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Where do you live?

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by Ted, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. GulfcoastWF

    GulfcoastWF New Member

    Kingwood TX till highschool graduation. Lived on the gulf coast after that( LA, FL, TX and parts of the carribean) fishing big game (Team Stelyr). Lived in Costa Rica for a year studing ornithology with Duke. Lived in Durango, CO while finishing my degrees at FLC 2004. Now Im back in Kingwood...in the burbs :(

    ....still flew home most fridays to keep my taxidermy buisness going.

    I envy you wingman... that picture looks like a view I had from my bedroom window in SW colorado :'(
  2. bradc

    bradc New Member

    carsonville michigan , right in the thumb, flat farmland area

  3. nate

    nate Active Member

    yeah, they've got so much land in Montana that they,ve got to stand it on edge. LOL
  4. BWS

    BWS New Member

    Started out in Oak Ridge, Tn

    Stayed awhile in Dalton/Chatsworth, GA

    Currently in Ft. Towson, Ok
  5. I was born in Moscow Russia, then when I was about 5 my family moved to Spokane in Eastern Washington. We lived there for a couple years, then moved to a Deer Park about a half hour north. I am thinking about moving south when I do move, I cant stand doing chores outside with snow drifts and below zero temps for weeks at a time.
  6. B Jones

    B Jones Memeber of - NTA,UTA,AIT.Proud Member of NZTA.

    Cicero, Indiana now but was born and raised in Blomington, In.
  7. Lived in Hawaii for 25 years, moved to Las Vegas for a month in 2001, and I ended up in Klamath Falls, OR in May 2001.
  8. maximum

    maximum The one that got away! Made the other guy Famous!

    I was born in here and still live here in Southeast Arkansas. I am a Football coach, by day and i do taxidermy in the off season. I would move if the right situation presented itself. If a place where the deer hunting was good!
  9. Born in a logging camp in the boundry waters outside of Ely MN in Dad lwas a logger there and in 1963 we moved back to Crandon WI and been here ever since
  10. Born and raised in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada eh!
  11. hillbillyhounds5

    hillbillyhounds5 New Member

    Ive lived in PA all my life
  12. stuffinducks

    stuffinducks New Member


    Grew up in Spanish Fork, Utah. Meet my wife and moved 7 miles south to Payson, Utah. Been here ever since. Maybe after we retire, might think about Montana???

    I love the waterfowling here in Utah!





  13. Rick RR GBirds

    Rick RR GBirds Let's go kill some birds...I'm psyched!

    The home of the Fighting Sioux(Grand Forks, N.D.)...On their way to the Frozen Four baby!!! (Sorry Cheese heads) Born and raised in N.D., worked two long years in Santa Barbara, CA in the early 90's...The only years in my life where I didn't get to hunt and returned home. Oh, Boston College..."WE'RE COMIN...!"
  14. Becky P

    Becky P One must believe the glass is half full.

    Born in Houston, raised in the Waco area and still here. Would love to move closer to the gulf, Port O'Connor area would be great
  15. Camano Island, Washington.
  16. Taxi-lover

    Taxi-lover Active Member

    Finland, in the city of Nokia (yes,it's city,not only mobile phone!!) .
  17. daniel

    daniel New Member

    ICELAND me and one of my girls ;)[​IMG]
  18. csco18

    csco18 New Member

    Tremonton, Utah
  19. carlymac

    carlymac New Member

    Born and bred in Tennessee
  20. murph

    murph Member

    Good ole NY.....highest taxes in the USA ! gott love it ! Who said they knew Russ Bellar? I used to live in Rochester Ind. in the mid 80's. Knew Russ from his coon huntin days .... Had a reputation then and looks like he still does ! LOL