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Propagators in PA, Beware of import laws

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by waterfowl-artist, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. waterfowl-artist

    waterfowl-artist New Member

    I am posting this ad to make people aware of import laws here in PA. I recently had a problem with the PA Game Commission over some Woodducks that I bought from a licensed dealer in WI, and I would like to share my experience with others in PA. I hope by my posting this ad, this will save other people the problems I have had.
    I am a licensed taxidermist in PA, and always wanted to raise wild waterfowl ( for reference only). With buying a new house, I finally have room for my pen. I built my pen , complete with pond, 18x 24, completely covered. Last spring I ordered 10 Wood duck eggs for hatching from a licenced breeder in WI, and they came with all of the federal paperwork and receipts. I incubated them and all went well, 4 hatched ( 2 drakes and 2 hens). All seems to be going as planned.
    I contacted local breeders of wildfowl, (breeders who have had ducks for 25 yrs.) to make sure I wasnt doing anything illegal. I searched the web to check the laws on raising wildfowl (I checked the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service webpages, and the PA Dept. of agricultue web pages, and the PA Game Commission web pages). I was sure what I was doing was legal. I was told once I get my ducks, that I should apply for a propagation permit, in case I wanted to sell the offspring.
    I called the Game Commission for my propagation permit in mid July. A C.O. came out a few weeks later to inspect my enclosure, and to look at my paperwork for the ducks. While here, I was told that it is illegal to purchase eggs, ducks , pheasants, etc from another state without an import permit from the game commission. I was also told that I could be fined 200.00 per egg that I purchsed.
    I didnt hear from him for a few weeks, but I finally got a call from him. I was told that he would have to take my ducks from, and give them to a licensed propagator in our area, or I would have to send them back to WI (to the person I bought them from). The ducks are still here, 9-7-06 and I am awaiting further instuctions, and my punishment for my offense.
    I have talked to many breeders the past few weeks, and nobody seems to be aware of this law, so hopefully this post will help others from making the same mistake that I did.
  2. Thanks for sharing your experience. We all know it's difficult keeping up with state game laws. Instead of browsing the State Websites, contact someone at the game commission in person or over the phone. Explain your intentions and have them tell you what permits you will need-- then record their name, date and time you talked to them. Hopefully everything works out in the end.