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gloss paint problems

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by riverdog, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. riverdog

    riverdog New Member

    Was wondering if anyone could help me with a problem? I have some life tone LT200 gloss paint and when I spray it, it looks like cob webs coming out and floating around landing on everything, almost like it dries as soon as it leaves the gun. Would be kind of neat for a scene but not on a deer nose. The paint is about three years old. Is it too old or do I need to add a retarder to it?
  2. I had some once that did the exact same thing, I used some retarder in it and it did help somewhat but not exactly as I wanted so I ended up just chunking what I had left in the trash and going to another type gloss and been fine since.

  3. cbump123

    cbump123 New Member

    I also had that problem to some degree. I am new to this, so I might be wrong. I just remember reading somewhere on this site lately that if you are using an airbrush and the pressure (psi) is too high the paint dries before it hits the mount. I have not tried it yet, but was planning on trying it down the road. It might be worth it for you to try. Let us know if it works.
  4. urmrk402

    urmrk402 Member

    I painted a fiberglass replica, and a skin mount this weekend. I used polytranspar WA paints & gloss. The replica was the best detail i have ever painted. but when i applied a coat of gloss the skin mount & replica, the painted detail on the replica "melted" and the detail ran . very dissapointing. the skin mount was unaffected. Was i just apping the gloss too soon?

  5. when applying gloss coats it is best to apply 2 flash coats before your "wet" coat.
    turn the paint control way down and put on two very thin coats, let them dry .
    Then turn the paint back up and apply the heavier coats to finish the job.
    the solvents in gloss are too hot to put over your paint, they will melt the binders.
    If you use a couple thin flash coats first they will dry before they can do that, and they will seal the colors for when you put on the wet coats.
  6. Yep same problem...I don't believe age of your paint has anything to do with it. Depending on what your Glossing use the Super Fish Gloss in the Spray can, Mod Podge, or envirotex. Mike D is correct though follow his directions and you will be fine.
  7. 71Challenger R/T

    71Challenger R/T New Member

    Try this. Thin The paint Cobwebbing is caused by the paint not atomizing properly. Paint that is Too thick cannot Atomize and comes out about like snot. even ready to spray paint that has been around a wile will thicken more than is desirable