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what size of shot

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by akmike, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. Beehunter

    Beehunter Active Member

    I am going to try heavy shot this year, the way it drops Geese it has to put the Turkeys down good.
  2. duck.4570

    duck.4570 born to trap,hunt&fish forced too work

    you should just remember to check your local game laws some states require certain size shot !make sure to check if your going to another state what there requirements are better safe then ticketed or worse jail and loss of hunting rights!

  3. Bobbym1232

    Bobbym1232 New Member

    I'll agree with Russ on this, the Federal 3" 5 shot turkey load is awesome! You will NEVER have a bird run off within 30 yards. Along with a super full turkey choke of coarse. Those shells pack a serious punch! Make sure you have a good recoil pad, even with one you will have a sore shoulder after a few shots.

    I'm going after one with my bow this year. ;D
  4. kabang27

    kabang27 New Member

    Shot one with my Mathews season before last. I DID however switch my setup. I cheat and use a scope that has a diamond for a reticle dialed out. ONLY for an aim point. I have a "hopped" up 835 Ulta Mag with a "Jellyhead" choke and I use #4 Hevi Shot in a 3 1/2" Mag. It may sound like some sore shoulder but you don't feel it after you bust a big goggler. Trust me............ I turkey hunt all over the country. Last year I nailed a 23 pound Merriams, a 21 pound Merriams Jake; yes I said jake, and a 24 pound eastern. All 3 in 2 days. I nailed the jake at 60ish yards and he didn't even twitch. I would not hesitate to shoot at 70 yards. BUT you need to know the "capabilities" of your gun. Find a few friends and each go in on a box of shells. One guy buys #4's, one guy buys some #5' and another guy picks up a box of #6's. Split them up and pattern you alls guns and then split them. Easier to do that instead of blowing a few through your gun and not like them. If you are in New Jersey I would give you a few boxes to run through your gun. I call for people and guide some too. This year I am going to hunt in NE, SD, MN, WI, WV, OH, KY & PA. All this in 10 days............ Let me know if you have any questions.
  5. Paul C

    Paul C New Member

    WHAT?!?!? That's more ridiculous than the alcohol inspired 7 mm suggestion. In most states it is illegal to use any shot larger than #2. Using Black Cloud out of a turkey choke is a good way to get hurt or, at the very least, ruin your gun. Check some of the waterfowl sites about Black Cloud blowing up barrels that have ported/vented after market chokes.
    Akmike....to answer your question try patterning your gun with several different loads. A 3 1/2" shell does not always produce the best patterns--only you can make that determination. Keep your shots under 35 yards and don't listen to the Black Cloud clown.
    Good luck and BE SAFE!
  6. Xiahou

    Xiahou Rocky 6/1/05 - 6/5/08

    where you headed in Nebraska?
  7. EastonWest

    EastonWest What we do in North Dakota, STAYS here.

    May I ask what is so ridiculous about it? It will get you your turkey which is the whole point of even hunting them, right? I am sorry but I will not be called a clown just because my hunting tactics are different than yours. See, in North Dakota you don't have big wooded areas where you can sit down and call them in. It's all spot and stalk and most of your shots are taken at long distances. I use one gun for all my bird hunting and harvested pheasants, grouse, partridge, ducks, geese, a swan and turkey, ALL using the same gun and choke. I used black cloud on everything except the grouse and partridge as it was a little overkill. The reason I use black cloud is because I was so impressed at the accuracy and knock-down power it has. I was chasing down less wounded birds and hitting them at distances that I never imagined. Just because some people don't read the frickin manual and peel their barrels back like a banana doesn't mean that black cloud is a crappy shell. There is also nothing more quick in bringing a big bird down. Also....NOT ILLEGAL in my state. Now I can see maybe calling a poacher or someone taking them illegally a clown, but come on, learn the facts and quit picking fights with fellow hunters, A simple "I disagree" would've been better than calling names. JMHO Thanks. EB
  8. FBurch

    FBurch New Member

    Buck shot and catch um on the rooste lol just kiddin i use #4 3.5 inch
  9. Paul C

    Paul C New Member

    I'm sorry Easton West, I didn't mean to "pick a fight" with you but, IN MY OPINION, any one who takes 80 yard shots at ANYTHING with a shotgun (using birdshot) is a "clown". Using BB's in a steel/matrix waterfowl load with an extra full turkey choke is dangerous and that has been proven several times already. Go to www.greatlakeswaterfowler.com and www.waterfowler.com to see the results.

    You mentioned... " I was chasing down less wounded birds and hitting them at distances that I never imagined." That statement tells me you were shooting at FAR greater distances than you should have been and, probably, using the wrong size shot and/or choke. Spring turkey hunting is a close range sport. 40 yards should be a long shot and 80 yards is unthinkable and disgraceful to the sport. I'm sure just about any ETHICAL turkey hunter will agree that 80 yard shots and Black Cloud BB's out of a turkey gun makes you a "clown". And that goes for anywhere from Vermont to Texas and Florida to Washington......North Dakota included. Learn to call, use proper camoflage and decoys (if you wish) and you can kill any turkey in North America inside 40 yards.
  10. tyson

    tyson New Member

    I would also agree that 80 yard shots with BB's are unnecessary not to mention illegal in most places, it certainly is here in Ontario. We're limited to 4, 5 and 6 shot, I use 3.5" 5 Kent Ultimate Diamond Shot with a full choke and never really had any problems, but pattern your gun and see what it likes best.
  11. EastonWest

    EastonWest What we do in North Dakota, STAYS here.

