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We are "Fish Murderers"....!

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by dougp, Dec 13, 2007.

  1. dougp

    dougp New Member

    Just a post for those who may be interested.

    Taxidermists who do skin mounts have been labeled "fish murderers", among other things, by some officers of Muskies Inc.
    This and other innaccurate charges against skin mounts and taxidermists has been made on.. www.thenextbite.com, discussion board under the topic titles "Green Bay Muskies being Killed" and "Record Hunters" parts 1 & 2.

    I've been involved in discussions with some of these people in these topics along with Marc Charles. They have made it very clear that WE are the "enemy". I take very much offense to me and my profession being degraded in this way. This coming from a group representing fisherman.....

    I believe this to be as much of a threat in terms of "propaganda" as groups such as PETA. I hope all of you feel the same.

    If you would like to support the continuation of doing skin mounts vs. replica only you may say so on their discussion board.

    I hope you guys take as much offense to these "attacks" on our profession as I do.

    BTW....it has been stated that they support ALL fish, i.e., bluegill, crappie, etc., be caught and released and ONLY done in replica........

    I do ask that should any of you post, that it be done in a very professional manner and not in the childish, mud-slinging, manner they have chosen to pursue.

    Just thought you might like to know how some of our "fellow sportsmen" view us and our profession.........

    Thanks for listening.

  2. A- Fish

    A- Fish Stehling's Taxidermy

    Thanks for trying to educate with a voice of reason, but I think your wasting your time with the muskey crowd. We do a large number of skin mounts each year, and the number is only growing.

    C&R is based on one thing- JEALOUSY

  3. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member


    I'm seeing that in my area too. Musky were originally planted by a couple of musky clubs although the state has taken it over for some reason. So the fish are in the public lakes but the musky anglers considered them THEIR fish because they planted them. I've been told that anglers that keep them while the purist musky anglers are around are chastised for keeping them but I can't verify that. If I caught one and someone bashed me for keeping it, I'd say go to hell I paid for the license and this is a public lake.
  4. This Musky worship thing is ridiculous!
    These people treat these Musky like they were the reincarnation of their great grandfather ::)

    Here are some facts about musky

    1. They Taste like northern
    2. They are stupid like a northern
    3. if its the fish of 10,000 cast then perhaps you should try casting into the WATER!


    The thought that a full grown adult female who has been around for 30 years is a PRODUCTIVE member of the gene pool, is moronic!

    It is about jealousy and thats it.

    How many of these guys throw every big fish they see back to reproduce will pass up a shot at a Big 30 point buck in rut???

    This isnt a PETA thing its an INFISHERMAN / TOURNAMENT thing.
  5. FishArt

    FishArt Well-Known Member

    Doug - I'm afraid you're pissing in the wind with these boneheads. You need to stay off those stupid boards and grab a beer instead. Your efforts are futile and will only result in a shorter lifespan due to the stress.

    I'm going up a buck or so an inch on replicas this year. And I will do this every year. Let's get 'em with the supply and demand thing. IF every fish taxidermist in the Chicago area (you and I???) does the same, they won't have any choice but to pay the price OR do a skin mount (which is cheaper with me at least). I'm sure we'll do fewer replicas, but at least we can get compensated fairly for them and perhaps this will ease the pain...
  6. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    And they don't reproduce in our lakes.
  7. You can always say
    "well musky prices for replicas have risen due to the difficulty getting specimens to mold.... Sorry but thats just the way it is. Thanks for letting it go to grow though, you made the right choice" HAHAHHAHAHA
  8. They don't reproduce in most lakes.

    My point is, As irritating as PETA is dont blame them every time you see this stuff. The C&R groups are coming from within. These sheeple are diving in on the Infisherman band wagon.

    I have a friend who did an Ice fishing show with them. ::)
    Let me tell you they are full of it, the tricks they pulled were amazing. I cant even count the ethical and Illegal crap they pulled to do a show.

