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possible infection

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by dscheibs, Nov 19, 2006.

  1. dscheibs

    dscheibs Member

    Just wondering if anyone has heard or experienced this. I woke up this morning and my left hand was sore in the joints. As the day went on, my hand started to swell up. over the last week i have been caping several deer. The deer that i have taken in this year have been loaded with ticks.
    I do wear gloves when handling anything that comes into my shop.. Heading to the doctor tomarrow and will request a blood test for Lyme.(better safe then sorry).
  2. Matt

    Matt New Member

    Did you cut yourself and not no it? I cut myself one time back when I was a meat cutter. I got some pork blood in the cut and lost feeling in that hand and my entire arm swelled and I lost movement in it. If I didn't go in imediately, I couldv'e died from it. You should go in now, better safe than sorry.

  3. KevinH

    KevinH Active Member

    last week I was skinning a coyote and didnt have my gloves on, I know stupid. But I had a small cut on my middle finger of my left hand, the next morning I woke up and I couldnt hardly bend my finger, I put some salve on it for 2 days and it got better. Ill know enough now to not be lazy and wear my gloves whenever i skin a critter now. Hopefully theres nothing serious with yur hand and everythings ok. Good luck, Kevin
  4. Ticks carry fatal deseise better get it checked out even if its nothing serious cant really do needed work with a messed up hand/arm even if its only hurting and swollen may save you $ anyhow.
  5. trevor

    trevor New Member

    i was taking the dried Velvet off a rack and i had a cut on a finger and i got blood poisoning from it had to get a shot and take pills for 10 days the shot hurt worse than the cut


    yup, it has happened to me too.....Better get it looked at...Better safe than sorry, although epsom salt soak helped out a lot!!!