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mears spray tan question and process,

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by KSF, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. KSF

    KSF New Member

    I will probably get smashed with this process and question but here it goes. I have done a lot of reading on this site over the last couple years about spray tans and im not sure many people use the same method I do. In the past I have always caped out a deer as quick as possible with very little hand fleshing and then rub it down with sodium sulfate. I would then roll it up and put it in the freezer. I have recently bought a pressure washer and have found that i can really cut down on time fleshing with the pressure washer after I take it out to thaw. It also leaves me with a nice white cape. The only problem with that is that it really puts moisture back deep into the skin that the sulfate pulled out. After pressure washing I then wash in dawn and odo ban from Sams. Then I rinse and tumble dry. Thin the hide on the dakota 4. I then spray it down with the Ben Mears spray tan. Let it soak over night in the fridge or refreeze for later mounting. This is the only method I really know. The guy who taught me used this method. I am asking this question bc I have had some trouble with the hair slipping on a couple of deer this year. I ordered some stop rot today to put in the washing solution. Would love to know how many of you guys use this method and what you think.
  2. I thought Spray tan was not longer available?

  3. Apruitt

    Apruitt New Member

    I have never used it myself, I send everything to tannery; however I know some good taxidermist, that swear by it. They use Ben mears spray tan, and tell me it's the only way to go. They tell me they have never had any slippage, it always sounded to good to be true, but I bet there are some guys on hear that are more familiar with it and will give you some advice.
  4. mcole

    mcole New Member

    When McKenzie bought Ben Mear's Supply they no-longer carry Ben's spray tan.
    Try this method should solve your problem....Don't freeze with the sulfate...After p/washing turn eyes,nose, and lips rub skin down with 50% salt & 50% sodium sulfate roll up hair side out. Place in plastic bag put in the refrigerator for 6 to 8 hr. Then use this wash mixture....1/2 cup of liquid tide & 1/2 cup of pine-sol. Then rinse and tumble dry...then thin.....now apply the spray tan let it set for at least 10 min. Now mount or freeze for later. Hair should not slip........................ ;)
  5. Ron B

    Ron B Life Sucks.....Then comes the death roll!!!!

    I used it for one season many years ago with good success. Never lost a singal hair with it but I really thin my hides down. That may be the difference. I have been in Ben's shop and seen him using it on his mounts. He takes a lot of pride in his stuff and I do not think he would use it if he was not confident with it.
  6. MattHCT

    MattHCT New Member

    Just a question, do you think that you could be over doing it with the pressuse washer?
    Like to much pressure or a real aggressive tip, or to close to the hide, or going to thin? Just wondering if that could be damaging the hair root. I know this works great for alot of folks, just wondering if there could be a fine line between to much pressure or a different tip.Just a thought.:)
  7. kbauman

    kbauman Active Member

    Call McKenzie and ask if you can purchase some Spray Tan. I think you will get what you want. Though, I don't recommend it to the average taxidermist, it can be effective and produce a beautiful mount. I don't use it that much anymore, but your problem is what MattHCT suggested, not the spray tan. Reverse the pressure washing step and the sodium sulphate step. It should solve your problem.
  8. KSF

    KSF New Member

    The slipping has actually happened on the lower jaw and I dont use the pressure washer on the face. I flesh and thin it all by hand. I stacked up on spray tan about the time mears sold to mckenzie. Not sure what I will do after it all runs out. Thats just the only method I have ever used. Is it true that they dont sell it anymore???
  9. kbauman

    kbauman Active Member

    Nope, call them and asked for it, just like I mentioned in my post. You will not find it in the catalog.
  10. KSF

    KSF New Member

    Dont understand. You told me to ask for spray tan but they dont have it anymore. Do you mean they now carry a different kind and not mears or what. Will I use the different kind the same way I use mears spray tan? Thanks a lot for your help!!!!
  11. kbauman

    kbauman Active Member

    They have it, they just don't advertise it. Call and ask if you can still purchase Ben Mears Spray Tan and they will sell you as much as you need. Basically, you are incorrect thinking they do not have it. Good luck.
  12. jcrosstaxidermy

    jcrosstaxidermy New Member

    Try Paul Witts Sure Cure he is an award winner and comp. judge. You can get it at K and D supply formerly Kings supply in MS. works great for deer. ;D
  13. Houndog

    Houndog Walsch Taxidermy

    ive used it for years,but i recently changed to krowtan because you wont have near as many slippage problems.but if you really insist on using it ,joe combs sell a simalar product.heres what i do,thaw,flesh face first then pressure wash then salt down,i use feed salt 3.50 a bag.let hang overnight in fridge with no drawers so you have enough room.i use a piece of wire to hang.put a plastic catch tray under for drainage.next day i salt again and repeat process.the next day place skin in sink with 2 capfuls of lysol and some dawn.let soak and use hands to help rub off salt residue,when pliable and soft usually 10 minutes or so,drain sink and do it again but wash with hands gently rubbing the skin to remove salt,then rinse.rinse with lysol too and you must tumble or towel dry well cuz thats what will get the slippage going if it stays wet too long.after dry shave to thin and spray tan,then mount or freeze.krowtann is much easier and doesnt cost much more,and will stop most iffy capes from slipping.you wont have near as much trouble with krowtan in my experience and ive used spray tan for 10 years until now.
  14. oldterryr

    oldterryr Terry's in Heaven with no worries at all.

    what about george's jrts