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Mule Deer - need tips

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by inkyspal, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. inkyspal

    inkyspal New Member

    Although I've mounted many whitetails, I will be mounting my first mule deer this week. I'm having a difficult time finding any close-up reference pics online. What are the main differences when mounting a muley versus a whitetail? Any different colors/techniques during the finishing work? ???
  2. RiflePines

    RiflePines New Member

    Google "Mule Deer Photographs" and hit "I feel Lucky" and it pops to http://www.petereades.com/Photo_Index_MuleDeer.html

    You can buy prints if you want or just look online.

    I live in Mule country...isn't a wild white tail round here anywhere I've seen.

    Mulies, just like white tails you can do serious attitudes with the ears & eyes. The ear butts are HUGE. Often times they have large roman noses.

    The preorbital glands are rarely open in the wild and depending on how much gunk you want them to look like they have in the gland, the colors are flesh tone or paynes gray/rich brown inside, not bright pink or black like some I've seen mounted.

    I'm posting a picture of a buck I did. I took the picture before I remembered to gloss the nose tho. And then forgot to take a picture after it was done. Oy. Oh well.