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Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by Nate Thompson, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. I just posted in the wanted section but I need a drake Widgeon. I dropped the one I had and broke the head off.
  2. BeckyBird

    BeckyBird My Baby Bluebirds

    You can fix that.....is it frozen or already mounted? Either way, it can be fixed.

  3. Nancy C

    Nancy C Well-Known Member

    Yep ... totally fixable.
    Ya gotta learn to deal with that sort of stuff. It's part of the job.
  4. Its still frozen. I'm not sure what to do, where do I start?
  5. JonHarleTX

    JonHarleTX Ya'll hear that. George just signed in. Quick Hide

    Tell us what you think you should do to fix this. Then I will tell you what I would do..

    Not trying to be a jerk, but this really is an easy fix.. you just have to stop, sit down, and think it through...

    One of the biggest hurdles in taxidermy in general is learning what to do when things go wrong.. AS THEY ALWAYS DO!!!!

    Remember it is only a bird.. you can beat it..

    Also remember.. you start the whole skinning ordeal by putting a HUGE gaping hole down the middle of the breast..

  6. pyeager1

    pyeager1 Active Member

    Needle and thread! been there, done that.
  7. Thinking on it for a while I think that I need to create some sort of reference point before the rest falls off. So I guess I would put it back together by matching the feather patterns then make a reference incision on both halves. This would be so that I know where I'm going to start and stop. Skin and flesh and usual then sew the two halves together after everything is matched up. I do think that I need to leave a little wiggle room in the length of the neck for shrinkage to keep the two halves from seperating. I also thought about just skinning all the way to the top of the head and sewing the enitre body and neck. Just thoughts I had.
  8. im4dux

    im4dux New Member

    First off don't cut any more! Surely do not cut to give you a reference point. Not a good idea to cut all the way up either.....how would that solve the problem? If the head is not totally off than just sew it before you skin it. Waterfowl skins don't shrink much. Just be careful when you sew that you don't catch any feathers in the stitch. Also be careful when fleshing around that area.....and of course the obvious, dont carry the bird by the neck or lift it while washing it. Good luck. You will do fine.
  9. JonHarleTX

    JonHarleTX Ya'll hear that. George just signed in. Quick Hide


    You're on the right track, but like Dane said, don't make any more cuts than necessary.

    What i would do..
    Go ahead and skin the bird. Then take a piece of necking material large enough that you just have room to taxi the skin around. Line up the feather patterns and put about four stiches in. One on each side of the Compass.. N<S<E<W... Then start sewing between your lock points. If you have skinned out the head for an artificial head, then it would be easiest to carefully invert the entire neck and sew from the inside. If not and you are forced to sew from the feather side, then I would use some dishsoap and soak the feathers to keep them out of the way while I sew..
    Take about 2 or 3 loose stiches between your compass points then pull the skin closed. NOT TIGHT.. just closed.. Once the bird is mounted and groomed, a couple strategically placed straight pins will ensure that things don't move to much.. Be sure and watch it.. and alas if it does pull .. open your stiches, rehydrate the skin with a paint brush and some water and restitch.. watch that area more closely the 2nd time round.

    All in all an easy fix.. Will take you about 10 minutes.

    best of Luck to you,
  10. Thanks so much for the info. I'll get going on it. Thanks again. I'll post pics when its done.