers in this business, they have lasted through all the crap you can get in this business from the price wars etc. I have only been in this business full time for 16 years and am 45 years old. I get alot from this site and thank everybody for that.
    Tom B