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I need help helping someone ellse on tanning deer hides please

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by alpha lobo, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. alpha lobo

    alpha lobo New Member

    I had a customer come in to my garden center/nursery today looking for hydrated lime. I understand that hydrated lime is lime which has been exposed to water and thus reduces greatly the exothermic reaction. What is the "LIME" one would use to hydrate? Does one or may one take naturalized or pelletized lime one would use for your yard and mix it with water to get hydrated lime?? Is there a special variety or type of lime and where would one purchase this lime?

    I understand that this is a ridiculously simple question that the vast majority of this group has heard bazillions of times, but please do not roll your eyes and pass me over I would very much like to help my customer with the most accurate and best educated answer I can give him at the very least help keep him from making costly if not dangerous mistakes. please feel free to email me personally as well I believe my email address should be located on my start up profile...thank you so very much for any and all input. Has anyone thought of throwing together An Idiots Guide to Tanning Deerskins for this forum or did i just not take enough time to look around? Again thanks in advanced...JIM
  2. Laurier

    Laurier Active Member

    the lime is used to remove the hair of the skin , so that when you tan the skin it will be leather.
    builders lime can be purchased to any building yard.

  3. cyclone

    cyclone Posts: 400001

    Calcium Oxide, CaO ...aka quick lime is "slaked" or hydrated to form calcium hydroxide...aka hydrated or slaked lime Ca(oH)2.

    Wow, we have sub-script now...a chemist's dream!
  4. Bruce_Rittel

    Bruce_Rittel Consultant Services

    It's the same Lime you can't use on your lawn because it would "burn" the grass! It's what was called "slaked" Lime years ago. It burns on contact -if your hands are wet. I buy it as "Hydrated Lime" at my suppliers.
  5. alpha lobo

    alpha lobo New Member

    Thanks to all whom have replied and helped tons thanks so much.
  6. susu

    susu Guest

    does anyone know where I can find the caustic Items listed [/font] in the supplies we buy for our work- I need to find out about DNP in any of the solution- after 15 years+ we are now unable to gain any weight eating like hogs 3+ meals a day- I know it is in a lot of the chemicals we use- do we have a dmso manual for all the different ingredients listed on the web anywhere.
    Help please is needed-looking worse then Nicole Richy here
    Also if you where to drop the (oH)2 out of the ca you would have an ingredient that leeched calcium from your body after years.