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Bird of the Week #14 Year2

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by Taxi-lover, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. GulfcoastWF

    GulfcoastWF New Member

    closer shot of the habitat. (vines are freyed electical wire) :)

  2. RDA

    RDA Well-Known Member

    Simply excellent :eek: :D

  3. Peter Span

    Peter Span Corvids, gotta catch them all!

    Very nice peacock, black duck and parrots!!
  4. taxos

    taxos Finches, Buntings

    yeah, the black duck is sweet!
  5. 2wbdft

    2wbdft Member

    8) LJ...you have out done youre self with that one...Beautiful!
  6. JBird

    JBird Member

    that black duck turned out quite nice -well done. I love peacocks - I have a java and an india blue to do bursting off the ground - should be fun - but where the heck you put something that big ;o)

    LJ - please imagine this phrase in 100 size font in bold lettering and underlined - ' WOW '
  7. kar6man

    kar6man New Member

    amazing work GulfCoast.
  8. Nice Lowell....impressive as always....love the habitat as well as the beautimus birds.....
  9. jeremy

    jeremy Have you hugged your snake today!

    Dang it LJ thats a sweet piece man, well done.
  10. carlymac

    carlymac New Member

    my BOTW entry....
    Oh and I got a new backdrop whatcha think about both... ;D

  11. JBird

    JBird Member

    A while back a new customer called wanting a turkey rug - we talked a little and I gave him directions to my place to bring out his bird - when he arrived he was a quiet guy - didn't say much just a little about the hunt and some small talk about birds - he handed me a deposit and left. A few days later he called to see if I wouldn't mind him coming out a few nights a week and looking over my shoulder to see how it was all done. Now I've had a ton of people ask if they could learn taxidermy - none of them lasted more than a day or two before they either got bored or decided it wasn't for them - its sort of what I expected from this guy - so I said I didn't have time to officially teach him - but if he wanted to hang out while I worked I'd answere any questions he had as we went along - well one thing led to another and he has been here three nights a week for several months - he helps clean my shop - has ALMOST as good taste in music as me (hehe) has great stories to share - and has been practicing religiously his wire frame, skinning and fleshing - I have to say I've been more than a little impressed by his inginuity and drive to learn - anyway - its my pleasure to present his VERY FIRST WIRE FRAME MOUNT EVER - he did the base all on his own (very impressed) I have to say - i'm quite proud of him - Nicely done Ken - wish my first bird looked 1/10th this nice -

    PS Carlymac -VERY nice photo, backdrop and mount

  12. RDA

    RDA Well-Known Member

    Very nice indeed, now hes gonna open up shop and start whoopin ya ;D
  13. sidekick

    sidekick New Member

    Thanks for all the kind words. It's truly a privilege to learn from a master. I couldn't have asked for anything more...except maybe a better singing partner. ;) Jeff dosen't have to worry about me competing with him...how can you compete with his stuff. It's been one of the best experiences of my life, to be able to see Jeff breath life into some of God's most beautiful creatures. I can't wait to get started on more projects!!!!
  14. GulfcoastWF

    GulfcoastWF New Member

    Thanks for the compliments everybody! I got a bit carried away with that one I think :/ ...

    A few parrots under my belt but have yet to mount a budgie RDA...nice work!

    Nate, super oldsquaw...looks EXACTLY like one off of a mount I finished up monday.... lol, keep a look out next week and you will understand ;)

    Eugene, I would LOVE to get my ambitious hands on one of those big green things someday... I have a moster india blue in that exact pose (hope I said that right) that someone left hanging in the shop before I took over. It has been in the office for 15 years and looks darn good despite my picky taste. Yours is excetional like everything Ive seen from you. Id love to see the front or side as well.

    great birds everyone...especially the beginers. holy cow! :)

  15. mimes

    mimes Member

    Great job everyone! LJ is the man, although his different techniques make me want to pull my hair out when i try them. Great first bird sidekick.
  16. NDNHunter

    NDNHunter 2007 World Chamionships, Reno

    Great birds everyone!! Here's my rendition of a ringneck, and my first ribbon in master division. ;D
  17. ludvik

    ludvik beginner taxidermist :-)

    nice birds everyone!!!!
    Congrats whit the ribbon NDNHunter nice bird ;D
    it is a very nice bird!!!! sidekick. kip up the good work ;) and let use see they on BOTW ;D

    ole cm
  18. bw

    bw New Member

    Must have been a tough show to only pull a 2nd with that pheasant. Without getting close and examining it...I would think it would be an easy blue ribbon. Maybe a little saggy, but very nice.
  19. stuffinducks

    stuffinducks New Member

    Hey everyone,

    Beautiful birds this week, I've enjoyed looking at them ALL! You all have a great week.


  20. goose2duck

    goose2duck New Member

    here's my birds of the week
    this is the first rock i ever made let me know what you think
    and a odd colored pheasant