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tanneries - everybody contribute

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by oldterryr, Dec 27, 2007.

  1. jcompton

    jcompton “One of these days Alice. Pow!Right in the kisser"

    Rassmussen Interprizes ;D awesum strech!!
  2. I am tired of the 10 month turn around at moy. (great tan) That is why I am learning to tan my own. THANKS PEOPLE

  3. ed150

    ed150 deer city time

    my best luck has been with wildlife gallery,have used lots of different tannery's over the years but most satisfied with them,the also have a 30 day rush if your in a pinch
  4. The Nugget Company


    Very good and quick turn around...
  5. Lonestar Wool and Fur! You gotta be kidding me Bow hunter XT!!!! I tried them and they handed me a box full of ripped and shredded hides back and said it was my fault! Never Again!!!!!
  6. kbauman

    kbauman Active Member

    The Wildlife Gallery in Blanchard, MI gets my vote. I quit Advantage and Texas Best Stretch for the quality of Wildlife Gallery.
  7. i tried lonestar ,but have not gotten my hides back from august yet.so i can't say how they are

    HOLMES Active Member

    The truth is you can look through the archives and find a complaint about most of them. The good bad and ugly will have people like them and people hate them. Its hard not to do it myself. I feel like I get a better product when its a hit and miss deal with most tanneries. Ive tried a handfull maybe 6 or 7 and they have all been about the same. 1st order good service good tan 2nd a hit and miss deal. 3rd usually a miss and Im pissed off and go to the next. I personally have sent one thing to advantage and had the best of turn and product yet but you can find several complaints about them in the past. Maybe they hire a new shaver and he gets all your stuff? Who the heck knows. I think you get better luck if you turn, flesh and salt dry. Maybe Ive found someone who's within driving distance that can do it to my standards but the jurry is still out.
  9. Rush

    Rush New Member

    I run my own tannery and also work at one, kinda "you help me and I'll help you deal". Let me say this " I don't know everything about tanning, but what I don't know my "employer" does and we have discused turn around time a time or two and we both would like to know how an order can be back in 30 days?? Maybe some wet tans, but dry tans also. I only take a few orders a year,and play hell to get orders back in 60 days. Maybe this is my inexperience, but what kinda quality are you getting, and are you getting the same hides. Its kinda like" I always thought I followed good hounds until I bought an excellent hound and then I seen and knew the difference.
  10. *

    * Liberalism IS A MENTAL ILLNESS !

    Modern Fur Dressing
    Leslie Michigan
    Turnaround... well my last order was 27 days, most are less than 45 days. Dermis loss is non existant around the eyes and African capes and life-size ARE BEAUTIFUL! my finisher loves their skins, best I've ever seen.
    Wildlife Gallery bought them up, and the quality they produce is the reason.
    I have had skins tanned at Modern Fur Dressing for more than 25 years,And have never been disappointed in the quality of the product.
    I use Wildlife Gallery also.
  11. When I want something tanned dry and soft like rugs it is the wildlife gallery for me other than that I tan it in my pressure tanner
  12. WBB793

    WBB793 New Member

    I have been dressing skins for 19 years. I do excellent work. I have all the equipment to do the job. I am a small operation and am able to customize orders for my customers. Free rush service on small orders (7-10 days wet tan) Fleshing service, etc, etc. Wildlife Tannery Tecumseh, Mi.

    [email protected]
  13. Michelle_Nelson

    Michelle_Nelson Bring on the Bears!

