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List of Tutorials by Subject

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by Ken Edwards, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. Ken Edwards

    Ken Edwards Taxidermy.Net Administrator Staff Member

    This Category contains member-submitted tutorials showing step-by-step procedures for taxidermy and the related arts.

    These tutorials were originally submitted in the taxidermy discussion categories, where they soon became hard to find amidst the thousands of questions and discussions. They have been moved to this category in order to arrange them in an easy-to-navigate section where educational subjects can be quickly accessed.

    If you notice a topic in another category that you think would be a good addition to the Tutorial category, please feel free to nominate it for the Tutorial Category by clicking on the "Report to Moderator" link in the lower right corner of the post and adding "Nomination for Tutorial Category" in the comments section.

    If you wish to create a new tutorial, feel free to submit it here. If you use off-site hosted photos in your tutorial (such as photobucket.com) please be sure NOT to move, delete or rename the photos in your photobucket account, as this will also remove the photos from your tutorial. If photos are deleted from an existing tutorial, the tutorial will be removed as well.

    General Taxidermy, Shop and Tools
    Making Your Own Hide Paste by Michael Schlabach
    Killing Ticks on a Cape by Jean Lavalee
    Making Your Own Brass Modeling Tools by Glen Conley
    [​IMG] Use of Mini-Flesher - Video Series by David Marqua
    Mini-Flesher Operation for Beginners by Todd Adams
    Make Your Own Photo Studio Backdrop by Bobbi Meyer
    Insulating a Box for Shipping Frozen Hides by Dennis D
    My Deer Ear Turning Tool by Jon Becker
    Removing a Bobcat From a Refrigerator That Went Out by Michael Schlabach
    Let's See Everyone's Salt Tables by Bobbi Meyer
    The Upholsterer's or Invisible Stitch by John Belucci
    Making a Compact Blower by TropheTracker

    Deer Taxidermy
    Deer Skinning -- Skinning Deer Hooves for Gunracks by Bob Nielsen
    Deer Skinning -- Splitting the Lips, Nose and Eyes by Glen Conley
    Deer V Incision and Antler Removal by Mike Bunker
    Altering a Straight Gamehead Form to a Turn by Jim Brandenburg
    Deer Mannikin Preparation for Beginners by Bobbi Meyer
    Altering a Shoulder Form to a Wall Pedestal by Michael Shipman
    [​IMG] Video Tutorial: Fleshing Deer for Beginners by Steve Hall (on Helping Hand Hangers site)
    Bondo Ears by EddieB
    Whitetail Deer Earliner Usage for Beginners by Nina Lukaszewicz
    Mounting a Saskatchewan Whitetail by Amy Ritchie-Carter
    Beginners Whitetail Shoulder Mounts (Part Two: Tweaking) by Bobbi Meyer
    Deer Taxidermy - Basic Sculpting Eyelids from Clay by George Roof
    Deer Taxidermy - Bondo Ears for Beginners by Steve Hall
    Whitetail Deer Eye Setting and Eyelid Sculpting by Andrew Magninat
    [​IMG] Video Tutorial: Sculpting Whitetail Deer Eyelids from Clay by Rick Carter (on YouTube site)
    Deer Eye Ring Sculpting in Epoxy by Ron Anderson
    How Much Hide Paste and Why by Michael Schlabach
    Finishing Whitetail Shoulder Mounts for Beginners by Bobbi Meyer
    Finishing Whitetail Eye with Oil Paints by Eddie B
    Finishing a Deer Nose by by Paul Borkowski

    Gamehead Taxidermy
    Mounting an African Kudu by John Griffith
    Reattaching a Elk Mannikin Cut in Half for Shipping by Michael Schlabach
    Altering a Straight Gamehead Form to a Turn by Jim Brandenburg
    Altering a Shoulder Form to a Wall Pedestal by Michael Shipman
    Using Real Javelina or Boar Teeth with a Mount by Michael Schlabach
    My Prongorn Clay Work by Ron Anderson
    Detatchable Antlers on a shoulder mount Moose by Dave McClannahan (Lone Wolf AK)

