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critique please

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by j_scott, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. j_scott

    j_scott New Member

    4th 5th and 6th mount, first tripple mount. one of the drake redheads i couldn't get his back feathers to lay right but he had lots of pin feathers would this be a reason why they wouldn't lay right?
  2. bigger pictures? or close up? ???

  3. j_scott

    j_scott New Member

    also first goose and habitat, not quiet finished yet
  4. j_scott

    j_scott New Member

    it wont let me post bigger pictures
  5. then try to post your pictures on imageshack or photobucket...and then post the links
    the goose looks nice, but to me it doesn't look like a natural pose of the bird, ...well i'm no expert, i can't critique...i haven't even mounted a goose, just shot my first in november ;D
  6. j_scott

    j_scott New Member

    that is my first one i have killed as well not really sure of its pose either, i will be adding some corn shucks to the base as well for it to appear as it is eating somewhat
  7. python12

    python12 Member

    I like to hot glue some moss to the wire hangers
    not real natural looking but better then bare wire IMO
  8. bbgg

    bbgg New Member

    that goose would make a great decoy
  9. Who the hell would have a snow goose stuffer decoy?
  10. Maybe this will help

  11. kjdouble

    kjdouble Member

    Your balance point of your goose seems to be too far back, like he is tipping over on his bill. The neck on a feeding goose also has more of a sweep rather than straight out. I'll try to include a reference of Canadian geese feeding.
    Keep at it.
  12. j_scott

    j_scott New Member

    thanks casey i dont know how to make them bigger like that it wouldn't let me load them any bigger
  13. j_scott

    j_scott New Member

    kjdouble its head is also rotated a bit its not quiet as straight as it looks not a very good pic. but i see what you are saying it needs a little crook in the neck up and down. not just horizontal