    I was told that Modern Fur dressing used an Alum based tan? What tanning method do they use?
  14. Bill Yox

    Bill Yox Well-Known Member

    Hmmm, I think Id like to weigh in on this subject, but Ill do it a bit differently. I have used a few different tanneries here lately, and Ill tell you all of their good points. As for the bad points, I have had some very poor situations with almost any tannery so far, including the biggest and/or the most praised. Things that, if mentioned here alone as a way to describe them, would be a reason why you wouldnt use them. Fair? Probably not. How about softball sized slips on an otherwise perfect piece? How about a whole load coming back slippy, or no stretch, or a tight tan that fell apart upon its first soak, after being stored in the freezer wet in perfect condition? How about return time promises not kept? Shaving one side way to close that stitches wouldnt hold, or spots shaved through? I had all of that, plus being told in advance that this used to be a problem at one place or another, and corrected, yet when mine were, no replacements! How about when they still run the faulty ones all the way through process and charge you also? See, if you wanna look at the negative, maybe none of them are worth taking the gamble with! But truth is, these tanneries ARE very good. So, let me mention some dealings with the positive aspect, something I think you WILL encounter with these tanneries...
    In no particular order, I have used these, and have had the following good results. Modern Fur Dressing did some bears for me, after Id suffered through a batch of poorly done bears elsewhere, wow it was like heaven! It was such a clean, uniform nice stretching tan, they were so nice to work with. The time was just about where they said it would be, no surprises and I agreed to those terms. Very nice. Wildlife Gallery had some really nice stuff too, very thin shaved, an easy to soak tan, soft and nice, just the way you want it. The hair was very clean as well. The return time was just what I was quoted. Advantage down in Texas did a couple exotic peices for me, on a referal, and I was surprised how clean and odorless the work was. Tan was nice, I had zero complaints there either. I still cant get over how clean the product was, as I know how stinky they can remain, gotta love exotic sheep! Keystone was another really good tan. Stretchy, thin, and it held up very well once soaked. This tan was one of the easiest to soak up, or rehydrate while mounting, and again, a pleasure to work with. The bears were nice too. Carolina Fur Dressing has such a nice wet tan, I forget how I like the conventional tan now. Again, a tan that lets out nice, soaks up nice, and almost feels like a limp raw cape. Jim Willard has an exceptional tan that is ready to mount when you thaw it out. All shaving is done, and repairs made. Every cape I mounted from his tan required the next largest form, because they let out so much, very nice. These were done at another shop, so I didnt do the shipping, etc, but was told all was well that way. Lone Star has a really soft and stretchy tan too, and again, very clean. Nice and thin, all of what we are looking for.

    Now those are just some tanneries I have used in the last recent memory, there are others Im sure that slip my mind, or were too long ago to make my point now. If I sent them a large number of hides, I broke them up in lots, or made arrangements with them to have some show up sooner then others, rather then get steamed and mad over a longer wait time. What Im trying to say is, yes, theres some really poor or inconsistent tanneries out there, we all know who they are, their consistent reports cannot be ignored. But, the once in awhile goof ups are going to happen, lets be real. Tannery russian roulette? Perhaps. If they do 100 pieces a year, they might goof one up. If they do 100,000, well, you do the extrapulating, or whatever thats called. Its relative. Just help minimize the chances at your end, and pic one who does what you like. Good luck.

    PS...NO, I wont tell you privately who did the negative things, lol. I still love these guys, all of them. They are who make MY work good, dont foget.
  15. East Coast Tannery.
  16. skullclnr

    skullclnr Active Member

    Any one ever used rocky mountain tanners in denver colorado?
  17. hidenseek

    hidenseek New Member

    I second gab Wildlife Fur Dressing in California
  18. Muscooten Bay

    Muscooten Bay New Member

    Rich Green at Chief City Tannery in Pontiac, IL. Excellent work w/ good turnaround time. 30-45 days. I've used 5 others and his work is far superior.

  19. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Terry, if you didn't intend to agitate effluent (stir sh1t) with this post, why didn't you just click on the "Suppliers" link above and find out which ones advertise.

    I use Carolina after using East Coast with great results and I used Seminole for years as they were the ONLY tannery doing wet tans at one time.
  20. oldterryr

    oldterryr Terry's in Heaven with no worries at all.

    oldshaver told me there were GOOD TANNERIES AROUND and i am trying to prove him right - i belive they exist just didnt know of any - now if i have a bear or buffalo i know of several that can handle the job - thinking ahead my man (plus my wife says i have chemo head and everythin i do is affected by that)