    Paul, I said it was lethal at 80 yards. I never said I took shots at 80 yards. Also, I only use steel loads using a modified choke and rarely use a full choke. If i were to use a full choke I would use lead as a full choke messes up the pattern on a steel load. I have to ask you, what's wrong with taking longer shots if the birds still drop? If it takes them down quickly and humanely then there shouldn't be anything wrong with shooting at greater distances, right? I'll admit. I'm not much of a turkey hunter. I don't do it often and last year was one of the first times i've been turkey hunting in a while. I got up opening day, had my gobbler on the ground within the first hour of season then went and shot pheasants in the afternoon. Same gun, same choke. I AM NOT using the wrong load or choke. Why change your hunting tactics when the same gun, choke, and load is capable of taking turkeys as well as waterfowl? Also there is a big difference between calling turkeys and sitting there looking stupid. Turkey hunting, like deer hunting, produces better results with spot and stalk. If you sat up here and gun hunted for deer in a stand, people would look at you like you were an idiot. Get out there and walk. Thats how I like to hunt and am far more successful at doing so. Thanks. EB
  12. I am glad I read this one... prior to my departure to Iraq, I had taken all of my guns/ammo to my parents.... I got one of the shotguns back for deer season but left the remainder fo the shotgun ammo there... I need to go get some as the season starts soon...
  13. amerriam

    amerriam Alright, Baseball's Back!!

    Personally I do not like Black Cloud, I bought a box of it and did not notice any more or less wounded birds. I felt liked I was scammed, and I should have bought two cheaper boxes and got twice as many shells for the same price. I have never been turkey hunting, I just wanted to say that I did not have a good experience with Black Cloud.


    PS I was using it on decoying geese 30 yards and closer. I used the second half of the box on clay pidgeons because I disliked it that much
  14. Jason O

    Jason O Active Member

    2 3/4 inch 5 shot,its only a turkey
  15. kabang27

    kabang27 New Member

    Well I had the luck of shooting a few turkeys so far in different states. I did manage to roll one at 83 yards. Yes I said 83 yards. I know the capabilities of my boom stick. Just to let you guyus know the type of monster that barks when I pull the trigger. It is a modified Mossberg 835 Ulti-Mag with some trigger work done to it. I have it tipped with a Jellyhead choke and I am running 3 1/2 inch #4 Hevi-Shot through it. Before I went hunting with it I did test it against some plywood to see what the penetration value of the shot. Granted the pattern is a bit big but at that distance I can put about 30 pellets into a 30 square inch target. It all boils down to knowing your guns limits and YOURS as well. I am a turkey huntung phenatic and I trick my boom sticks out as much as I can. It has taken me six years of trials and going through a ton of different setups on this gun alone but I now consider my gun to be "perfect".
  16. RDA

    RDA Active Member

    I shoot a twenty guage any more--got tired of blasting potnetial specimans... I also have a 4.10 side by that ive downed turkeys with at fifty yards those little rounds pattern tight....
  17. Jason C

    Jason C New Member

    i use a mossberge 835 turkey tactical with an 18 inch barrel and use the factory full choke with 3 1/2 inch hevi-shot #6, i can consistently put 25 plus pellets in the head and neck at 70 yards, ive killed 1 tom at 84 yards and 2 at 75, so with the right combination of equipment long shots on turkeys is very possible
  18. WOW! You guys are good. How many yards was that again? And how many pellets in the head and neck? With what kind of choke and gun? With what wind, elevation and drop? I always wanted to give Turkeys a try...but perhaps I'm not worthy... :eek:

    I was hunting whitetails in Ohio once, and a big ol' gobbler flushed from his roost and just about made me mess by pants...at the time, I'd have sworn he was 10 feet from me...now I'm not so sure...might have been 100 yards...I just know I could have taken him with a deer slug... ;)
  19. ElkinsTaxidermy

    ElkinsTaxidermy www.ronelkinstaxidermy.com

    Anyone shooting turkeys at 70 plus yards is a clown and not a true turkey hunter....PERIOD! You are a disgrace to the game. I tagged out with Winchester #5's in a Remington 870. Both birds were inside 30 yards with no blind and no decoys. I learned from true woodsmen...not the B-Mobile, Pretty Boy, Double Bull gang!
  20. kabang27

    kabang27 New Member

    Actually slappy I am not paying $1,000 in gas, hotel and tags to watch him hang up past fifty yards and go home empty handed. Also jackass you may see the 83 yard shot on tv on saturday next fall. So yes I am good enough to call them in close. We hard core hunters go from state to state in search of a hunt or turkey. If your afraid to shoot past 30 yards then stay in your back field and let the confident ones shoot where they must. No I didn't learn from the double-bull, primos or pretty boy gang either. I have no problem calling birds in close, I am ot driving over a thousand miles to 6 states to hunt to go home empty handed. I know the capabilities of my gun and ME............ Besides your telling me that you have never shot an animal outside the limits of you or your gun or let me guess, you never lost a deer or animal?