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Bird Washing 101, the NO SOLVENT method

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by Nancy C, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. Joel907

    Joel907 New Member

    did you turn the head at the top or at the throut and how do you get the neck turned to flesh it?
  2. 2wbdft

    2wbdft Member

    thanks for your valuable time in posting these little tid bits nancy.

    i tryed the toothbrush trick...worked like a charm, and the hint about the down looking like a paintbrush when not fully rinsed was some very good advice...thankyou. along with this observation i have a question about wash water. mine is softened and it seems like FOREVER to get the birds rinsed 100% soap free...is there any way around this?

  3. Joel907

    Joel907 New Member

    Nancy think you could do one of these on grooming ?
  4. edself

    edself New Member

    Hey guys im new to all of this...and I heard y'all mention "case skinning" a couple times. Can either of you explain this process to me?
  5. redwolf

    redwolf Active Member

  6. Wow!! ;D This is an excellent thread....Thank you Nancy, and to everyone else for their hints and tips! Teaching myself is ok, but its great to have some one with experience who is happy to share it! :D
  7. byrdman

    byrdman Well-Known Member

    have run some tests here and I will continue to use gas on waterfowl..just dry too slow and skin will still have an oily "feel" even after nancys methods....but on upland .even fatty pheasants.....gas seemed to make no diff except a few minutes of drying time...so for me...gas the ducks.....rinse the upland....since I do about an equal number of each, at least half the time I am being "healthy"
  8. Have any of you tried a little fabric softener in your rinse water to get the dawn out? I use it and it seems to help get the soap off the skin and feathers without having to rinse so many times. I am curious if anyone else uses this on their birds. I know too well what the feathers look like if they aren't soap free and it has helped me on everything from parrots, to doves, to waterfowl and turkeys. Hope this helps someone.
  9. Keith3

    Keith3 New Member

    Got a freezer full of gifted birds, looking forward to starting by using this method...Since I've never done either method, I guess I'll start with this and see what happens! By the way, how did you get the owl's at the end of your posts??? :)
  10. brazosboyt

    brazosboyt Member

    I use fabric softener all the time. Dose seem to help speed the washing process. Also makes em smell better.
  11. Ranger8292

    Ranger8292 New Member

    Excellent Post
  12. Very educational for a beginner like myself. Thanks.
  13. Realy great tutorial Nancy :)
  14. jhunter13

    jhunter13 Member

    Very good info. Nancy, thank you for taking the time to write this up.
  15. byrdman

    byrdman Well-Known Member

    since january I have used gas on only 3 sea ducks.....2 eider and a scoter.....all other ducks and all upland and geese have been no gass........rinse good......wring out.......roll up...hang a bit..tumble...no problems and skin remains more pliable than with gas...sea ducks however would not get as clean as I like them with only dawn and water