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Discussion in 'Tanning' started by rebel, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. rebel

    rebel New Member

    i normally send my capes to the tannery but i have tried krowtann on servile capes and it worked well but this time it did not work so well i dont know what happened i did it the same as before and followed direction but yet the hair slipped on the side of the neck about the size of a softball i dont know what to think know about this krowtann the only thing that i did not do is pull the cape out and stretch it every day but i dont think that should matter
  2. Becky P

    Becky P One must believe the glass is half full.

    You just answered it yourself. It may have had a fold in it where the tan could not reach. I believe that is the purpose of moving it around daily - to make sure the tan comes in contact with all parts of the hide.

  3. rebel

    rebel New Member

    i dint move every day on any of the capes i did
    also isn't the cape like a wick that is what i was told maybe they were wrong in not sure
  4. Becky P

    Becky P One must believe the glass is half full.

    Well the directions do say to move it, so I figure it says it for a reason. I think you got lucky on the other ones. Call Ozark Woods and talk to them, they are very nice people.
  5. The cape might have already had a bad spot before you tanned it.
  6. Becky P

    Becky P One must believe the glass is half full.

    That's a good possiblity too.
  7. paul e

    paul e New Member

    you must move it around like the directions say
    a fold here or there will be a slip spot here or there
    (this is for you Uncle Glen)
    if you had used stop rot up front
    you probably would not have noticed lol
  8. ozark woods

    ozark woods New Member

    You need to LIFT THE SKIN OUT OF THE TANN each of the 3-4 days and return it in a new position to insure that the tann is reaching all parts of the skin. This is specifically stated in the directions because a fold or air pocket in the skin will cause you to loose the hair in those areas, because the tann doesn't properly reach those areas.
  9. oldterryr

    oldterryr Terry's in Heaven with no worries at all.

    i ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY guarantee if there is a tight fold where chemical cant get to you will have slippage - a loose fold will proably wick the solution - a tight fold no way