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NEAT 'Cabin Feaver' 1-day Seminars in March!!!

Discussion in 'Training' started by Fred Barilla, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. it was nice meeting all of you on sat at the sportmens show. I wish I had time to stay and talk and watch you guys put the mounts together. but we will see you soon march 8th is around the corner
  2. Homestead

    Homestead N.E.A.T BOD

    Nice talking to you guys at the Big-E on Thursday. Looking forward to your seminar this Saturday. John

  3. Tmbrwlf52

    Tmbrwlf52 Member

    Are there still openings for this seminar.
  4. after the shot

    after the shot N.E.A.T. Board Member

    Hey John,
    How have ya been? I just tried calling Steve to see if the seminar is full and I got a busy signal. Give him a call at (860) 267-4155. I hope that there is still one opening. It will be nice to see you again. If not will you be attending the June show?
  5. Tmbrwlf52

    Tmbrwlf52 Member

    Hey Scott doing well here. I hope to get there in June but I still have to become a member. I have been real busy this year at my job so haven't had time to do much but I want to make this happen . Having the membership part of this makes it a sweet deal. Anyway hope to see ya and the others , Take care John.
  6. Tmbrwlf52

    Tmbrwlf52 Member

    Scott I just got in touch with Steve and I got in the last spot , Thanks for your help see ya there Sat., John
  7. after the shot

    after the shot N.E.A.T. Board Member

    Awesome. Well I guess I can officially welcome you to the NEAT family. See you Saturday. It shouild be a great time.

    The NEAT workshop is full.

    Thanks to all that signed up. See you Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Thanks again to all who signed up.
    It will be a full house and I look forward to seeing everyone tomarrow.

    There will be Deerheads in the Morning and Mammals in the Afternoon (bobcat)
  10. I had a good time today I wish I wasnt so tired i would have had a little better time . cant wait till the next seminar hopefully i can make that one aslo. Kevin