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Pressure Tanner

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by 3 and 0 Outdoors, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. I flesh, salt, shave and tan my capes. Would a pressure tanner speed up this process or eliminate any steps? Or it just another gimmick?
  2. I have had one for 8 or 10 years; it's not a gimmick!
    Using the auto tanner you turn and rough flesh, then go right into the tanner for 2 hours, drain & shave,
    then back in for a couple more drain and oil; freeze or mount.
    It will save a lot of time and money, especially for a small shop; more importantly, it may save some borderline skins!

  3. longtrail

    longtrail New Member

    I am sorry to be so naive, but is a pressure tanner anything like a pressure cooker? Please explain how it works. Thanks . Longtrail
  4. a pressure is like a pressure cooker, but no heat!
    Skins are put in your solution, the tank is sealed and pressurized to 50# with a compressor.
    The pressure basically injects the solution into the skin, it can do in 3/4 hours what takes 3/4 days through natural osmosis (soaking).
  5. longtrail

    longtrail New Member

    Thats intriguing. Where does one go about purchasing one of those and what is the usual price?
    We brain tan over 300 hides a year and are always looking for some short of work saver or short cut. We just made leaps and bounds with our newly purchased pressure washer thanks to Paulette. The pressure tanner might be next.
    Thank you for your reply.
  6. The original is carried by dan rinehart, but several of the supply companies now have their own versions
  7. longtrail

    longtrail New Member

    So I will try to type in Pressure Tanner on my search engine and see what comes up. Thanks for your speedy response. lt
  8. longtrail

    longtrail New Member

    I had zero luck with pressure tanners, got a lot of info on tanning beds. Entered Dan Rinehart but nothing useful there. What sort of supply companies are you refering to? Is it possible for you to recommend one? Or two?
  9. In the upper right hand corner of this page is a box full of links.
    Click on "suppliers", dan is about a half dozen down the list.
    Van Dykes also carries a pressure tanner, but I am not familiar with their machine.
    These are usually referred to as "autotanners"
  10. If you do get one I would recommend a stainless one. I ended up building mine but had I not I would have bought one that was stainless. Dan Rineharts website is taxidermyarts.com. There is another guy that was selling them on here by the name of Ron Wagner. When I was going through school I saw his version and really liked it. I don't know if he is still making them but they are worth the money.
  11. Monte

    Monte Missouri fur-Limited hair-tanning

    Longtrail, Look into using a stainless steel front load washing maching, around 800. I can assure you the pressure is not nessasary. My experience in commercial tanning is the mechanical action is what you need and not pressure. I am not knocking the pressure tanner. I am suggesting another choice for less than one half the cost. The larger diameter of the front loader inner drum is a plus. Monte

    I have been in some of the largest tanneriers where 30,000 cattle hides a week are tanned into wet-blue and not one of them uses pressure.
    However, the mechanical action, considering time, temp., dia. of the drum, the speed of the drum, and the ratio of hides to water are very inportant.

    Hope this helps, Monte

    PS- In brain tanning what stage of the process are you considering the pressure tanner?
  12. longtrail

    longtrail New Member

    We brain our hides twice.
    soften I am not sure if it is something that we would even benefit from, like I said we are looking for things that make the job easier/quicker/etc. Thanks for the advice. I really appreciate everyones
    suggestions. Will look into it but will probably just stick with the high tech bucket. haha
  13. jake

    jake Member

    I have a pressure tanner from Wegners out of Wisc. If you want a good one and the support to go with it call Ron. It saves so much time and improve turn around and saves salt stage......You will love it.
  14. longtrail

    longtrail New Member

    thanks for all the advice, it is much appreciated.
  15. Lisa M

    Lisa M Swing like no one is watching...lol

    Longtrail, I've had my pressure tanner for almost a year. I lovvvveeeeee that thing. I got it from one of my teachers at the taxidermy school I went to. I even used it to dehair an elk hide last week. I put the hydrated lime solution & hide in the tanner...aired it up to 50...let it roll for 8 hours. Took the hide out, spun it in my old washing machine, rinsed it, spun it again then took it outside & squirted it with my old power washer. It only went up to 1200 psi though. :( Some of the hair was stuck & I had to scrape it out, but it was still quicker than letting it sit in the dehairing stuff. (I just got a new washer...goes 3000 psi & I am so excited I can't hardly stand myself!) Anyway, I love my tanner. It's worth the $ to me because I don't have to send my deer out. I haven't ever Krowtanned, so I don't know how long that takes for certain, but from what I've read, it's 2-3-4 days? Pressure tanner, it's just like what Mike D said. Flesh, turn, tan 2 hours, thin where needed, back in the tanner, mount/freeze. That easy. ;)