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lowballers and hacks hurting the industry?

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by mk, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. countryboy36

    countryboy36 New Member

    i am by no means either way high or low i only do my own mounts i started doing it for my self because i could not afford to have it done,by most highest or the lowest taxidermist with car insurance house insurance Dr.bills gas electric home payment and so on,there is not one person on here that is going to tell me that they are not a lowballer i will tell ya why.you all mite not be lowballers in the taxidermy world but who in there right mind is going to go to the highest car or house insurance company instead of going with the cheaper one?and who goes to most highest priced place to put food in your fridge there is not one of us here that don't look for the cheaper place to buy gas.so my point is really we all go cheaper some where and you should be thankfull for what comes in your door cause you could always go work for someone else.
  2. bill@hogheaven

    [email protected] New Member

    countryboy...the only point you have made is that quality, service & convenience mean nothing to you. I bet you spend $2 on gas to go get something at a dollar lower price too.

  3. FishArt

    FishArt Well-Known Member

    Countryboy - Have you ever heard of Cadillac vs. a Chevy? Acura vs. Honda?

    Also, believe it or not, some people buy the highest price item simply because they THINK it is of higher quality. Whether that is an educated decision, a decision based on ignorance or based on status. It doesn't matter. There IS a market for the higher priced stuff in just about every product...
  4. mk

    mk -30 below

    i hate hearing the excuse " i got into doing taxidermy because i couldn't afford it" what the hell is that?
  5. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    Is that why "POLO" shirts are selling for $75 plus at Macy's ??? ??? ??? countryboy36.....come out of that cave & see daylight, people pay for quality & the examples you just used show you are very naive.
  6. Uncle Harley

    Uncle Harley New Member

    who in there right mind is going to go to the highest car or house insurance company instead of going with the cheaper one?

    Well I guess I could go with Geiko, but if I have a problem with anything can I have that lizzard come over to explain it to me. If I'm running late on a payment and don't have time to mail it to the home office and get it in on time can I run over to the lizzards house and will he log into his companys network and mark me as paid? I doubt it, but my insurance guy will and has. To me that's worth a few bucks more. ;D
  7. RoyalOaksRanch

    RoyalOaksRanch Royal Oaks Taxidermy- When Quality Counts...

    The difference being the QUALITY... Using your example when you go food shopping. if you want the better quality steak you are going to pay more money. The cheaper steaks are of course less costly.. SO do you want to dine on tender juicey mouth watering steak, or do you want to eat a piece of chewy, shoe leather? When you go to a resteraunt do you order a nice Tbone or do you order the cheaper hamburger shaped like a steak?
    Taxidermy is a luxury. Its not always affordable to everyone. People who worry about price just look at how cheap they can get it done for are the ones will find every lowball hacker around. They dont care if the eyes arent straight, or the ear edges are wavy. ALl the want to see is a buck on the wall, even if it looks horrible. There is a reason that some taxidermists are higher priced.. Its called QUALITY.
    What you dont seem to be getting is that there is a difference in QUALITY levels.. Take that 250.00 deer and put it next to a 500.00 deer and perhaps youll begn to see why many of us prefer TBone over steak shaped hamburger patties.
    Its great to price shop for normal everyday things.... but when you are shopping for taxidermy work it should be QUALITY shopping.
    Id like to see a post of your deer mount.... And what you would charge.

    PS as for the comparison to the car and house insurance... Well lets see I drive two expensive trucks, which must be insured by value, sooo my auto insurance is higher than say someone with a honda civic, I max out my hospital and uninsured motorist coverage so I will be covered if some cheap idiot doesnt care what coverage he has as long as its the cheapest monthly payment. That cheap guy can loose his house and still owe money if he lacks good coverage in the event their is a wreck...
    My house has high coverages to cover ALL my stuff so I pay more than someone who doesnt have the higher benifits.. So who is smarter? Me for covering all my assets so that in the event something happens I will get them replaced at current value, or... you for going to the cheapest monthly payment you can find.
    And that is called QUALITY of service.. I pay for and recieve better service than the guy down the road paying for the bare basics...
  8. Low price works with mass produced things in many cases. in some cases not. Ford, Mercury are pretty much the same chassis, body is different and interior in the Merc are nicer somewhat.

    But when it comes to taxidermy price does not always reflect quality, and does not always reflect service.
    We are the highest in our area, we get a lot of tire kickers, but the people who use us are getting mounts we can take to a show, not fancy habitats but the same mounts we will compete with in the Professional divisions.