    Antlers and Horns
    Broken Antler Main Beam Repair by Harley Craig
    How to Build an Antler Lamp by Harley Craig
    Repairing Deer Antlers by Jim Brandenburg
    Antler Broken Tine Repair and Staining by Darrell Hall
    New Twist on Antler Repair by Boxie Kallina
    Removing a Broken Core from Inside a Cow Horn by Michael Schlabach
    Removing Horns from Pronghorn Antelope by Michael Schlabach
    Mounting Shed Elk Antlers by Jay Parke
    Mounting Shed Elk Antlers on a Plaque by Dakota Hills
    Mounting Shed Caribou Antlers by Hoytman
    Detachable Antlers by John Griffith
    Longhorn Skull Mount A to Z by Michael Schlabach
    Staining with Potassium Permanganate by Bobby Morris
    Antler Staining with Potassium Permanganate by IDForkHorn
    Busted! Antler and Horn Repair by Jim Brandenburg
    Tine Repair - My Quick Painting Method by Cole Cruickshank

    Lifesize Mammal Taxidermy
    Dorsal skinning a lifesize Bobcat and Beaver by Michael Schlabach
    Skinning a Skunk by Richard A. Smart
    Snarling Coyote Alterations by [name withheld]
    Making a Small Mammal Head for a Wrapped or Carved Body by Jim Brandenburg
    Making Squirrel Bodies Adjustable To Any Poses by Paul T
    Mounting a Tube-Skinned Small Mammal by George Roof
    My Method of Mounting Small Mammals by Anna Dominguez
    Slipped Ear Repair on a Fox in 30 Minutes by Harley Craig

    Beginner Mammal Tutorials by Terry Davis
    Tanning Small Mammals with Krowtann or LutanF by OldTerryR
    Making a Habitat Rock by OldTerryR
    Wrapping a Mammal for Mounting by OldTerryR
    Making a Wall Habitat by OldTerryR
    Carcass Casting Small Mammals by OldTerryR
    Modifying a Bobcat Mannikin by OldTerryR
    Tear Duct on Deer by OldTerryR
    Rebuilding Large Mammal Foot Pads by OldTerryR
    Turning Small Mammal Ears by OldTerryR
    Skinning Mammal Toes by OldTerryR
    Wolf Habitat (Rock Base) by OldTerryR
    Basic Length Modification of a Form by OldTerryR
    Shoulder Mount Coyote by OldTerryR
    Floor/mantle Bobcat Habitat by OldTerryR
    Installing a Jawset in a Closed Mouth Form by OldTerryR
    Wall/Mountain Fox Habitat by OldTerryR
    Setting Deer Eyes by OldTerryR
    Slots for Case Skinned Sitting Mammals by OldTerryR
    Tanning With Krowtann Using Bench Grinder by OldTerryR

    Bird Taxidermy
    How to Carve a Bird Body out of Cheap Foam by Gabe R. aka Lizardfeathers
    Bird Washing 101, the No Solvent Method by Nancy Crocker
    Removing, Injecting and Installing Waterfowl Feet by Matt Smith
    Wrapped Body Tutorial - Ringneck Pheasant by Mark Wicker
    Carding a Flying Goose by Aaron
    How to Close Waterfowl Heads without Sewing by LJ
    Commercial Mannikins Thigh Modifications by Ron Anderson
    Molding and Casting Artificial Bird Heads by Jeremy Keene
    Repairing Trauma to Bird's Neck by Fudgy
    Wood Duck Eyelid Photo Tutorial by Mike Vernelson
    Tail Removal 101 by Mark11
    Hot Glue, Bird Hip Attachment Tutorial by NDNHunter
    Tips, Tricks and Tactics for Pin-Feathered Birds by Matthew Smith (KMA)

