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severe slipping

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by jbaker, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. jbaker

    jbaker New Member

    I have been doing all my own tanning for quite some time now and I have never had this happen. I had a cape that was just about completey bald after taking out of my tumbler, I use 6 foot tumbler and caging drum. The capes are salt dried until hard, rehydrated in 2 lbs salt to one gallon of water for about 20 hours. Then to the saftee acid for three days, the ph rose to 2.5 overnight on me once. Shaved and returned to the pickle for 24 hours and then neutralized. I neutralized in my pickle with the hides in it, could this be the problem? 30 minutes in neutralized pickle and rinsed and in the EZ 100 for 20 hours at 4.5 ph and drain. Proceeded to oil overnight and in the tumbler for 20 minutes to dry hair. I have not seem to have any trouble with my soft tanned hides. But this one bald cape really has me baffled. Other capes that were in the same load were fine, one more had a slip spot of about an inch though. I know tanning processes have been beat to death on this site but after 4 days of reading I just had to ask. Thanks for any help.
  2. It sounds to me like it may not have been taken care of right after the kill. Maybe the animal was not skinned right away? How long between skinning and salting?

  3. it might have been a sick animal before it was killed or as earlier said it may have been mishandled prior to you recieveing it.
  4. jbaker

    jbaker New Member

    I'm pretty sure the deer was in good shape prior to whatever I did to it. I caped the deer out myself and then turned and salted. It is usually well below freezing around here during deer season so that is usually not a problem. That is why this has me wondering what i did wrong. I am going to neutralize in a seperate bath on the ones today. I wasn't sure if neutralizing the pickle with the hides already in it would create a problem or not. Maybe over neutralizing a couple of capes till everything gets mixed up?
  5. oldterryr

    oldterryr Terry's in Heaven with no worries at all.

    i have a friend that swears by your neutralizing method - one slip out of 150 or whatever aint bad - i dont think you can hurt by using clean water in your neutralizing though - i also questions using a 6 foot fall for mountable hide - thats quite a beating but i am talking above my level of expertise here
  6. John W.

    John W. New Member

    I neutralize my hides in the pickle all the time with no ill effects.Then I rinse in cold water .The problem probably came from when your ph rose,if it was above 3 for any length of time, that would not be good.I had that happen to a cape that when I checked the ph was up to a 5?!Don't asked me how it happened because I don't know but I added more acid brought it back down to 1 but it was too late the white patch slipped as I was shaving it.This was only overnight that the ph had risen before I got to it but it was enough to lose the cape.;D
  7. dryrun

    dryrun New Member

    Slipping can be caused by bacterial or chemical decomposition or mechanical effects. The bacterial or chemical decomposition is always a matter of time & temperature. Remember- increase in temperature increases the rate of a reaction. When handling raw skins you never know how much time and temperature combination you have to work with because you never know how much time/temperature combo was wasted before you received the skin. Time skinning, turning, or increase in pH of the pickle, regardless of what amount of time it was might be enough to push that particular skin over the edge.

    As far as neutralizing in the pickle, make sure your getting the pH where it needs to be. Typical neutralizing baths in fresh water call for 1 tablespoon of baking soda per gallon of water. If your putting 1 tablespoon per gallon of pickle, your not getting the pH where it needs to be to neutralize a skin for 30 min. coming out of a pH 1-2 pickle.
  8. jbaker

    jbaker New Member

    Thanks to everyones responses. I just finished the next load of wet tanned capes today and every one turned out beautiful as usual. I did neutralize in a seperate bath this time and watched the ph in the pickle like a hawk. As oldterryr said I guess 1 cape out of 150 isn't bad. When something like this happens it just has me second guessing every step in the process. I don't know what it was for sure and I hope I never see it again. Thanks again, Jason