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Critique please

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by trm, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. candyman

    candyman New Member

    looks pretty good - is this your first deer? Other than the ears,bottom lip, eyes and the rack being tipped back - it looks good! ;D
  2. Roger E

    Roger E Member

    Nice critique, Candyman...maybe you will be so kind, as to post a photo of one of your mounts showing the correct ears, bottom lip, eyes, and the correct angle of the rack...doesn't have to be your first dear...sure appreciate a sample of your expertise. I know that it will help me get lined out.

  3. Deerslayer08

    Deerslayer08 Active Member

    Good looking mount. Looks good.

    Depending on how semetric you were wanting to go....the only things that stood out to me were the Ear butt levels, which could have been altered a bit by the photo, and the two white patches of hair just below the nostril are uneven....but that's just how that deer was.....his nose pad looks straight.....

    Either way, it's a BEAUTIFUL mount....
  5. bigrubs07

    bigrubs07 October 26,2007 148 gross P/Y points, 230lbs FD

    Looks like the bottom lip needs to be exposed a little more but great mount keep up the good work!!
  6. ElkinsTaxidermy

    ElkinsTaxidermy www.ronelkinstaxidermy.com

    There's always a candy in every crowd. Does anyone read the previous posts before typing another?! Good job! Take the critiques and move on. KB is a solid taxidermist...I would take any advice he gives and use it!
  7. Curt

    Curt Family Life member of the NTA

    that is a nice mount. Good job.
  8. Oak Leaf

    Oak Leaf New Member

    Thats weird. I have only done 3 mounts, but I've photographed them all through the mounting process and you're absolutely right. When I upload the pix and look at them....I notice flaws much faster than staring at the actual mount. I've been lucky enough to go back and fix a few of the flaws before things were too set up.

    It is amazing how much it can help with symmetry problems. They jump off the screen at you...

    Why is that?
  9. ElkinsTaxidermy

    ElkinsTaxidermy www.ronelkinstaxidermy.com

    If you mount in a small room it's hard to step back and look at the mount. I've found that if I stand back 15 feet or so,the symmetry will be more obvious.
  10. elkevo

    elkevo Tailgate Bucks

    If I was paying to get this mount, I would still be a very happy customer. Nice buck there also.

  11. The bottom lip does not have to be exposed!
  12. bigrubs07

    bigrubs07 October 26,2007 148 gross P/Y points, 230lbs FD

    only if you like a hair lip each to there own
  13. zachhanel

    zachhanel New Member

    some people just paint that lip on after they tuck the whole lip
  14. dp

    dp New Member

    looks good
  15. Ihntdeer

    Ihntdeer Member

    nice looking mount
  16. candyman

    candyman New Member

    I was just givin trm some crap - I have seen this mount in person and it turned out great! and the customer was very pleased. ;D Hes doing a couple mounts for me right now actually so maybe he'll put a picture of those on when finished. I was driving him crazy trying to pick out forms for my mounts. :eek:
  17. This has been on of the best critiques I've seen on here in a good while. Thanks for the great ref. pic and tip about taking pics of your work right after you mount it Kbauman. That's a heck of a nice mount trm.