    We don't lowball anyone, if someone calls and says so and so said this much for a deerhead we price ours to our need, which is $465.00 $130.00 higher than the other guys The difference is service. While we have some older stuff people are just now paying deposits on the change in business plans have substantially increased out income.

    I don't know what our prices will be come summer when we change prices, but it will not be the 5% I see people telling about here its going to probably be close to 13%.

    Our cost have gone up and we must move forward, or make less. So why give your work way "Taxidermy is a LUXURY, not a necessity!!" you better be charging for it.
  9. countryboy36

    countryboy36 New Member

    well for one i really did not mean to piss anyone off if i did sooooooooooo sorry.but the way money is now days lets see it cost 24 for hunting license another 24 for deer tag gas to get there to hunt ammo and anything else then you kill a big buck and want it mounted well afteryou have spent all that money on hunting some one may not be able to go to the guy that charges 3,4,5 houndred bucks but he is bent on hell to get the mount done so what is he going to do yep u guess it go to the cheaper guy is the mount going to look like shit yeah maby so but it is what he can afford at the time so he accepts it now who's fault is it full,or part timeguy or the highest price or the lowest price guy none its what the guy could afford to pay with out stiffing some taxidermist for the money he cant afford to pay then even if you are the guy charging 500 per head you are still not going to get it no matter how much you charge.and as for the comment i got in it cause i could not afford to pay some good taxidermist the 500 thats why i do my own it don't have to please anybody but my self and i am not screwing somebody cause i could not afford to pay the guy when the mount gets done duh go figure.
  10. Paul C

    Paul C New Member

    WOW.....that was a four hundred word sentence without any punctuation whatsoever! I'm impressed.
  11. countryboy36

    countryboy36 New Member

    well paulc glad i could impress ya
  12. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    W T F did he just say ??????????????????
  13. Christie

    Christie Instructor, Consultant & Speaker

    We pride ourselves on being the highest priced around, and we have 9 full freezers. I don't have a problem charging people who spend $50,000 on their truck, $1100 on a bow, and $500 on clothing for a hunt (and we're not including travel or hotel or lease costs if they're hunting out of area/ out of country), especially when they have an 8-12 month time frame for paying it off.

    People tend to think that pricing is like a pyramid, that the higher you go, the less clientele you have. Actually it is more like an hourglass. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer, and the middle class is disappearing. Those that have an average product at an average price are having the hardest time with their clients because the "average" client is becoming nonexistent. You have to move either up or down in the price scale to compete. John C is correct - taxidermy is a luxury. If it wasn't it would be sold at Walmart.

    We're not in this business for our health. It's a business - it needs to be treated that way.
  14. countryboy36

    countryboy36 New Member

    look i dont give a rats butt what you charge i dont care how many frezzers you have full.all im saying don't cry about the lowballers or hacks as ya call them when there is people that will take there mount to the people just for the cheap price.i mean a trophy is in the of the beholder no matter how bad it looks or how good it looks its what a guy can afford is what depends on where he is going to take it to get done.
  15. Beehunter

    Beehunter Active Member

    I took a Turkey to a lowballer once and he charged me 200 for a full mount, that mount has been out in the garage for over a year because it looks like a demented chicken on Meth. The guy is still a hack 5 years later. I choose to pay the going price in my area now for anything I take to a taxidermist.
  16. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    Look we don't give a rats ass that you don't give a rats butt!! WE DID NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT THE LOWBALLERS, MK DID! I personally love the lowballers around here because it keeps the clientele I do not want the hell out of my shop! Most of my customers spend $5,000 plus on a South Texas lease so a $400-$500 mount looks like a good deal for the quality I produce. If YOU PEOPLE want to keep buying your own vaseline and screwing yourself HAVE AT IT!!!! I had a local lowballer in my shop yesterday & I asked him point blank "why do you not charge $400 for a deer head" He said "I don't know if I would get any business" I told him flat out "you would still be cheaper than me.....what's the point?" He could not answer.

