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Skunk Skinning Tutorial...(stink sacs!)

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by arkfisher, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. Uncle Harley

    Uncle Harley New Member

    ah yes forgot you said spotted that would be a little more dificult you could try rubbing some vaseline on the white spots so the die won't penetrate and then washing it out good when you are done......... at this point what have you got to loose?
  2. Monte

    Monte Missouri fur-Limited hair-tanning

    Sea Wolf, I think if you pick a tannery that uses alum or Lutan F your skunks will stay black. It is possible for some of the syntans to have a bleaching affect on fur and tanned stock.
    I washed a skunk to mount 4 times last year in the peroxide formula, alum pickled and liqua-tanned it , there was no color change.
    As you said the ones that were not washed in peroxide did not turn brown.

  3. Well, I just finished skinning my 1st AND secodn skunks. They were babys but they still have the same odor. This method worked great. Only minimal smell. I buried the carcasses and the sringes.
  4. WolfMan96

    WolfMan96 New Member

    ::)Great tutorial, I've seen dead skunks but never skinned them beacause of the stink sacs. Thanks for the post.
  5. Nelson_from_maine

    Nelson_from_maine New Member

    If you dont wash out the peroxide well after cleaning the fur with it, it may very well discolor the black hair between the time you wash it and the tannery gets it.
  6. LoL - good tutorial
    just dont know if i needed to know it or not, lol
  7. I've got a question for ya. maybe it was already asked and I missed it (if so I apologise) Could one get away with using twine or something of the sort around the base of the tail below the sacs? Like a tourniquet to pinch off the ducts and prevent it from leaking? Of course this could potentally be a time bomb if you don't dispose of the body quickly after. :D
  8. Claytronic

    Claytronic New Member

    I don't really see where you'd clamp them. I really don't want to take the chance with cutting a sac open lol
    There looks like a lot of flesh where these lines are, I don't see what you'd clamp with the hemostats.

  9. Dark-Memory

    Dark-Memory Very sick but I'll be back in the future!

    This tutorial is going to be so helpful when I go to do my first skunk. Your first photo is deleted, can you please repost that photo so I can see how the start off if. Also what are you recommended tools for skinning skunks to beginners?

    Thanks for posting the forum!

    ~ Megan
  10. bob wendt

    bob wendt indiana, wyoming and kansas

    just saw this thread. anyone that ever has to skin even one skunk in their life, or trap and kill one in a box trap or by the feet really should buy my fox trapping and more dvd. it shows (actually doing it to a `live skunk) killing the skink by injection, disection out of the glands, and skinning 100% scent free. no need to peroxide anything. no smell, no damage. it`s a whole chapter out of a 4 hr. dvd. if you mess around with a skunk not knowing what you are doing and stink it up, you`ll be kickiing yourself for not buying the dvd. the dvd is sold satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded
  11. Dark-Memory

    Dark-Memory Very sick but I'll be back in the future!

    Ill have to remember to ask you about it when I come down for the yotes and stuff.