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Here is the Mount of the freak

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by jeremy, Dec 26, 2007.

  1. jeremy

    jeremy Have you hugged your snake today!

    I posted a pic of a freak mallard that I shot in early Dec, I determined it was a recessive hen instead of a hemorphidite due to it not having a penis when I skinned it, anyways I threw it togeather fast so I could get back to customer birds but I hope you enjoy it.


  2. owen

    owen New Member

    Nice juvey drake mallard!

  3. pyeager1

    pyeager1 Active Member

    Good looking duck Jeremy!
  4. RF

    RF Member

    Nice work Jeremy :)
  5. Cole

    Cole Amateur Taxidermist

    Not a Juvie. Read the previous post on the bird. Looks like it turned out great!!!
  6. Very nice mount!!
  7. jeremy

    jeremy Have you hugged your snake today!

    Thanks Guys.
  8. 2wbdft

    2wbdft Member


    a friend of mine killed one just like it yesterday.....biologist said it was exactly what jeremy discovered...a very OLD HEN!
  9. could that be a mottled drake ? but does have front white bar though ? just idea. don't know.
  10. Nice pose!