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Deer mount

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by jward, Dec 26, 2007.

  1. jward

    jward First with a bow

    I have a hide that was given to me and I am going to try to use it for my first mount. I don't know the measurements but it does have the y cut where the antlers were. The ears need removed yet. So is there any suggestion on ear removal? I have a video that just used dp instead of tan. Is it better for me to dp or get some krowtan as a beginner. I have only ever mounted one mammal before and that was a black squirrel. Thanks and any help is greatly appreciated and taken. Thanks and happy holidays.
  2. Utility

    Utility New Member

    Here is the best advice I give to beginners. I suggest to send a WT to the tannery. Most here question how to cape, split & turn and then tanning. I think one needs to learn the proper process of caping first and it is so easy once you learn it. With many behind you a cape can be taken off a WT in 15 minutes, that practice takes only one good season to learn and get good at. Secondly, learning to split & turn all your parts without whacking the cape all to hell is another bridge to cross taking me back to the tannery theory. Why struggle with no help looking over you trying to figure out how to tan. I watched a person in school way back try to design a business card while learning how to flesh a boar. Any person has a lot to learn and without help this is the place to learn. I have seen so many pictures of the proper techniques that one could get a good understanding right here and then look someone up to advance more. Or go to school. I went to school with no understanding of it all and that is where I missed a lot, or didn't register what was just pointed out. The fact that I did not understand what was being pointed out hurt when you look back and see the instructor was showing you a pointer that may take years to figure out on your own. Not that this post applies to the post I am responding to though I see it so much and why aren't all the Taxidermists in these states opening their doors to these young individuals to seek training? I would and do, allow learners into my home and show what I have learned. I do this and am forming a 4-H group to do furs and euro mounts and with time mounts but they need to learn how to case cut a bloody fox before they learn to tan. What shop would refuse a call from a person asking to be taught on how to remove the cartilage out of an ear?

  3. jward

    jward First with a bow

    Can't seem to find anyone here in central PA. It would be great if I could though. I would really love to go to school, but there is that little thing of family and finance. My wife is really supportive, but I need to figure out the finance thing and not working for a minimum of 8 weeks. Thanks for your insight. Do you have any good tanners to recommend?
  4. Whitetailart

    Whitetailart New Member

    PM sent
  5. look in the search on the top of the page you will find what your looking for I couldn't get a taxi around here to give me the time of day so I came here IF YOU want it bad enough you will find a way tan your self flesh it your self and after all the work is done throw it way and start again dont be discoraged ... the way i see it nothin comes easy or without a cost god bless my poor wife she stands behind me That being said getter done!!!! there are a lot of great folkes on here .... read read and more reading good luck mark c