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Duckling in a martini glass?

Discussion in 'Habitat and Exhibit' started by Fancie, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. Fancie

    Fancie Fancie - having a special enthusiasm or interest

    Last question for a while.... I have someone wanting to get one of my ducklings mounted in a martini glass for a bar. I have never worked with water before, so I just had a few quick questions.
    First I will be using a casting resin and catalyst mixture. It says it creates heat so I'm assuming I can't just set the duckling into the mixture... any tips about what I should do?
    also what ever you would put in the glass (in real life) would fizz a bit right? (sorry I don't drink so I'm a bit naive) how would I create this effect. just blow bubbles into it with a syringe?
    Thanks everyone your always really helpful.
  2. Sikk

    Sikk Member

    Francie, wow, tight quarters, I think I would make a cut-out from1/8" or so lexan that the duckiling would sit on. It would be cut first to fit the glass, and the reliefed cut for the duckling so that it would have a realistic floating level for the swimming duckling. References would be a must. I would eoxy a habitat in the bottom of the glass if wanted, ie sand, or gravel. epoxy the lexan in place at water level. . Then I would use art. water, some coloring and paint this on top of the lexan. give it ripples , motion etc. I would let this dry, and then set the duckling in and repeat, to get some of the lower fearthers wet etc, and then maybe float some art. duckweed in the mix. post a pic when you get it done paul

  3. 3daddysinc.

    3daddysinc. 3Daddys taxidermy studio and wildlife attractants

    Would'nt that take an awfully BIG martini glass?
  4. newbie07

    newbie07 New Member

    post pics when your done please sounds interesting
  5. Heck

    Heck Active Member

    The 1/8 lexan with the ripples would work great. As far as habitat....one olive with a plastic sword!! That would be cool!!!
  6. byrdman

    byrdman Well-Known Member

    wrap the duckling in clear celephane with feet protruding then seal around feet with clear silicon when silicone is cured just fill cup with resin and push duckling in to desired depth. after resin is cured carefullt trim celephane around duck...this works great for full size ducks and if carfull seals legs/feet into water and keeps feathers/down from soaking up resin....
  7. byrdman NOW that was worth reading well done i do the almost same thing with my critters except i use lite weight sandwitch bags mark c
  8. Donna1

    Donna1 June 1965 Panama

    they sell really cool huge martini glasses at Michael's craft stores
  9. Heck.. I was thinking the same thing with the olive and sword.. would look too cool with proper lighting...
  10. redwolf

    redwolf Active Member

    OK I'm impatient and can't wait to see it.
    Will you post pics when you get it done?
  11. Fancie

    Fancie Fancie - having a special enthusiasm or interest

    I know it took forever... I don't know if the bar will still want it... but it was a project I wanted to finish when I got myself back into doing my birds.

    Now it's not completely done... I will get you finished/better pics in a few days.



    I know it may be a little late but I plan on adding a little grass to the cattails.. I would have gone with a more martini look... but I couldn't find an olive.
  12. GreenBullhead

    GreenBullhead Peep peeep peep C:

    awwww!!!! very cool!
  13. coonhollow

    coonhollow Active Member

    Cool! much more appealing to me than a Martini...
  14. antlerman

    antlerman NTA Life Member #0118

    THAT is COOL!! Very original idea.
  15. Fancie

    Fancie Fancie - having a special enthusiasm or interest


    It looks so much better in person....

    Ok better camera


  16. redwolf

    redwolf Active Member

    VERY nice. It was a LOOOooong wait, but worth it ;)
  17. cool...... looks very nice......... just one thing isn't that a Margarita glass ..... I'm guessing martini glass wasn't big enough huh? ... I only mentioned it because you posted that you weren't a drinker.... incase your customer is set on a Martini galss. Again look cool.

    HIGH HOPES Member

    that is so cool...........
  19. GreenBullhead

    GreenBullhead Peep peeep peep C:

    I think a martini glass would be wide enough, but I don't know if it would fit the body, LOL. I'm sure who ever requested it wouldn't mind, I mean they're a bar anyway! They should be selling both. ;)
  20. Fancie

    Fancie Fancie - having a special enthusiasm or interest

    It more of a gift to a bar that purchased one of my ducklings before... I will probably make more... I think they would sell well.