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Which 5 day course?

Discussion in 'Training' started by whitetail94, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. whitetail94

    whitetail94 New Member

    Hey guys and gals, I'm very new to taxidermy. Waiting for my cape to get back from the tannery right now so that I can mount my first whitetail. A local Taxidermist is going to walk me through it at his shop. My questions is, I'm torn between two 5Day courses. Locie Murphy in Ill. or Joe Meder in Iowa? Has anyone attended either of these classes. Thanks for the feed back on my first post.
  2. Camoup

    Camoup New Member

    I attended Joes class last feb. He only takes 3 student per class.... I had never mounted anything before going to his class.. I have mounted around 20 deer heads since and they look great... It is a lot to take in, in a week just take a lot of notes... Can not help you with anyone else's course but I'm sure there are other good classes out there. I just went to Joes because I live only a couple of hours from him.. I can not imagine trying to do a gamehead without going to a class. It had taken years off of trying to learn it on my own... Good luck with choosing a class......

  3. whitetail94

    whitetail94 New Member

    Thanks for the reply Camoup. Thats the class that I'm leaning toward. The bad thing is its only a 12 hr drive from where I live.
  4. shaneb

    shaneb New Member

    Whitetail94, have you considered Griffiths big game taxidermy school, I would highly reccomend them. I have heard and seen nothing short of spectacular result from him.
  5. I think any of the three will be fine. I did two weeks with Joe a decade ago. Learned a lot.

    I think I would go with the one nearest you. I know several people thats been thru Murphys and they come out doing pretty good work.

    Mr, Griffin does have many students doing good work. I would opt for Mr Griffins I think today I see him doing good work and he is on here often seems more accessable than Joe.

    For a beginner being able to get with the instructor for some answers may be the way to go, trust me you will have questions after the course.
  6. I went to Joe back in 92 and he helped me alot . However with that said , I have found out, that I ,do better in a one on one class, so Mr Griffith or maybe Bill Yox would be best for someone like me . I know Mr Murphy is very talented also, but I don`t know much about his classes. Whichever you choose , it is still up to you, to get as much as you can from the class, and take it from there . No one can teach you everything in just 5 days . Any of these gentlemen will get you on your way and save you many years and frustration trying to learn it on your own. Good luck.
  7. whitetail94

    whitetail94 New Member

    Hey everyone, thanks for the input as I now have three courses that I am looking at. I have e-mailed Mr. Griffith and will be contacting him by phone probably tomorrow. Again, thanks for everyones help.
  8. Scrubby

    Scrubby New Member

    Get a few whitetails under your belt and then go to an advance course one on one .
  9. richie166

    richie166 New Member

    John Griffith I went to his school top notch the best his one on one teaching is unmatched
  10. Bill Yox

    Bill Yox Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, someone had let me know my name was mentioned here. For what its worth, I prefer working with advanced students, and suggest to newer guys to get some mounts under their belt first before seeing me, maybe they wont even need me, after getting that experience first. Id rather keep their costs down initially. Also, I suggest 3 day classes with me and the live deer. I think the other guys mentioned would do someone just fine.
  11. bill@hogheaven

    [email protected] New Member

    3 days with Bill Yox can take you from red ribbons to those pretty blue ones.
  12. whitetail94

    whitetail94 New Member

    Again, Thanks everyone for your input. Just to let you know that after a couple of emails and a phone call I will be going to see Mr. Griffith towards the end of March. Calling him this wk to set up the exact 3 days.
    Thanks again.