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The Week in Fish Pictures~ Year 2# Week#22

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by Rick Krane, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. Rick Krane

    Rick Krane Fish Taxidermist/ Judge/ Sculptor/ Instructor

    The Week in Fish Pictures~ Year 2# Week#22

    Big Hello from Hinsdale New Hampshire! The other home of Mr. Jimmy Lawrence!

    WOW what a great week we all shared in this past week in fish pictures! There was some really inspirational fish work last week!!! Again 2500 plus views once again this past week now that is nothing short of outstanding support to intrest of all who love great fish work!!!! I hope you all had a great week my friends and family of Fishheads!!! Lets start off with some Big time thanks to our great contributors this past week!

    Great work last week by Paul B, Terry W, Dale C, Josh K, Gus, Sparky, Dave S, Slick, Terry , Denny, Justfish, Doc, Scrubby, John C, Dave UFD Campbell, Cole, Tyler, JL Jean, Kenny B, Yaz, Allmount, and Rich H!!!!! Super work and Big thanks for sharing and aspiring all of us!

    From beginner's to the best in the world we all join in every week in a critique free and hassle free string with nothing more then great artist and inspiring fish taxidermist and carves get together to share with one another their praise and inspiration of good will and friendship to one another.

    This week I want to start the week of with a good friend of ours and a wonderful contributer of the Forums. Mr,. Travis Jones of Seaboard North Carolina. This week Travis sent in a outstanding Walleye reproduction! Travis is a hard working fishhead and a gifted taxidermist!

    So with out further ado lets get week #22 under way.

    So here we go and here is to a great week in fish pictures!!!! #22! Enjoy!

    My Best!
    Your friend
    Rick Krane

  2. That walleye is sharp. This isn't critisism, I'm just curious, are there walleye that do not have white eyes?

  3. Rick Krane

    Rick Krane Fish Taxidermist/ Judge/ Sculptor/ Instructor

    That is a great observation MM. I think in the case of Travis J's Walleye just like with a real walleye it is not that there pupils are "white" or that whitish coloration we offten see in fish mounts of the tooth esox but more a refractive quality of material that is inlaid in the pupil it self that lets the refraction of light create this visual in the right situations. I love It when we are looking for the good things that makes our fish look great! Big thanks for bring this to the forfront!!!
    My Best
  4. Kerby Ross

    Kerby Ross KSU - Class of '83; U.S. Army - Infantry (83-92)

    I know,.......

  5. Nice looking fish so far!

    Here is a fun Project I am doing. It is a Custom blank of a Wolf Fish (Head only)
    I just pulled him out of my mold and am Very happy so far.

    As a Sculptor I LOVE the texture on this beast! the feel and weight to the thick skin! Too Cool!

    The customer only sent us the head, and I will need to rebuild about 5-6 inches of the fishes body.
    Ill be posting a small tutorial on recreating the fish as well as replicating textures with some pics.
    here he is so far.
  6. cant wait to see the finished product josh
  7. crankin

    crankin New Member

    man that thing looks like an ugly beast! LOL cant wait to see what kinda magic you do with that Josh.

    Travis very nice walleye!

    kerby nice bass
  8. Red stag

    Red stag Active Member

    First fish this year ;D 20 kg Atlantic Salmon. Many scars and lost scales on this fighter.
  9. duxdog

    duxdog Active Member

    Here is a GBruch smallmouth reproduction. The guy wanted the fins to look like when it came out of the river. [im[​IMG]
  10. dougp

    dougp Active Member

    Nice start to the week guys.
    Travis, Kerby, looks like a lot of time in hand painting....very nice.
    Good to see Red Stag back with a great Atlantic!!
    Duxdog....love the smallie!!

    In keeping with Josh's unusual wolf fish.....here's a 21" giant gourami "pet" I just finished for a customer. Skin mount cast head. Gotta admit I wasn't looking forward to doin' this one. Glad it's finished. The $$ made it worth the effort..... ;D ;D
  11. dougp

    dougp Active Member

    I had more fun with this smallie.......skin mount, it hasn't been glossed yet.
  12. Pescado

    Pescado Biggest in 2011

    Here's a "salmo trutta" replica painted with a combination of different acrylics, water based and lacquer based. I use a technique that I call "the popo" method,lol. It is quite different than the standard method of fish coloring. I never touched this brown with any scale tipping medium, only broad applications of paint. The time to it takes to get the scale detail is measured in minutes, not hours. My "alternate entertainment" seminar at the MTA convention will be based on this technique of painting.




  13. duxdog

    duxdog Active Member

    Thanks, Doug, love your smallie and...that.....other thing. lol. Great job. I can't wait to do an exotic some day. Great fish so far. I am a student of this site and its' stewards. Thanks so far to all. Keep um coming. :) and Geez Paul, you are talented. Can't wait to meet you at the show.
  14. dougp

    dougp Active Member

    Paul....TERRIFIC BROWN!!! I think we may be on similar paths, in some ways, with the "tipping" technique. I don't use lacquers but the results , at least in some ways are similar. Always cool to find a new approach with new results. Great job!! ;D ;D

    Here's another skin mount smallie...dark, that I just finished for a cust.
  15. A- Fish

    A- Fish Stehling's Taxidermy

    You guys are really going to town this week ;)

    Duxdog- love that smallie !!!

    Super great fish Doug, Travis, Paul.

    Cool project Josh !

    Repro flathead cat

  16. Great walleye.

    Duxdog, those fins look great.

    Paul B , you got slanning to do on that technique!!

    Josh thats gonna be cool, you cgoing to make a mold of the product before you paint it????

    Way to go Kerby.

    Doug P. nice wrok as always!!!

    Red Stag, nice Atlantic, is the rock molded or one you sculpt up?

    Nice Flathead Aaron!
  17. dougp

    dougp Active Member

    Aaron....way to go! You guys are a great example of professionalism in this industry.

    Here's a 52" St. Clair musky/ perch grouping just finished. All skin.

    WHEW!! break time!! ;D ;D
  18. Slick

    Slick Something smells fishy?

    Great fish everyone. Love the smallies. All the walleye I catch do not have white pupils like all the eyes we use in our walleyes. They are only white when the light reflects off of them like Rick said. The only eye that I have found that looks the most real is the Van Dykes natural reflective pupil walleye eye. If I am not mistaken Travis's walleye has that eye in it.Travis great fish.dougp love the muskie and perch.
  19. Pescado

    Pescado Biggest in 2011

    Here's a little side by side size comparison between that big head and the 26" brown I posted this week.

  20. Red stag

    Red stag Active Member

    John C: Silicon and fiberglas production mold. Rock made of colored foam.