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Liquid plastic casting resin as a filler

Discussion in 'Molding and Casting' started by JDMann, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. JDMann

    JDMann New Member

    Please forgive this ignorant beginner for invading the space of the experts but I need some assitance if possible.
    I have purchased Clear liquid plastic Casting Resin (and the catalyst) and intend on putting it (utilizing trasnparent dye) into a RC Cola bottle for a shadow box project for my father. I'm attempting to recreate the look of a filled bottle without the worry of an explosion from carbination.

    The directions are for layering..... so how clueless am I? Can I follow the single layer casting directions for this project and expect successful results. Thanks for any advice y'all can offer.
  2. Bruce Foster

    Bruce Foster Guest

    you should not have to fill the whole bottle with clear resin to make it look full......tint your clear resin first, and mix to the color you want....then add the catalyst and mix again.....bump up the % of catalyst to get a "hot" mix.....you should only need about 25% volume of the bottle size in clear resin....pour in the bottle, put the cap on and rotate the bottle to cover the entire inside......if you do this in direct sunlight, the resin should "kick" very quickly......In reality, you are actually roto casting a resin film layer inside the bottle.....once it sets, you can repeat if needed....the end result, should e you the look of a filled bottle, with light penetration as in the bottle filled with RC, but without the solid fill of a monolithic pour, and the heat up that comes with a volume pour......in other words, your bottle will not crack and expolode on you.....good luck