    "WingTips" - Bird Taxidermy Tips by Wingman (Eugene Streekstra)
    WingTips #1: Making an Automated Rinser by Wingman
    WingTips #2: Excelsior Wrapped Necks by Wingman
    WingTips #3: Removing Marrow by Wingman
    WingTips #4: Formeldehyde Injection by Wingman
    WingTips #5: Grouse Airsacs by Wingman
    WingTips #6: Reproduction Eyecombs by Wingman
    WingTips #7: Presoaking Birds by Wingman
    WingTips #8: Broken Bone Repair by Wingman
    WingTips #9: Support Wire Concealment by Wingman
    WingTips #10: Degreasing Wheel Cleanup by Wingman
    WingTips #11: Flying Support Wire by Wingman
    WingTips #12: Artificial Head Attachment by Wingman
    WingTips #13: Detached Tails by Wingman
    WingTips #14: Hip Attachment by Wingman
    WingTips #15: Take time ... by Wingman
    WingTips #16: Wing Carding by Wingman
    WingTips #17: Damaged Skull "Quick Fix" by Wingman
    WingTips #18: Artificial and Real Skull Attachment by Wingman
    WingTips #19: Cheeks by Wingman
    WingTips #20: Packing Birds for Shipping by Wingman
    WingTips #21: "Over the Shoulder" Skinning by Wingman
    WingTips #22: "Wrapping" Birds by Wingman
    WingTips #23: Lamellae "Transfer" by Wingman
    WingTips #24: Feather "Curling" by Wingman
    WingTips #25: Sidepocket/Belly Anatomy by Wingman
    WingTips #27: Straightening Pheasant Tails by Wingman
    WingTips #28: Long Term Freezing/Storing Birds by Wingman
    WingTips #29: Battling "Burnout" by Wingman
    WingTips #30: Artificial Head "Bib" by Wingman
    WingTips #31: Real Head Artificial "Method" by Wingman
    WingTips #32: Artificial Head "Prep" by Wingman
    WingTips #33: Double Wing Wire by Wingman
    WingTips #34: Broken Leg Bone Repair by Wingman
    WingTips #35: Real Bill, Artificial Head by Wingman
    WingTips #36: Wrapped Body/Foam Body Surface Prep by Wingman
    WingTips #37: Skinning Wings: Another Method by Wingman
    WingTips #38: Potato Starch "Drying" by Wingman
    WingTips #39: Wheeling Residue Fix by Wingman
    WingTips #40: Gassing and Drying Bird Skins by Wingman
    WingTips #41: Detachable Peacock Train/Tail by Wingman
    WingTips #42: Sidepocket "Armpit" Skinning by Wingman
    WingTips #43: Skinning for Artificial Head Useby Wingman
    WingTips #44: Iron/Rust Removal by Wingman

    Fish Taxidermy
    Mounting a Largemouth Bass by Rick Krane
    Mounting a Largemouth Bass with pictures and lots of them! by Kenneth Newton
    Molding a Catfish Step-by-Step by Aaron Stehling
    Mounting a Brown Trout with a Cast Head and Carved Body by Rick Krane
    Casting your Own Foam Body Instead of Carving by Jim Tucker
    Mounting and Painting a Brown Trout by Rick Krane
    Finishing and Painting an Alaskan Steelhead Reproduction by Rick Krane
    Painting a Grayling Dorsal Fin using Window Color for Masking by Oliver Fúckert
    [​IMG] Video Tutorial: Molding and Casting a Fish by Layne Luna
    Mounting and Painting a Black Crappie by Rick Krane
    Pumpkinseed Sunfish Painting Tutorial by Joshua Knuth
    Making an Adjustable Template for Carving Fish Forms by Joshua Knuth
    Striped Bass Reproduction Paint Schedule by Rick Krane
    Easy Painting a General Use Fish Eye by John Bloch
    Painting an Atlantic Salmon Spawning Phase by Ole Shanke
    Making Custom Eyes out of Clear Acrylic by Joshua Knuth
    Painting a 20 lb. Rainbow using Liquid Scales by Jeff Lumsden
    My Method of Mounting Blue Crabs w/ Paint Schedule by George Roof
    Casting Fish from a Rubber Master by Lowell Shapley
    Major Fish Repair Northern Pike Artificial Head and Fins by Bryce Bellomo (Gameovertaxidermy)
    Gyotaku (Fish Prints on Rice Paper) by David P

