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Salting Fox after Thawing in Pickle

Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by Jer, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. Jer

    Jer Member

    I've got a couple frozen foxes to mount this winter. I had ears slip on the last one I did so I went through the archives and decided to thaw them in the pickle. One question, after I skin it should I still salt it dry, rehydrate, pickle and tan..or go straight to the pickle and tan? Thanks, Jer
  2. If you have enough salt in the pickle and your pH at 2.0 your fox should be fine. No need to salt and dry, then go thru the pickle/tanning poccess.

    The only word of caution is unroll the hide as iiit thaws and flesh immediatly or use KROWTANN-2000 and dont worry about the small stuff.

    I use Krowtann-2000 to thaw all my small mammals in, you MUST flesh immediatly for the best results.

    Dont neutralize or wash until you are at that step asper instructions.

    Once thawed and fleshed, follow the directions.

  3. Jer

    Jer Member

    Thanks John, By the way, the fox is frozen whole if that makes any difference. Is there any special reason why you use Krowtann-2000? I do my deer in EZ tan-100 and was planning to do so with the foxes...Jer
  4. mount it

    mount it My Mount

    I would get some STOPROT from Glen Conley and paint the eyes,nose and ears inside and out before you thaw it out. I would thaw it enough to skin ,Paint inside of skin with stoprot, then put into the pickle. The body fluids will play havic on the pickle. Randall
  5. Krowtann 2000 is best to eliminate the wjhole pickle slippage roblem...every formula used with krowtann 200 is balanced for bothe pickling and tanning in one step...no need to even salt prior to using krowtann products...just flesh and tan, neutralize, rinse, wash and go...simple!
  6. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    elkei, now how come people have posted here about getting slip sometimes when using Krowtann? You make it sound foolproof.
  7. the slip was totally my fault i found that when weighing down some of my hides, they folded under the area that was supposed to be tanned creating a pcoket of air, and the tan was not getting in...had to add another milk jug for weight...making a total of three jugs...it can't go down...not with three jugs in it it can't....(now why does that sound so familiar?)