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What is this karma thing?

Discussion in 'Forum Operations' started by Western Rivers, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. Western Rivers

    Western Rivers Wolves are Idaho's #1 Poacher!

    Need someone to fill me in, George?
  2. Western Rivers

    Western Rivers Wolves are Idaho's #1 Poacher!

    just figured it out, for some reason i miss alot of posts, still havent got used to this new thing.

  3. R.U.DUN.YET

    R.U.DUN.YET New Member

    Now that you know what it is could you tell me.

  4. Western Rivers

    Western Rivers Wolves are Idaho's #1 Poacher!

    its just a rating, if you click appalaud it shows a positive number, if you click smite it shows up as a negitive. kinda dumb but its interesting too.
  5. Dave H.

    Dave H. New Member

    So if thats all it is then if you tick someone off all they have to do is hit the smite button a half dozen times and ruin your ( karma ). That makes no sense at all, the (karma) becomes useless. Ken help us out here.
  6. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    LOL I'm with you Dave. This is just a way of posting anonymously in drag. Every time you look at a post and the guy pisses you off, just click a "smite" and pretty soon he's just a husk with no soul. LOL I think the Gold Stars are the same thing. " Little Johnny finished his milk, he gets a Gold Star." LMAO
  7. jimsoverns

    jimsoverns New Member

    I think the karma thing, probably came with the new package
    However on the old forum there was always a request for a grading system for sellers.
    How reliable it is will vastly depends on us,,if we smite and applaud at random then the results will show as much.
    If we use a little wisdom the those results will show also.

    i think the stars are realtive to the number of post that we make..

    for some reason it did seem odd to see George as a NEW member LOL
  8. Ken Edwards

    Ken Edwards Taxidermy.Net Administrator Staff Member

    Jim, the Karma thing did come with the package, and as I was customizing, I decided to leave it in to see how it works.

    Here is the way it is supposed to work: If someone takes the time to help you, especially more than once on a particular topic, then applaud them for their efforts. If a person flames you, scolds, or even is just disrespectful, don't hesitate to smite them. A members karma level is a strong indication of the his/her reputation within these boards. Also it may be helpful as you said to recognize trustworthy sellers.

    As George said, it can also be a way of taking anonymous shots at someone, so it could get out of hand. We will have to see how it goes. If it tends to create more bad feelings than helpful information, I will delete it from the program, and Karma will be no more.
  9. wilson

    wilson New Member

    If * Also it may be helpful as you said to recognize trustworthy sellers* this is one of it's purposes ,then it is not working ; although some don't like George and Cecil [both being the highest in - karma] i or most others would not hesitate buying from them.

    Guys, just give one if you think I'm an ass ;after the first it realy does not mater hehe
  10. Western Rivers

    Western Rivers Wolves are Idaho's #1 Poacher!

    People buying or selling on this site will have to realiaze that it really has nothing to do with a persons honsty, i'd like to see it stay just for ammusment purposes! Although i think most people on this site are honest, It would be nice if this site had a system like ebay to weed out the dishonest people.
  11. jimsoverns

    jimsoverns New Member

    Well Ken
    I for one can tell that a lot of tweaking has been done and that a lot of thought went into the new forum...it is not an " out of the box " type of offering,,,and it didn't happen overnight...we have a lot of extras that the old forum just simply couldn't afford us.
    I hope we have the maturity to use this site and not abuse it.

    the "karma" thing well,,,only time will tell...I would like the think that the fair assessment of someones charactor would be more important than childish jabs,,,,but we will see

    You've given us a lot to play with,,,,and thankfully ,you stick your head in now and then to tell us how to use them.,,i think that once the newness wears off and we find, and learn to use, all the extras,we'll wonder how we lived without them.

    i would like to personally thank you for all that you have done,,,,not just with this new forum,,,but the old one as well....

    I wish you good health,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,jim
  12. jcompton

    jcompton “One of these days Alice. Pow!Right in the kisser"

    Anyone have any Karma for sale?
  13. cyclone

    cyclone Posts: 400001

    Well lets see how this works...

    Ha! just as I thought!  Evidently one cannot smite or applaud themselves...

    Makes the phrase "pat oneself on the back" obsolete!

    and....can we somehow find out who smites us? 
  14. Ken Edwards

    Ken Edwards Taxidermy.Net Administrator Staff Member

    No. Smiters are anonymous to the smitee, as are applausers to the applausee. (Spell Check didn't like that one!)