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How to tan step by step! Beginners, this is what you need!

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by Amy, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. Thank you for telling it in normal language this is something i can read.
    i was always looking for a good way to home tan my skins and i really think this is it.
    thank you very much, and good luck with the baby.
    ;)..Groeten uit Holland.. ;)
  2. Crimson

    Crimson New Member

    This is so wonderful!

  3. This is great thanks for the info it will really help.

    I have been wanting to start tanning my own on the smaller mounts.

  4. addiemb

    addiemb New Member

    Thanks Amy I can't wait to try my first one this year I'm going order my stuff so it can all be in when they start killing
    Thanks again
  5. Midwest_Taxidermy

    Midwest_Taxidermy New Member

    Thanks Amy this is the best thing since sliced cheese for me... helped out a lot
  6. outdoorsalways

    outdoorsalways New Member

    This is a great post been searching archives for this and was scared to ask.
    Just what i wanted..... "reassurance". Only thing that got me confused was oil.
    You oil it even though it is being mounted? Thank you!!
  7. irish37399

    irish37399 New Member

    goood job but theres no need to buy all that stuff all you really need is salt and hide tanning formula or if your very lazy formalldhyde and borax
  8. derbrans

    derbrans New Member

    I enjoyed your step by step. Very informative and helpful to someone like me who is just starting out and dabbling in taxidermy.
  9. DuaneD

    DuaneD New Member

    As a trapper and hunter, I must say that "Streching" is only a method to keep the hides from shrinking and getting wrinkles until sale time to buyers. I also know, or have read that to do a mount, your skinning techniques are way different then they are for case skinning animals for trapping. Mostly the same, just different cutting techniques. I am not a taxidermist, but I have been really reading a lot of books and watching a lot of videos in the last few months for doing this as I am really interested in taking this up. I think I am getting close to being ready to go and do my first mount.
  10. renjam33

    renjam33 First turkey

    great step by step tutorial for a guy trying to understand the tanning process.....thanks Amy for taking the time!
  11. Intherain

    Intherain New Member

    Hi I really appreciate the info. that was provided. We have gotten into coon hunting, and I have skinned 3 myself and I knew to salt them but wasnt sure what to do afterwards. My Question is do I need to change the pickling bath/ water at any time? Or should it stay the same through the whole process? Also, sorry I didn't see a reply to one post i found interest to, how do you dispose of the pickleing bath? Thanks, Brittney
  12. DPtaxidermy

    DPtaxidermy New Member

    Thanks A for submitting this post
  13. Great tutorial , for us beginners , thank you very much

  14. DickGJ

    DickGJ Speak softly and carry a Big Stick!

    As a total Rookie to all this, I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate your post Amy! Thanks for taking the time to post for us beginners.
  15. DickGJ

    DickGJ Speak softly and carry a Big Stick!

    Can we get this to be made into a sticky post? It's got my vote!
  16. kenwparker

    kenwparker New Member

    Thanks for the information.
  17. Dogsteaks

    Dogsteaks New Member

    A mandatory bookmark tutorial :D Thanks, Amy!
  18. caveman90

    caveman90 New Member

    Marking! :D
  19. I've got a deer cape I put in the freezer last week. This is just what I've been looking for. Thanks!
  20. manufc010

    manufc010 New Member

    A very good job. I need this to go on vacation.