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Antler Replica Request

Discussion in 'Molding and Casting' started by Pirate, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. I have a friend that shot a large buck that had around 11 points on one side. The other side is broken off above the brow tine. He was told by another taxidermist that a copy could be made of the good antler and then reversed for the other side. I have read many articles about making a reproduction of antlers but I have never seen a copy of one side being reversed to the other. I know that the antler could be built from apoxie scupt off of the broken main beam. I want to know is it possible to copy one antler to the other side.
  2. It is possible but it is an amazing amount of work.

    There are 2 methods

    1st have the good side laser scanned then touched up in a computer program such as ZBrush
    then have it made on a special version of a CNC machine that uses Lasers to Catalyze plastic.
    This would run roughly $10,000 :eek:

    The other is to have a Mold made of the good side, and a casting done in wax.
    This wax casting is then warmed slightly and the tines are bent and reworked into the opposite position. Some areas will need rebuilding in wax (base of the tines, butt of the antler...)
    Then a mold is made of the altered wax and a casting of hard resin is made.
    If you do it this way it is best to re mold both sides in wax the true one and the altered one.
    there is a bit of shrinkage with each generation of casting.

    unless its the Biggest rack ever or you would make a Huge profit or have the CNC machine and scanner in house already, I would go with Apoxie to rebuild a tine

  3. I have done this with a few but only when it is the last two or three points on the beam. It also depends on how much curve is in the tines. I mold up with rubber kind of thick (with out a mother mold),then when you pour the plastic just flex the mold in direction you need(takes two people) if the mold is to thin it will collapse when you try to flex it in the opposite direction.
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