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Createx Paints

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by Harleyc, Oct 21, 2006.

  1. Harleyc

    Harleyc New Member

    Hey any body use createxpaints for scaletipping? I was wondering where i could find some in georgia.
  2. Perca

    Perca Active Member

    I don't use that brand but have seen them for sale at several of the larger crafts stores. Hobby Lobby and Michaels are two places I saw them.

  3. Wildchild 69

    Wildchild 69 Trust Me!!!

    Look at this. http://www.taxidermy.net/forum/index.php/topic,4123.0.html
    Here's some online ordering vendors if you can't find it elsewhere. http://www.createxcolors.com/web.htm
  4. fishmounter

    fishmounter New Member

    I've used Createx for trout and bass scale-tipping (actually the whole scale) ever since they have been on the market. Great paint!
  5. Ive seen it at several craft stores including the ones mentioned. I got mine at an art store in Columbus, GA called G & H Art Supply. I used it mainly for T Shirts until some one mentioned what a great tipping medium it was. Works pretty well.

    BTW...Im noticing more and more folks from Georgia! Any Bulldog fans? ;)
  6. Wild Bill

    Wild Bill If my hats missing im fishing

    Go to page two and you'll see this subject was just discussed. You can also check out the fish reference, click on Brown Trout and check out the job Angling Artisan does with createx paint.
  7. JasonMoe

    JasonMoe New Member

    You can go to hobbylobby.com and they have a 40% off an item coupon most of the time. They have createx. Also dixieart.com has a free catalog, they sell it. They also sell airbrushes cheaper.