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caping a buck out?

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by harvy, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. harvy

    harvy New Member

    Can someone please tell me the process you use for getting the hide off the deer head with antlers? i can cape them out out just fine but am having trouble with the head. Any suggestions would help. Could u please explain the cutting steps u take once u have the hide pulled down to the neck? thanks a lot.
  2. harvy, you should get a video, or find someone who can show you how, it will be easier to learn that way. I could fill up the screen telling you, but you can find good reads on the topic in the archives, use the search button to look up the topic and get a good DVD, it will help allot.

  3. Make sure to start with you have the neck completely removed all the way to the 1st vertebrae of the neck. Skin down to the joint between the skull and vertebrae and remove neck. Skin you lips back making sure to leave plenty of inside mouth skin, if you have to much you can remove it later, but you can't add it back if you don't leave enough.
    Skin this skin back as far as you can, approximately to the eyes. Now make your Y incision or your 7 cut between your antlers through the skin until you clear the back of the skull. Take a flat head screw driver and work skin out from around antler bases. Stand head up on its nose and front of antlers and skin down to the earbutts and cut deep so as to leave earbutts. Skin on down to the eyes and make sure you leave enough inner eye skin on the cape. Be careful when you get to the tearducts and keep your blade against the bone at this point to keep from splitting tearduct open. A little further skinning and your cape will be off. Dan Rinehart sells a DVD on this process that has great up close photography. TASCO is the name of his company. 1-866-296-2782
  4. D.W.M.

    D.W.M. New Member

    There is an excellent youtube clip showing what you want to know. Do a search on youtube for Eric's custom taxidermy or How to mount a buck and it should pop up. It was better than the dvd I bought for it.
  5. most everyone does it the same, with the exception being that some prefer the long incision and some the short... the easiest is the short as it allows for less sewing, and helps keep everything aligned when you go to mount...

    that being said, if you have little luck, you can pm me and I will type it out LONG form ...

    do you have any of the correspondence course booklets or anything of that sort? they outline how to do this as good as anyone...