    The lowballers around here are in a competition to see who can undercut the other one & I am laughing my ass off all the way to the bank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BTW, W T F is a "frezzer" ???
  17. Greg Waite

    Greg Waite Active Member

    Christie said it best but countryboy does have a point along with his attitude. There is enough work out there and some people really don't care what it looks like. What most don't understand when buying a cheap mount, they have to look at it for the rest of their lives. I had a guy bring his fathers bear in for a rug, after pricing the rug his dad says that he doesn't want to spend that much. Well his son tirades to him about him never being happy with his mounts because he always goes the cheap route and gets what he pays for. I didn't get the job but I look at it this way, if I would have done it he would never have been happy with his other stuff. Let the lowballers and hacks work themselves hard for 1-4 years and they are gone. and another moves in, so why bother?
  18. troy

    troy Member

    I am fairly new to this business as I just started in Oct. 2006. I am full time but before this I worked construction for 28 years. Of that 28 the last 12 I owned and operated my own business. When I first started my own business I was scared I would not have enough business to pay my bills but you can't get to second base if you keep one foot on first so I went head first into it. At first I might have been cheaper or the same priced as most of the other contractors around but in the end I was one of if not the most expensive guys around. By then, though, I had a good reputation and people didn't mind waiting months (sometimes a year plus) for me and didn't complain at all about the price cuz they knew they would get all or more than what they were paying for. I got sick of dealing with employees and closed my business and went to taxidermy school. Now statring off I am in the same shoes as when I started my other business. Worried about getting work. The other taxidermists around me kept saying "you have to charge more", (like them) but I thought if I charged the same as them why would anyone trust a newbie with their trophy when an experienced guy was the same price. I started at $400.00 for a whitetail shoulder. I got about 30 heads my first season (mostly cuz people knew how picky I was with my stone work) along with assorted other birds, mammals, fish etc. I felt fortunate and blessed that people would trust me with their trophy so I worked hard and struggled alot of the time but everyone seems to have been very happy so far. Thanks to alot of help and advice I got from some of you good people. This year I will raise my price some due to the cost of everything going up. (IE. shipping, tanning, supplies.) I hope to make more money due to the fact of alittle more experience and getting things done in less man-hours. Building a business takes time! My point is there will always be cheaper people but I feel if you figure out what you NEED to get for you work, charge that. Do the very best job you can for the money you charge and the work will come. If Joe shmow down the street can AFFORD to work cheaper, let him, if he can't, he will be out of business shortly anyway. I won't bash someone for what they charge cuz I don't know their situation. There is enough work out there for everybody and if you are good and fair you will get enough to keep you working. But remember just because you are busy dosen't mean you are making money. If you are TOO busy you are too cheap. (an old stone mason's words) Do you want to sell 4 hamburgers for .25 or one hamburger for $1.00? It works out the same but you can work less. Work smarter not harder but you still have to work. I plan to learn as much as I possibly can and, by working hard, will eventually do just as nice of work as some of the upper end people on here and charge like them also. I just need to be comfortable and confident enough to do so. I think if you worry about your own business and not everyone else's things will take care of themselves.
  19. Paul K

    Paul K New Member

    This is always an interesting topic and one of great debate. I must say when I got into this I loved the work but never realized what was involved in running a successfull business. I learned quick. There are several things we must all realize. Being a good Taxidermist is in no way shape or form the same as being a good Businessperson. We all know the guy who spends 5 grand on a deer hunt but wont spend $550 on a mount. I know many who make $6.50/hr. that will. The point is , if someone is willing to do cheap work there will always be a market to support it. My personal opinion is if you are doing top end work and have any business sense whatsoever , you just can live a better life style. Another observation I've made is you must present yourself as being professional. I know several good taxidermists in close proximity to my own shop who cant get the clientell I have because their shops are dirty cluttered and just a plain mess. There is no dirt , hair , blood or smell in my showroom. If it means I have to pay the wife or a cleaning service 50 bucks every 2 weeks than its money well spent. I've heard it said the only ribbons that matter are the green ones. That may be true , but competing keeps you sharp , informed and educated on modern techniques and advancements made in our industry which will make you better and more efficient. Like it or not , the green ribbons follow the blue ones. Its been mentioned allot lately about raising prices because of shipping and material prices..............Wake Up! , that happens every yr. If your not raising your prices every yr. and giving yourself and employees if you have them a fair raise every yr. your doing something wrong. The fact is many people take an interest in this field , they start out doing it for themselves , next thing they are doing it for friends and family in the shed outback for peanuts, some will go on to be world champions 95% will fizzle away and a new generation will take their place. They always were and always will be out there. You need to have or develop the skills to be above the ones doing it for nothing or you can do it for nothing too.
  20. I you kiill that big buck and go the cheap rooute it will bite you in the ass. 95% of the time.