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Question for Smaller Tannerys

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by PLTannery, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. I tan mostly for private parties that will use the hides for wall hangings and such not for mounts. Do those of you that tan for retail customers (not thru/for taxidermists) treat those hides differently? i.e. Removing extra lip and eye tissue(Often it looks bad on a wall hanging) or sewing cuts and holes made by the customer during skinning?

    Just curious because I do these things to the hides buy, tan and resell and people seem to like them better and wondering if anyone else does this? Any taxidermists that do this when they get hides back from commercial tanneries/fur dressers that they know is not going to be mounted?

    Thanks for the input.

    Promise Land Tannery
  2. oldshaver

    oldshaver Guest

    Shelby, I hope your proving me wrong, from a few months ago! Keep at it, and good luck! If it was me, shorthaired animals-sew the holes. Long haired animals- leave em alone, they cant be seen very easily from the hair side.

  3. Yep sure are. Got in 8 pieces in the last week. 3 bears, 2 beef, 3 goats. Returned 6 pieces already and have about 2 dozen more pieces in the works. I think I've done quite good for no advertising, and off season. And its picking up already now that bear and archery deer and elk have opened up.

    Does anyone else have any imput on the original question?


    Promise Land Ranch and Tannery
  4. Shelby,
    I will repair the hides if I damage them. Otherwise, I only repair for retail customers that request it. I get a few people that the butcher really did a number on their hides and it is easier for me to repair on my Bonis machine than for the customer to repair by hand stitch. I don't get that many requests and when I do, I don't charge anything extra. It is a nice touch for customers that reaps benefits down the road in return business.