    Its all an act and it serves to make them Money and help the tourney anglers, they don't care for a second about "conservation"

    C&R has its place put it is not always the biggest that should be thrown back
  9. Perca

    Perca Active Member

    It is disturbing that we have such division within our ranks, but that's the way it is. What is really hard to understand is why these extremist C&R guys refuse to acknowledge or consider the biological facts involved. It's obvious that no amount of logic is going to have any impact on these guys. In a distorted kind of way, they ARE "animal rights" wackos in their emotional rantings directed at fishermen(and taxidermists) who choose to keep a muskie. The battle lines are drawn. So be it. :mad:
  10. dougp

    dougp New Member

    Aaron.....I'm glad you are doing well with skin mounts. Not so in Chicagoland. I guess it's a change in demographics and mentality while becoming an "urban society".

    Cecil....I agree, they Do believe they are THEIR fish.....and they know better than anyone else!

    Josh, Marty, Perca.......you're right, I should leave it alone I guess......

    I take this personally 'cause I've felt close to the Musky community for a long time. Worked with and donated to chapters of M.I. for many years.

    Their philosophy has left me behind......I suppose it's time I also leave them......

    Oh Well..... :-\ :(
  11. I used to donate a replica to the Musky and walleye organizations but not anymore.

    the fact is, Fundamentalism will form out of any group and the result is always the same no matter what side of the fence you are on.
    Self righteous thinking, Anger, Pressure, Oppression.

    It doesn't matter what area you study groups and organizations will Always fall into this trap. Environmental, Political, Religious its the same song in every group.
  12. Mark V.

    Mark V. Chinook Salmon replica

    I bet half or more of the Muskies that are caught and released die especially in hot July-August weather. We had quite a bit of hot weather this past summer and we got in 10 muskies and all but 1 of them died. The one fish that the guy kept with intention of having a skin mount was from Cass Lake and a DNR officer gave him a hard time for keeping it. Now the DNR is being schooled by the C&R fisherman. At least the guy stuck up for himself and referred to the Regs that you were allowed to keep 1 muskie. And by the way we havent done any replica muskies in 3 years just skin mounts. If they dont want to kill the fish make it no catch and no release period LOL.,Mark V.
  13. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    Amen Mark. Raising fish has been an eye opener for me. Lots of preconceived notions have been changed. I do not practice catch and release much anymore as no matter how careful you are you still kill some fish. And I have also found not all fish that die float to the top. Many go to the bottom and die and stay there.
  14. Your exactly right MarkV....NO catch and NO release. That's what I'd like to cram down their throats at that meeting in GB on the 29th.
    Where is the Wisconsin taxidermy association in all this?
    Marty, it's a fight that should be fought. What's right is right.
    This finite group is trying to dictate their philosophies on us all. Fragmentation of America again.
    Their claim is that the bay/fox system has the potential to produce huge fish(no #%^@ sherloc) so they should all be tossed back and protected. Sure am glad everytime a huge fish is caught in the bay, there aren't a bunch of PETA people passing themselves off as fishermen trying to get that species shut down too.
    Is not a bluegill that weighs in at 2 lbs. 9 1/2 oz. a monster? That bluegill (our current state record) was caught right smack dab in the middle of where all these guys are trolling. the second largest walleye ever caught in the state a 16.44 lb. behemoth was ALSO caught right smack dab in the middle of where these guys are doing their trolling and you don't see bluegill fanatics coming out and saying all gills gotta be 12 inches or better. Or all walleyes must be 16 lbs or better. That would be taking the fishery away from the general public who owns that fishery. They think their target species is somehow more important than yours or mine and soon it will be NO catching and keeping ANYTHING.
    Marty...sure replicas can be profitable but how many clients of yours come in with a fish that was in their freezer for quite awhile under that load of venny and they finally see it and bring it in to you? Happens to me all the time. If that were a picture and the guy wanted it mounted but the picture got shuffled under the fridge(or a billion other places) chances are that replica may never be come reality....if nothing else, we ALL should be very cognisant of what these special interest groups are doing.
    Also, another reason why I have always had a stick up my butt about the WTA. What are they doing For the industry here in this situation? Oh yeah...planning a spring show!

