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krowtan for antelope

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by topline, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. Has anyone out there used krowtan for antelope capes? If so, how dod it work and what formula did you use? :-\
  2. TD

    TD My GGG Grandfather John "Tanner John" King b 1820

    Yes........I just mix it the same as for a WT cape.........I shave the gland areas down to be sure the tan gets to it...............GL..............Tom

  3. joeym

    joeym Old Murphey

    The same formula for deer, but a larger batch. Antelope capes are a pain to keep in solution. I finally found some plastic trays that bedding plants came in to set on top of the solution and weight down with milk jugs full of used krowtann...they still will float to the top if given the chance. You want to keep folds and creases to a minimum. Antelope will easily sour in areas that are not exposed to the pickle or tan. They will slip in a New York second.
  4. oldterryr

    oldterryr Terry's in Heaven with no worries at all.

  5. Jarrod J

    Jarrod J New Member

    I just got through doing one in KT and it came out great.
  6. thanks guys for the information. this website rocks!!!