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MSDS sheets for everything.

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by John C, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. Anyone ran into this problem with their local firechief?

    I was just looking around the shop and man everything we use would take a book.
  2. visions of wildlife taxid

    visions of wildlife taxid love me or leave me, just dont try to convert me

    nope no problems here, but were podunck USA, ;D i live across the road from the assistant cheif, and he is in the shop a couple times a week to shoot the shiite, and he pretty well knows what i use and have in their, but never once has he mentioned msds sheets.

  3. Tom Cruickshank

    Tom Cruickshank The History Channel says I'm "creepy"!!

    It takes 3 - 3" binders to cover where I work. There's a website, can't recall the name, where you can get a MSDS for virtually anything you got.
  4. I thought you were retired Tom and living the good life up there in Alaska.,I don't feel so bad now. lol

    I did a search and here is enough reading to keep anyone busy for a lifetime.

  5. Tom Cruickshank

    Tom Cruickshank The History Channel says I'm "creepy"!!

    Retired? Is that like getting tired more than once? Or like a re-tread? Naaaaaa, I got way too many bad habits to afford to retire. I wouldn't be able to afford the gas to put in all my toys! :p
  6. Wildside

    Wildside Active Member

    That would be good to cover in a seminar eh!
  7. Its really pretty simple when you order something request an MSDS for that product and start a binder. Tom isnt talking about a taxi shop having three binders I bet we wouldn't fill a 2" binder.
  8. You can have all your MSDSheets on a CD-Rom.
  9. visions of wildlife taxid

    visions of wildlife taxid love me or leave me, just dont try to convert me

    marsh , its hard for a fireman standing in front of a burning shop to read a disc in his hand, most rural fire depts would look at you with one heck of a funny look if you handed them a disc to search over for them to realize what chemicals they are up against when they are there to fight a fire, Russ
  10. CD Rom load of laughs on that one!!! Hell most of the fireman here cant turn a computer on. I can just the place flames 100 ft high and them booting up the laptop.
  11. In my "real job" in am in the hazardous material business and you would not believe the items that you need MSDS for one of the most fined items is white out not only do you need a MSDS for it but it must be stored in a flammable good cabinet .Most items will come with MSDS and one is always available for all products that are sold. you should check with your state because if you are a private company and you only employee family members you are not required to have MSDS and are exempt from OSHA With that said the state may have different rules, but I would have MSDS no matter what they can be a great tool for a doctor if you are ever hurt with a chemical and you will be able to use the right PPE from the information that they provide take care in what you use and be safe
  12. cyclone

    cyclone Posts: 400001

    Is the fire dept. really gonna take the time to read the MSDS's (disk or hardcopy) in the event of a fire?

    "Let's see, where are your MSDS's?" "Uh, they're in there, on the shelf with the flames...."

    Seriously, there are many websites that list MSDS's free for all...If it's a speciality product and many are in our industry, you can request it from the manufacturer. For everyday products do a google search on the "product name + MSDS" and you'll get plenty of hits..
  13. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    I think a pre inspection would give the chief an idea what he has to face in case there is a fire in the future. At work we have two feet of binders on a shelf, a copy of those at two different areas of the shop, we even have a sheet for gasoline we keep for the mowing the grounds around the shop.
    We had a Foreman who's daughter ran machines, when she became pregnant, they read the sheets on everything that she came in contact with to see what she shouldn't be around while working. The books are there for employees to go and read so they can't say that hazardous materials were used without their knowledge, and try to sue the employer.
  14. countryboy36

    countryboy36 New Member

    yep i with t at my place of work we have to have them on display for everbody to read.also we have to have a traing class on everthing new comes in with msds,and yes if there is a fire you can bet your butt that the chief on the site will ask for msds.
  15. Wildside

    Wildside Active Member

    Randy look at all the fish guys that sit for hours in a seminar and "watch paint dry".