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what kind of deer is this?

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by TaylorsTaxidermy, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. Chester1977

    Chester1977 New Member

  2. yeah...haha....for reallyo?
  3. Stag?
  4. Jim B

    Jim B Active Member

    I believe it's a Pierre Davids deer.
  5. RoyalOaksRanch

    RoyalOaksRanch Royal Oaks Taxidermy- When Quality Counts...

    Looks like a Pere David's Deer to me too..
    Check out this http://www.animalinfo.org/species/artiperi/elapdavi.htm
  6. TrailsEnd

    TrailsEnd Don't forget the elderly, the young and disabled

    A messed up one, LOL
  7. Pierre David, thats a butt ugly one. Bowhunter XT would jump all over that one. lmao.
  8. weaver

    weaver New Member

    that what they look like.
  9. Yeah I think it is a Pere Davids deer. Aren't they endangered? Not gonna find that one in the US unless it is on some south texas Ranch or something..LoL
  10. elkevo

    elkevo Tailgate Bucks

    jhje 7, that's a nice deer you are showing in your post.What caliber did you use for that one ?

  11. buddy took pics of that deer roaming around a low fence just on the outskirts of Victoria, TX....
  12. There are a lot of them in Texas.
  13. Wdlangford

    Wdlangford New Member

    Where did you get these pictures?
  14. Darrell,

    I bet you would have jumped all over it, but it would be safe not a large enough target....Especially if you were eating cigarettes while hunting.....
  15. pyeager1

    pyeager1 Active Member

    That's one ugly excuse for a deer! Wonder if they taste as bad as they look? :D
  16. LMAO you sick [email protected]
  17. Bojack

    Bojack "PR" Moro's Nocturnal Timber Ghost

    Theres alot of them on the Brady Ranch in Florida. It is a Pere Davids Deer from China.