    PS..by the way Marty, that fish that stays in the freezer until I raised my prices? Also has a $35.00 freezer burn charge....LOL!
  15. JL

    JL Taxidermist for 64 years

    Here in the Northeast bass were considered "Trash fish" through the '50s. If it wasn't a trout, it fed the coon on the bank. Today bass are right up there with trophy trout and salmon. Fishermen keep the trout and salmon but have been "educated" by the tournament people to release the fish after catching them. However there are a lot of first-timers who want their first bass skin mounted and when they bring them in, you wouldn't believe the mouth mutilation I have to repair. All caused by the C&R mentality.
  16. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    I made the mistake of hanging a bass mount in a new bait store a couple of years ago. The owner loved the bass but said he tries to talk people out of mounting them. What the f**k!
  17. dougp

    dougp New Member

    Cecil....in a similar vein, two years ago in northern Wi. I spoke with a lady who owned a large, high profile tackle shop in "musky country". There were a number of taxi's in town that had skin mounts in her store and she had promo material for them on display. She said she was getting threatened with a "boycott" if she didn't remove all the skin mounts and promo material from the taxi's doing skin mounts. Said she couldn't afford to deal with that but would resist...good for her!

    Marc......I'm with ya, but Marty is probably right. These guys will never hear our message. They've already "drank the cool-aid".
    I agree about the Taxidermy assoc's. This is something they should be aware of and pursuing along with the assault on the concept of skin mounts.

    I don't really care if they want to "protect the fishery". If the DNR determines the fishery needs protection...then protect it! But do it from a fishery management standpoint and NOT political influence from special interest groups.
    What REALLY burns me is their attack on taxidermy and taxidermists who believe that a skin mount can have more VALUE to a guy than a replica. If they had their way [which they are working on] skin mounts would be outlawed.

    What is the ultimate is to be able to make a mold for replicas and then skin mount.....even if only doing a mold and casting without the skin mount. I think "custom" replicas are great! Still gotta have a fish.........or, who wants to start doing sculptures of all species and various sizes and then molding to begin a new line of replicas.....eh? ::) ::)
  18. Just think in the UK carp are catch and release only ;D Eat the pike!!! they kill the carp!
    Its all about where you are and the current culture
  19. Mark V.

    Mark V. Chinook Salmon replica

    Everyone has a different way of thinking especially in the fish world and the way their managed. It seems now you have to read a sign posted at every lake you fish for slot limits, special bag limits and catch and release only. We even have a couple lakes in our area that have a minimum size on crappies. I dont believe the average size has gone up on them at all but its still there. We also have catch and release only lakes that used to be catch and take lakes up North but I don't see the trout being any bigger.And the slot limits are a real big fish saver especially when its hot out seeing hundreds of walleyes belly up on lake Mille lacs.I just don't get the jist of all this and the speciall interest groups sticking their nose in it to catch and release the fish to death? What ever happened to going out and catching a few bass,crappies or any kind of fish and taking a few fillets home without having to feel guilty that you wanted a meal of fish. Im sure glad I caught the fish I have skin mounted on my wall when i did or i might not be able to keep them in a few years.I had to release the biggest Muskie I ever boated (46 inches) and it died. left it floating after 1/2 hour of trying to get her to swim. I never fished muskies in that lake again which had a 48 inch minimum and I haven't caught one over 40 since. What a crappy feeling that was but if I kept it I would have got a big fine LOL,Mark
  20. Geez now Arkansas is going to a 24 inch min, on Brown trout for 2009. and even talking about one tag like a fricken deer.

    Yet the river is so low right now the fish are starving, little or no bait fish, hell I have had worse fishing in a stocked trout farm!!!

    More dumb shizt biologist at work.