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1st three fish

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by midwesttax, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. midwesttax

    midwesttax New Member

    Hey everyone, I just finished up my fish from taxidermy class. I had an absolute blast. While skinning the buggers wasnt easy, I really enjoyed painting and finishing them up. Please let me know what you see, but be gentle! haha... thanks guys.

  2. aint to much on fish but caught a few pike and that one looks good to me....

  3. Mrwhttail


    I think you did a wonderful job, Got to love those Pike!
  4. mitchson1

    mitchson1 New Member

    nice lookin. what class did you attend?
  5. midwesttax

    midwesttax New Member

    i took a deer and fish course from a local taxidermist who is just beginning teaching courses. He did a phenomenal job.
  6. zachhanel

    zachhanel New Member

    they look really nice, except for i think the mouth might be a little to open on the top bass
  7. midwesttax

    midwesttax New Member

    i see what your sayin... i think hes really hungry... haha. Thanks for your input!
  8. xhunter911

    xhunter911 A dead coyote is a good coyote! Save the Deer

    great job!!!
  9. Brian W

    Brian W Well-Known Member

    Not bad for your first fish. I like the pike. I would tweak a few things on your next largemouth (you can send me a PM if interested to know). Otherwise, a fine job for sure.
  10. Slick

    Slick Something smells fishy?

    I think not enough people on here give a true critque. If you wanted your next fish to look the same as your last you would not have ask for a critque.When I first started I wanted to no what was wrong with my fish so I could do the next one better. When you don't get a true critque how can you improve?

    The white was put on to heavy .Don't use so much paint on your next fish and that means the whole fish.Put back edges of fins closer to the body.Pike looks good for your first. The head to bady junction is off on the top bass. The tip of the nose is pointing up,it should be on the same line as the body.
  11. Brian W

    Brian W Well-Known Member

    Hence my PM invitation which I got and will respond to. BTW, how's that studio working out now that you've had time to break it in. I'm still envious of that gift you got. ;D Mine's a makeshift area in the basement but serves the purpose.
  12. midwesttax

    midwesttax New Member

    hey thanks for the response guys, could you tell me exactly which fins to put closer to the back? Thanks again.
  13. Slick

    Slick Something smells fishy?

    On the 2 bass, The anal and the soft dorsal. The pelvic fins look ok maybe could be a little closer can't tell 100% from the angle of the picture.The pike; the anal and dorsal..
  14. midwesttax

    midwesttax New Member

    thanks again for you input guys. It was pretty much my first time using an airbrush so it was a little nerve racking. So I may have over done the paint in some spots but I thought they turned out pretty good. Hopefully I will improve with your help and my research.