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how long will your pickle last

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by rebel, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. rebel

    rebel New Member

    i read a post on here and the guy said that he used the same pickle for a year is that OK to do
    by reusing this dose it affect the quality of your Tann is there a specific kind of pickle that you can reuse
    the reason I'm asking is were i live it is hard to dispose of chemicals and if this will work i was going to make up about a 10 -15 gallon batch and use it the rest of the year also what kind of pickle do you recommend thanks
  2. Frank E. Kotula

    Frank E. Kotula master, judge, instructor

    That person would be me. It does not effect the tanning process at all. The pickle of my choice is Saftee-Acid from Rittel's. Now my batch is not that of ten to fifteen gallons but more on the thirty gallon and by the years end it gets pretty dirty but I still have no problem for dirt is water soluble and washes out when I neutralize the hide.
    The main thing is to always check your pickle daily when in use. I keep mine at 1 with a salt intake of 44%. I check this every time after I shave the hides and when I place new ones in. Your pickle can last as long as you want or if it becomes contaminated with a bad hide. Your Ph will become unstable so get rid of it and make new.

  3. rebel

    rebel New Member

    doe any one Else reuse there pickle
  4. mine lasts for years, dont put dirty capes/skins in tho.. and often stir, check the ph.
  5. John W.

    John W. New Member

    I don't reuse inless I'm in a pinch(run out of solution).Safety acid is what I use. :-X
  6. wvufan

    wvufan Guest

    Frank, How do you check your salt intake?
  7. Randy Mac

    Randy Mac New Member

    wvufan, look in your WASCO catalog and order a salinometer order two, you never know when you may drop one.
  8. wvufan

    wvufan Guest

    Thank You Randy
  9. JLong

    JLong Member

    As long as your PH and salt is good your pickle will stay good, I use safety acid also and usually only mix a couple batches a year with no problem.
  10. oldshaver

    oldshaver Guest

    I don't believe in reusing pickles for extended periods, for one reason. The salinometer gives false readings of water density, after multiple times of reusing a pickle. Water density is basically what the salinometer is measuring, to determine salt levels. Over time the pickle becomes more dense, with dissolved proteins, and trash in the water. You will start getting readings of 50 and higher, with adding very little salt. Why? Just a little food for thought.
  11. Nailed it! Good post OS.
  12. Laurier

    Laurier Active Member

    keep your solutions clean , check the PH and it will late a long time , not years , months , depending on how many skin you do.