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Kudu Pedestal mt. I just finished

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by Jerry Huffaker, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. Jerry Huffaker

    Jerry Huffaker Well-Known Member

  2. artwildcreate

    artwildcreate Don't look at me.....

    Looks good. I like more body in my pedestals though IMO...

  3. BO-N-ARO

    BO-N-ARO Hunt hard but hunt safe!

    Jerry, very nice work!
    I, as artwild, am not real fond of the form. Dont get me wrong, your work is wonderful, but it looks a little "neckie" to me. Might be the angle of the pics....
  4. visions of wildlife taxid

    visions of wildlife taxid love me or leave me, just dont try to convert me

    looks pretty nice, but i agree it looks necky in the first pic, what is the back finished with?
  5. Jerry Huffaker

    Jerry Huffaker Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the replies, I like to here differing opinions. I shaped the back like that just to do something different The back is finished with leather and the edge trimmed with an upholstery gimp.
  6. Beautiful piece Jerry. Very elegant pose.
  7. ed150

    ed150 deer city time

    doesent matter what form u used mount is freggn awsome
  8. I like it the way it is, you know the old saying.... less is more
  9. dugart

    dugart Doug Smith / D-Sign,LLC. 616-392-3841

    Very nice! He looks proud to be a Kudu:) Did you apply a finish to the horns? I have one to do and wondered if I should. Again, nice!
  10. LightsOut

    LightsOut New Member

    I like it, sweet looking mount great job.
  11. Very nice, I was in Namibia 2 year's ago and never closed the deal on a Kudu. The Bull's that I could have taken I saw the first day of a 14 day hunt. They were around 35in and my guide said we would see a better one. We didn't. :( Again nice mount!
  12. Jerry,

    The ear butts are to low.
  13. Jerry Huffaker

    Jerry Huffaker Well-Known Member

    Your right John, they are just a tad low. Taking the photo looking up at him accentuates it a little more. Here's a comparison with the real thing.
  14. Ears bondo or liners?

    The shape needs work.
  15. AZ~Rich

    AZ~Rich " Africa" never fails to satisfy

    Great. I will be starting on my Kudu in about a week and am glad you posted your photos. I spent several hours working on my horns to get them closer to what they appear to be when alive. Notice the color of the mounts versus the living picture above. I don't think there is an easy solution. Rather it requires a number of different treatments. I started with a coat of linseed oil/turpentine to seal them, then worked in really soft beeswax, powdered clays, dust, dirt, desert tree sap, Old english polish, buff shoe cream, and elbow grease. It seemed to work well in bringing back some of the look of the living horn. Maybe its me but I prefer the animal's horns to be a natural looking as possible, not artifically darkened due to boiling chemicals and extreme drying.
  16. Studio106

    Studio106 New Member

    Notice any difference between the live nose and the nose on your mount?
  17. artwildcreate

    artwildcreate Don't look at me.....

    George.. What site is that? I wanna see too.....
  18. *

    * Liberalism IS A MENTAL ILLNESS !

  19. Dennis,

    Your work is very nice and easy on the eye but, a few things.

    What is that big lump between the horns?

    The ears look just stuck or jabbed to the side of the head.

    Take some of the clay at the bottom of the ear butts and put it in the top. You need a smoother transition on top of the ear butt to the ear liner.
  20. *

    * Liberalism IS A MENTAL ILLNESS !

    Hi JP, your right with those little details, I do agree Totally with you, but I do what I do.
    This is my Kudu as an artist. This is MY interpretation and opinion of what A kudu looks like and what I want to show as my commercial work.
    As for my ear butts, hey your right, In that reference it does show a smaller butt, But There are pics with bigger butts, ;D Oops that sounded bad. ;D
    I go large with everything I do, Big Animals , Big AIR, and I guess, Big Ear butts ;D
    You gotta admit, I post pics that are the best close ups of finished Big Game on taxinet.
    JP it is what it is, I'm not riping you at all.

    Don't turn this into a bash fest. Like A Canadian friend of mine states , "It is what it IS"

    PS. You forgot to mention the horns are set crooked, the ears are good for position it's the horn set that's off, Kudu ear butts.. you know how they are, unless you take up the 10 inches on skin with rolls and clay your going to have a kudu that looks like it could outfly Dumbo the Elephant in an race,,,,,The right eye of the animal is lower than the left, the hair pattern in the ear sucks it folded in on me, damn Bondo ears,and the left lower ear butt is all sunk in, dang shrinking clay, the bump behind the head, Well I had to raise the horn to clear the wall as it's a wall pedestal and these are 56 inchers and then I had the back of the skull plate raised, I just didn't care to cut it off so I just built the back of the head as it was..
    I can beat this up a lot more you can.

    BUT you gotta admit IT"S PRETTY , and I have on of the best taxidermy finish artist in the country working for me and it's not myself. ;D
    I'll get off this post.
    JP have a good rest of the weekend