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Do apprentices make money

Discussion in 'Training' started by Alaska Mountin Man, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. mdupertuis

    mdupertuis Active Member

    If they are attending training such as a school, they should be paying you. If they are working for you, such as an apprentice would, you should be paying them. Why is that so hard to get. I was an Apprentice electrician before I earned my Journeyman Electrician license. I can tell you I was damn sure paid. And I can also tell you it isn't just as easy as getting as little training and running off to start your own successful business. Just like an apprentice electrician, a taxidermy apprentice is going to be doing work that is making your business a profit. Like Dennis said, even if they are sweeping the floor, they are saving you time to do other things.
  2. Uncle Harley

    Uncle Harley New Member

    I am aprenticing/learning what ever you want to call it....... I don't get paid, I don't feel like a slave, and I damn sure don't think I'm and Idiot. I help with some of the grunt labor like skinning heads and rough fleshing and sewing every once in awhile. But that is well worth seeing first hand how something is done and having somebody watch you while you work on your stuff. I think it's a pretty good situation what I've got going.... I get him caught up and instead of moving on to the next one, he will take time out of his day to allow me to work on MY work in HIS shop. So He really isn't making any money off of me, I probably actually slow him down I know I did the first couple of weeks with all my questions. I am so thankfull for what he is teaching me, somedays I feel like just doing the grunt work isn't enough of a trade and I should be paying him!

  3. weaselthumper

    weaselthumper "Was It Good For You?"

    What do those that do have employees, consider a "Decent" Wage?
  4. kenai runner

    kenai runner New Member

    I apprenticed in several shops, and found that people who are cheap with thier money, were also cheap with thier knowledge. I went to taxidermy school, then worked for people. If someone needs help, they need to pay you. If they dont have anything invested, whats thier motivation to teach? Yea, you need to learn how to cape out a head, but if you have any drive to do mounts, after a few weeks or so, you will want a break from that. So be honest with your employer, and tell them that you want to learn all taxidermy skills. If they roll thier eyes at you, walk. Your interviewing them as much as they are you. Good luck.
  5. ed150

    ed150 deer city time

    gotta agre with Dennis,i pay my help also,some have opened shops close by but none have succeeded
  6. if your lucky enough to get the help . to me thats a plus! but everyone i have gone to around me don't give a hoot about helping the responce on one is I'm not a school! another feeds me Little here and there! but i come on here i spend hours and hours reading and studying and i learn allot !!!!i have done a couple of heads for my self and I'm getting ready to go for the life size bobcats bought a few videos and read this form take what i can get from those who know more than me its hard its work and it cost $$ THATS the real reason they wont help... it used to cost me 3500.00 just to hire an employee and thats ok if they work out but its tough when you spend your $ and then the quite so i see both sides of the story I want to thank every one that posts here for the courage to help those like myself mark c
  7. skully

    skully New Member

    hello ,
    I am new to the site as well as new to the trade , just thought I would introduce myself and give my 2 cents on this post .
    My name is johnny and I live in amarillo texas , I have been an auto body tech. and painter for 20 years and have always had an interest in taxidermy but have not persued it until recently .
    I have been lurking on this site for a couple of months and did some research to be sure that this was something that I wanted to persue , and then approached a local taxidermist with a very good reputation for quality work about an apprenticeship , after a short but informative interview , he accepted me .
    My view on payment is this , being new to the trade I am going to make mistakes , and I will be full of questions , both of these will be very costly to my teacher , I did not approach this apprenticeship with any expectations of a paycheck , and I do not feel that makes me an idiot or a slave , the knowledge that I hope to gain will be priceless and if that means that I will be running the fleshing machine for months , so be it , I do not really like that job mosly because of my aching back and bleeding thumb , but I will not complain and I will learn to do that job the best that it can be done .
    to sum it up , I feel very fortunate that someone would take the time to teach me this craft , it would have been much faster , easier and cheaper to just say no
  8. Uncle Harley

    Uncle Harley New Member

  9. beresford13861

    beresford13861 I love animals, they taste great!

    WOW, now this is a great debate. Ive yet to learn "how to" but i spend so so so much time reading.
    i would be more than willing to work for free for someone to teach me. but taking advantage of someone is a different story... its all case by case.... someone wants to learn to skin, teach them to skin, and CHARGE them, but if they will skin 10-20 for you and 1-2 for them, its a wash.... im not realy sure it that makes sence, but working them (taking advantage) of one is just wrong... but if your exchanging, different senierio.

    just my $00.02 Mark.
  10. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    I pay everybody. Whether they sweep, skin or flesh! Hell, I pay my buddy's 10 year old boy $8.00 an hour to sweep , mop & dust twice a wek and he works harder than a teenager or grown up. I pay my dad & another man $25 a piece to completely turn & flesh my deer & I even have an old man that comes to straighten up & salt flat hides $10.00 an hour ;D Every little bit helps!
  11. Auggie

