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The Week in Fish Pictures~ Year 2# Week#16

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by Rick Krane, Jan 18, 2008.


    HOLMES Active Member

    Josh hit the nail on the head. This is a place that people can post there pics and not recieve any critique. If they wanted it they would have ask for it. All levels of work are pictured here and its a place where we can learn. Bot I dont think anyone has given you any worse of a complaint than you gave. Your welcome here just as the rest of us are.
  2. Pescado

    Pescado Biggest in 2011

    Ole BOT FLY, is just that, a parasite. Just trying to start trouble. A simple look at his long history and content of posts confirms that. Why don't you go crawl back up some horses nose.


  3. Terry

    Terry De-lighted to be living in Alaska!

    Bot fly... read Josh's post carefully; my guess is, I hope, you'll understand. Again, opinions are welcome, and no, you don't have to praise something you don't feel deserves it. But this thread is meant to be critique free, as underscored in its opening. Thus the avalanche of criticism you yourself have received.

    Speaking of criticism... I try very hard not to be critical of others on here, unless it is clearly constructive in nature. That said... I find it odd that you would criticize the writing/spelling found in Rick's responses, given your own apparent proficiency level. I'm sure my own posts aren't completely error free, though I do normally try to make that effort. For what it's worth, I do hold a degree in education, with a minor in English composition. I'd be more than happy to pull out a red pen to assist you with your own errors, before you go chasing after someone else's. For all of the effort Rick pours into helping others with fish, and for the incredibly positive way in which he does it, Rick has earned the right to spell "sacred" any flipping way he pleases. "Sacred" aside, 'i' is capitalized when it stands alone, opinion has one 'p', not two and attacks does in fact have a 'k' after the 'c'. There may be more (errors) but correcting these items would give you a good start towards sharing an answer that is easier to read and understand.
  4. Hey Terry That sockeye is looking nice by the way. I am looking forward to seeing it done. you hardly ever see anyone do the Sockeye in a silver color.
  5. Terry

    Terry De-lighted to be living in Alaska!


    I know! I was surprised when the guy wanted it done. He doesn't even sportfish all that often, according to his own accounts. He puts out a set net for sockeyes each summer and wanted a nice, average, typical specimen for the wall. As they say... the customer is always right. ;D It's been fun so far, not unlike doing a miniature king. :D I am actually kind of hoping to finish it tonight, though if I stay at the computer it may alter those plans. Thanks for the compliment- I have high hopes for the finished fish.
  6. This is for BUTT Fly , or was it Bot Fly ? Georgia , Lake Lanier Striper
  7. Rick Krane

    Rick Krane Fish Taxidermist/ Judge/ Sculptor/ Instructor

    Well it must be that time of the year! Since 1999 at least once a year some tries to see what it takes to work me up. More times then not it when some one else is getting picked on however this time it just a plan old every day BS contest. Don't threaten me with a good time. LOL! I think it is kind of funny when or just ironic hen some one who tries hard to be respectful and was raise to be as much as a gentleman as I could be is sometimes confuses with a nice guy who puts up with bunk from a guy trying way too hard to be noticed. After all I get why we as taxidermist are here and why a fisherman or a sportsman would spend time here but why would any one comment on some thing they have never tyred to do and make it out to be a "opinion" . Opinion as based on experience. I know what a fish looks like and I have never done one to what I would call perfection but I'm a taxidermist and I know that odds are it will never happen. So what if some one doesn't like a color or what ever any one can say that but impress the rest of the class tell us how or why you would do it diffrent and we'll all listen. There are at least 3 -5 Bass here a week and guess what they are all different!!!! Get it!

    OK I guess this for no other reason seems a bit more personally directed to me so I'll address it as such. First off I'll guess I should write slowly and use words that I think every one can work with. LOL! There are 5 letters to my last name by the way K R A N E it is posted on all of my posts so if you're going to have problems with my words I use then I'll take liberty with your ability to read at least my name. Trying to let you know tactfully that you have a right to an opinion is a total waste of my time...however "THIS" particular post is just "NOT" a string in which we take shots at each others work. I'm pretty even handed I think even by my standards but I can see that you want to play it up for some hard earned attention then lets say you WON and got what you were looking for. As far as my commnet on Bot Flys being in my shop along with any other fly's ( insects) if you took that as being personally squashed then you need to simmer down and get over your self it kind of comes off as paranoid ya know.

