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Boiling in oxyclean?

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by mooser, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. mooser

    mooser New Member

    I boil in oxyclean and water and usually truns of awesome. On deer and buff almost don't need to whiten. But here is my thing, after boiling the skulls sometimes get a little flakey. I thought it was the bone but when you scothbrite it the dust smells like chlorine or something. They still turn out fine but I have not quite found out exactly why they are flakeing. Looking for someone to shed some light on it. thanks
  2. Helicity

    Helicity Squirrels – Natures Road Bumps

    Oxyclean contains Sodium percarbonate so thats why you find it works so well. The sodium percarbonate breaks down into two chemical when added to water. The first being sodium carbonate which is soda ash which as you should know degrease as well as helps lift the meat off the bone. Sodium percarbonates second compound it breaks down into is H2O2 which is hydrogen peroxide. So you are cleaning, degreasing, and whitening all in one. If you have a skull in peroxide for too long you will find that the peroxide bonds with the calcium and you have a bit of dust sometimes. Other then that the only thing I can think of for producing the ammonia smell is Sodium hypochlorite which is bleach may be being created depending on the amount of chlorine in your water. Bleach also has the same effect on skulls as that white powder you described.

  3. mooser

    mooser New Member

    First off, I am impressed, second, how did you find all that information. I swear by the stuff, but why is it not hyped up. Reducing the amount of oxyclean in the water, would that help the dusting problem. It has seemed to make a difference on some but is not always true. What do you think. Also some seem to come out cleaner than others even coming from the same boil. What are your thoughts on that?
  4. Helicity

    Helicity Squirrels – Natures Road Bumps

    I went to university and took lots of chemistry. You can wikipdia most of that stuff to learn more.
  5. cyclone

    cyclone Posts: 400001

    Be careful here: There are two products that I found.

    1- OXY clean, as you have written does contain sodium hypochlorite. The source of the chlorine smell perhaps.

    2- OXI-clean, as stated, contains sodium percarbonate which will indeed form peroxide in water solutions.

    check out the ingredients:
    OXY clean - http://www.melrosechem.com/english/msd_eng/hs0853.pdf

    OXI Clean - http://www.oxiclean.com/msds/25.pdf

    Good job Helicity..
  6. Helicity

    Helicity Squirrels – Natures Road Bumps

    Thanks for the good job. I'm glad to hear that from the chem nut ^_^. That oxyclean stuff sounds kinda nasty.
  7. mooser

    mooser New Member

    It is OXICLEAN not oxyclean that I use did not know that there was two diff things out there. Thanks for the info from both of you guys.