    Auggie Startem young

    I have a young guy that comes in 2 nights a week on average. If I ask him to come he shows up. I have him do alot of grunt work like skinning turkey heads in prep for the freeze dryer, skinning fish, birds, deer you name it. In return he gets to work on all of his own mounts in my shop with my tools. He is also gaining knowledge of an art, not just a trade in my opinion. I also pay for all forms and supplies he needs for his mounts. He has now reached a point that with some things I do not need to baby sit him anymore. I even offered to pay him by the piece on some things that he has got down.
    Here is what he said. Thanks but I am happy with the arrangement we have. He is learning and getting all of his mounts done. In return I am getting customer work out quicker and eating supper with my family every night.
    At first he cost me money by slowing me down and taking a couple nights a week away from me. Now He makes me money. Most of the time ;D ;). I wish more young people showed this kind of a work ethic. The world would be going in a much better direction if they did. Not that it is worth much but now you have MY $.02 on the matter.
  12. Anggie your right in what you saying and Ive pretty much agree with you . each trade is differant in the start up cost with a new person! but it isn't the end of the story either some will come and thank you for your experience and reward you with there skills, others how ever will cost you more than they are worth,,, its very hard to see whats inside there heads and when your lucky enough to get someone who wants it all you feel great about what you've done!! But what are the percentages 2 in 100 that will take what you have given them and excel is it worth the risk some say yes others don't know some have been burned Ive been fried !!!I'm just a custom jeweler I'm leaning on my own i would have jumped at the chance to have the help to learn from experienced taxi but there is no one who will take me so i came here bound and determined to learn and it is working thanks to all mark c
  13. John_E

    John_E New Member

    I would have loved to be an apprentice you call it a slave I call it a chance at free education i paid about 6,500 for school and about another 25,000 for everything else I needed to get started (tools,shop,permits,etc.) not to mention the time I had to take from work. If someone would have told me I could go work in their shop on weekends in return for education as their "slave" as you call it I would have jumped all over it you do not make very much money right out of school anyhow due to it takes time to get your speed up it would have been nice to have someone to ask questions the first year or so and school will give you the basics on mounting animals but being a apprentice will teach you everthing a school would plus how to run a business. now I am not saying work for free for the next five years but I think it is a great opportunity to get started.
  14. gtakeda

    gtakeda New Member

    We have three apprentices and are looking for more.

    All are paid, work a full 40 hour week. After probation, they get benefits - medical and retirement and we review them quarterly. And it's possible for them to get raises at each review. The more they learn, the more valuable they are to the company and are justly compensated.

    Isn't this an ideal situation? Taxidermy is something you love... And to make a living at it, isn't that what life's about?

    If interested in working with us, here in Northern California, shoot me an e-mail at [email protected]

    Our website is being revamped, but you can see some of our work at http://www.wildlife-artistry.com

    Start living a dream
  15. TD

    TD My GGG Grandfather John "Tanner John" King b 1820

    If you have the talent.........In less than two months......I can train you.........and put you right in business..............For Deer,birds ,small mammals and fish............It will only cost you $4500.....................and you will take home a Shoulder mount,2 birds(one standing and one flying),2 fish and two small mammals....... www.taxidermyschool.webs.com .........Or you can just break it up and take each individual class at different times ...........Tom King
  16. Uncle Harley

    Uncle Harley New Member

    I being a slave.......... got 3 deer heads 1 squirrell,1 coyote, to take home. got to help on 2 turkeys, 5-6 fish, 1 pet dog and a whole bunch of little odds and ends for skinning about 25 deer heads, 1 coyote and moping the floor about 3 times. And I learn new things each week!

    sucks being a slave I'd had rather spent the $4500 lol:)
  17. JohnBOhio

    JohnBOhio New Member

    well guys we are teaching and teachers get paid don't they? however you cant have a guy doin all the grunt work for free.....
    i keep a bear skull or 2 in the freezer that have been in the sun for almost a week. stinkin to high heaven. first thing i do is pull it out the day prior and thaw, and then say heres your knife and the skull, get all the meat you can off.... if he comes back the next day i teach him a basic skill, fleshing,turning whatever needed done at that time. then when he gets good at it he is paid for it. the more he learns the more he is paid.
  18. instead of a bear skull try a skunk then youll know in about the first hour!!!! im not afraid of a skull a skunk or anything else for that matter get r done mark c
  19. jlk24201

    jlk24201 New Member

    I went to school for 12 years 13 if you count kindergarten and never got paid a dime. Than went 2 more years and had to pay for that, makes me sick. I think I will try to get back pay. LOL I would love to learn from a "good" taxidermist. I would be more than willing to work for free as long as I was learning. Anyone near Bristol Va need any help??
  20. Damien

    Damien New Member

    From an aprentice,
    I do make money, good money, I average 350-450 per week which is great for a mississippi wage. As someone looking for an aprenticeship go to the busy taxidermists.
    They are the ones that need the "help" and do not mind teaching someone.

    We do a lot of work and most of our work is back in the hands of customers before the next season. We pick up a lot of work from customers because of our short turn around, a large part of the reason for this is because I work ther, the taxidermists can not do it all
    As for the taxidermists out there, you are making money when you are mounting, this is where the skill is.
    Fleshing, skinning sweeping, european and horn mounts can be done by someone else at a cheaper rate, making you money and keeping your customers happy by having a quicker turn around time.

    If you are not paying well why do you think you will get good help?
    Pay for what is produced, not by the hour, there is not concern about an employee chatting with customers, dicking around, it makes a employer - employee relationship a lot smoother.

    If you can not turn all your mounts around before the start of the next season, then get some help and you will make more money. No one gets paid for skins that are sitting in the freezer