    No one means you harm and Yes if you could get past your ego or anger or what ever it is that drives so much emotion out of you then you would join in and contribute. I guess it would be hard to contribute here on this string in a active manner where you don't do Taxidermy however as I said previously you are welcome to be a part of the beautiful work and enjoy it. Your comments are not constructive for 2 reasons one if you were a taxidermist you would understand we interput reference to achieve an outcome and we work at it for years or forever for that matter to get it right. I have never seen any one who has gotten perfect, including, me so if you know some one like that let me know. Second reason is simple you can't back up what yous said or discount what others have done. I don't need to qualify my self for you or any one else however I can only speak personally here for myself as an NTA certified Judge and (you will never hear me blow my own horn! ) long time teacher of fish taxidermy I can never say any thing right or wrong with out being able to back it up with reference. As you viewed and commented on a students fish with out qualifying your opinions you later had the opportunity to view reference here on this same fish however failed to correct your self or comment after viewing the reference. I did post the pictures side by side of what was done and what was used to achieve the said out come of the fish you took shots at. Where is your humility or positive imput?

    Here is the bottom line I have wasted far to much time attempting to get you to see and understand you are welcome here however in this (one more time) string we do not critique each other get it? I'm sure you do but won't due to your personal agenda. Yes I too have read your other posts and your song and dance starts off the same way and ends the same way. I choose to use my name here as do many but many more use catch names or alias you unfortunately choose one that on any level is something that you would squash in your workshop now take that any way you want too. If you want to play expect to others to join in. If you want to continue this I would recommend that you write me, call me personally whatever I'm very public and not hard to find. This is a testimony of will you wanted to rack the muck and you did. This is and always has been a specail place with lots of positive folks and I will ask that it goes back to this. Be respectful and not so sensitive, play by the rules and be a part of the group. You are welcome but if you can't police your self then don't take away from others who do come here to have a nice time and to be inspired by great work of taxidermist doing their best to try and get better at what they do. I feel totally stupid for even posting this but I feel strongly about the great folks who give of themselves each and every week to this string and all it stands for. I apologize before hand as I m as guilty for writing this as anyone being some what negative here. I know my grandfather told me to just make the other guy irrelevant by ignoring him but I still like to scrap from time to time. I have no tolerance for bully's or know-it-alls. again I'm sorry if I have offended any one here. This will be the last I say of it.

    My Best to you!

    Rick Krane
  8. flyfisher_1984

    flyfisher_1984 New Member

    I think the striper looks great. I'm not a taxidermist either but sure do enjoy trying. I do however fish every chance I get. One thing I have learned is that no 2 fish look exactly the same and can come in all sorts of shades and colors. I've been trying to gather reference pictures on tiger trout and I'm amazed at all the pattern and color variations. You guys do great work and I am humbled everytime I see this thread. Keep up the good work.

    GBRUCH "I am nothing without christ".....John 15:5

    Wow. A great deal of non ispiration. I could tell you this bot fly all of us that post on here realize our fish need work but we all take great pride in were we are in our walk in fish taxidermy. We look here to be inspired to improve that is the jist of the thread. Your comments of inspiration are certainly welcome but it is just as easy to be passive on the things you don't like. We can't avoid having an opinion but we certainly can avoid sharing it. I look forward as do many, many, others to see the weekly contributions so lets get posting--Hopefully I will share one later in the week.
  10. Rick I can only speak for myself & others probably feel the same way, but you did not offend me thats for sure. As far as your spelling I know how much you have to type in a days time, I've seen it, so who gives a crap. It takes an ignorant person to critique someones spelling when he can't spell himself. That goes for his taxidermy work also. I think you took a very unprofessional situation and handled it in a very proffesional manner. I am still somewhat green to this site too but I respect and enjoy the inspiration everyone gives each other (most everyone). Everyone here has been very welcoming to me and I intend on returning the favor. Its not too many places in this world where most everyone can come together and get along and help each other out and I along with you Rick and eveyone else intend on keeping it that way. I've always said you can't help someone that isn't willing to help themselves. So lets all put this irritance behind us and get ready for this weeks pictures.
  11. Cory

    Cory Keep an eye on quality!

