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Work in Wisconsin 2

Discussion in 'Training' started by sethschmidt, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. I posted a message similar to this about 2 months ago, But now I went to A.I.T. And looking for part-time work I plan on contacting the business that contacted me if you don't want me to just let me know. I plan on calling in the morning. If you did not contact me now is the time looking for part-time within 4 hours drive time and cheep motel if that far. Love the business just need some help getting started. Give me a call at (920) 260-6043 or (920) 248-9653.

    Seth Schmidt
    References if needed.
    [email protected]
  2. good luck seth, hope u find a job. seen seth work as i was at school with him and he is good

  3. Hey Tom thank you for the kind words. Hows everything going? Didn't even know you were leaving that early so i didn't get to say good bye.
  4. Where did you go to MATC (Waukeshaw) ? or Milwaukee ?
    I went to MATC for CNC andI came out really well trained. Great place to Go, and It's not that expensive...(Except for Gas & Room)....
  5. thats cool seth i am in the middle of harvest and tring to get my shop done things are good i have taken in 10 fish and 30 deer from last year and a guy dropped off 2 today. hope u are having the same luck up your way tom
  6. I'm just looking for part-time Monday through wedsday. Willing to do anything to do with taxidermy thanks for looking.
  7. hey seth shoot a buck today 6 point 120 pope and young points
  8. Wow sounds like a nice buck tom nice shooting
  9. Hey Tom I sent you that address for forms
  10. Hey Tom did you get the mail I sent you?
  11. yeah seth i am super busy give me a week or two to slow down
  12. Not to worry Tom good luck in Alabama
  13. Hey Tom gave you a call tonight get back when you can.
  14. Hey Tom thanks for the call I will let you know.
  15. cool just seen pic of a few bucks running buy my stand looks good
  16. Tom just got your message I will try to call you tomorrow
  17. hey seth i lost my phone and dont have your number can i have it again
  18. Yeah Tom no problem (920) 248-9653
  19. Tom i sent you a PM
  20. hey seth how many deer have u shoot this year