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Discussion in 'For Sale' started by fogbound, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. OK, Ken, up you go - gosh it is getting harder and harder to keep track of you and RD...
  2. freddy d

    freddy d New Member

    move ahead

  3. bonez

    bonez New Member

    wow its dark back here LOL
  4. freddy d

    freddy d New Member

    run to the light
  5. Ken, I nearly had to go buy a hunting license to find you back here...
  6. Come along, Ken, RD is fixing to corner the bug market... ;D ...
  7. Had best get a move on, Ken. RD is scheming on becoming the new bug magnate... ;D ...
  8. C'mon now - no lollygaggin'.... ;D...
  9. Like to NEVER found you!
  10. Up you go, someone is in search of some bugs...
  11. RDMARTIN53

    RDMARTIN53 Active Member

    Lets keep up in a pack ;D
  12. freddy d

    freddy d New Member

    move it move it
  13. RDMARTIN53

    RDMARTIN53 Active Member

    Fraday morning bump ;D
  14. LaurieReis

    LaurieReis New Member

    Wow! My son asked for Dermestid beetles for his birthday (turned 14 this week!) and I had no idea what they were, how to order them, where to find them, how they are kept, etc .. Found your ad and ordered the little critters and I am amazed at the service that I've received. You gave me all of the information that I needed without making me feel completely out of my league with this - and my order arrived earlier than I expected and in GREAT condition (all of the little guys were alive, healthy, and well packaged - and I'm sure there are more of them than I paid for). I can't thank you enough .. my son is THRILLED and the little beetles are thriving in their new home.

    Thanks again!

    Laurie Reis
  15. RDMARTIN53

    RDMARTIN53 Active Member

    Frank needs company Ken :)
  16. RDMARTIN53

    RDMARTIN53 Active Member

    Bump to the front :)
  17. Jerry

    Jerry New Member

    Do you still have beatlles? I sent you an email a few days ago? I would like a 150.00 worth.
  18. fogbound

    fogbound Member


    Thanks for the interest and order.

    I have LOTS of beetles currently, as they are beetle-knees deep in Kodiak bear skulls! Ample lots being sent!
  19. fogbound

    fogbound Member

    Have lots of beetles beetles available - making good deals!
  20. MattHCT

    MattHCT New Member

    Good guy to deal with. Great beetles.