    With all that has been said, and said correctly so far (by the TAXIDERMISTS on here); the hardest thing to do by anyone is to post your work for a public viewing of your peers. Congrats to all who CONTRIBUTE.
  12. Terry

    Terry De-lighted to be living in Alaska!

    Just in case...and to clarify- my comments about writing ability were NOT directed at Rick (or any of the regulars on here)- in any way, shape or form. They were directed solely at bot fly, whose own post- lamenting Rick's spelling- was riddled with errors. To those who post on here frequently, I do not believe I have ever directed a post concerning spelling or grammar (though I admit the use of the word 'repo' drives me nuts), nor will I ever. I am extremely grateful, beyond words really, for the inspiration and wisdom shared by so many on here, especially to Rick, who truly is one of the classiest ambassadors on behalf of a group that one could ever hope to meet. I would hope that Rick would realize that my comments about spelling and grammar were not directed at him, but at bot fly, who in my opinion was being extremely hypocritical about writing ability. I agree with Cory... it takes some cajones, sometimes, to be willing to share for all to see. Those who take that step should not be fretting about being criticized about their spelling or writing ability. If I somehow offended any beyond bot fly, my apologies.
  13. nate

    nate Active Member

    Here's my pic for the week. A nice fat pike! A display and advertisemebt for the local bait shop. Lots of nice fish this week!!
  14. dbess

    dbess New Member

    Very nice pike.....
  15. Rick Krane

    Rick Krane Fish Taxidermist/ Judge/ Sculptor/ Instructor

    Nate!!!! That is a great Pike! I love the movement on the fish you have and the color look awesome!

    Terry!!! My friend no offence could ever be taken by you. You are a gentleman and a great teacher to many.

    My Best!
  16. Ok Here is a fun project. Not a fish mount but more of a fish carving actually. :D
    A Black Bullhead spearing Decoy. LOL fun to do, Its nice being able to let go of the realistic look and go fore a more representational look for a fish.
    I do these carvings during the winter, most of them end up on Ebay and go to the states where darkhouse spearing is legal.

  17. Cole

    Cole Amateur Taxidermist

    Wow, that is freaking cool. Nice job!!!
  18. Slick

    Slick Something smells fishy?

    In reguards to this whole thread this week.My opinion is that bot wanted to start something with us fishheads and that is what he got.All we have done is play into his childish little game. Like Rick Krane said this is for everyone to see others work and to let everyone see our improvements from our last fish.Come on guys let get over this.

    Lets get back on track and lets start showing off our great fish!!!
  19. Harum

    Harum Active Member

    Travis, Nice eye work on that Striper and I also like your skin mount Largemouth in the other post. I anticipate seeing more fish from you.
    Josh, Keep them coming. Beautiful stuff!
    Dave/UFD, well I saw your fish in person and to all that comment on Dave's fish... You should see them in person!
    dougp, Your fish are always nice.
    Jerry, Excellent job with those fins.
    Nice fish all. Keep posting those fish!
    I wanted to share a small but significant part of a Steelhead that I'm working on. Besides BEGUN asked for pictures of eyes. The following pictures are a set of Steelhead eyes that I made from scratch. I still haven't perfected them yet and probably never will but I'm pleased with my progress. The direction of the light makes the top of the sclera band appear darker than it actually is. I took all three pics in different light.
  20. duxdog

    duxdog Active Member

    This is my first post here and my second fish attempt. It is a Dave Campbell reproduction. Nice pieces this week so far folks[​IMG]][​IMG]