    Tanning and Skin Preparation
    Mammal Tanning Step-by-Step with McKenzie Tan by Ken Edwards
    Small Mammal Tanning Step-by-Step with Rittel's E-Z Tan by Amy Richey
    Tanning With Krowtann Using Bench Grinder by OldTerryR
    JRTS Thoughts by DSalters
    Pictures of Deer Skin Before and After Fleshing by Nina Lukaszewicz
    Proper Hide Prep Work and Terminology by George Roof

    Skulls and Skeletons
    Removing Eyes for Skull Preparation by Joey Murphey
    Attaching a Skull Mount to a Panel by Michael Schlabach
    Small Maceration Step-by-Step by Wolfwoman
    Small Mammal Skull Cleaning Step-by-Step by SilverSkin GameWorks
    Repairing a Bear Skull with a Missing Zygomatic Arch by Jim Brandenburg
    The 5 Hour European Mount Tutorial by Michael Schlabach
    Completing a European Skull Start to Finish by DeadEyeDave2008

    Molding and Casting
    Making a Simple Rock Mold with Silicone Caulk by Joshua Knuth
    Molding and Casting Artificial Bird Heads by Jeremy Keene

    Habitat and Exhibit
    Making a Simple Dirt Base by Pascal Campbell
    Decayed Log with Viewing Windows for Zoo Exhibit by Mike Vernelson
    Make Your Own Custom Tree Limb by George Roof
    Artificial Tree with Root System for Zoo Exhibit by Mike Vernelson
    Creating a Cornfield Habitat by John
    Creating Dry, Cracked Dirt by Cole Cruickshank
    Simple Water Splash Bases by Craig Wyrick
    Rock Waterfall for Outdoor Pool by Mike Vernelson
    Artificial Rock from Mix and Painting by Ole Shanke
    Making a Simple Rock Mold with Silicone Caulk by Joshua Knuth
    Building a Wooden Base by Born2Shoot
    Making a Rock Base for Large Mounts by Lance Murphy
    Wall Hanging Rock Base for Mt. Goat by Justin Pohl

    Wildlife Artwork and Crafts
    Giving Eyes Life, How I Draw Eyes by Gina
    How to Make A Dream Catcher by Lisa Martin

    How to "Skin" and "Mount" a Madagascan Giant Hissing cockroach by Gabe R. aka Lizardfeathers
    How to do Bunny Ears with Shoelaces by Paul Thompson

    Forum Operations
    How to Add a Photo to a Post by Ken Edwards
    How to Create and Upload Your Own Avatar by Ken Edwards
    How to Reduce a Photo for the Web by Ken Edwards
    How to Add a Photo to a Post Using Photobucket by Uncle Harley
    Easy Picture Posting Using Tinypic.com by Rhasputin

    Add Your Favorite Tutorial to This List
    If you notice a topic in another category that you think would be a good addition to the Tutorial category, please feel free to nominate it for the Tutorial Category by clicking on the "Report to Moderator" link in the lower right corner of the post you wish to nominate and adding "Nomination for Tutorial Category" in the comments section.

    Don't be afraid to blow your own horn. If you have submitted a tutorial in another category, please let us know so we can include it here. The taxidermy discussion categories will eventually be pruned of older posts, so moving the informational topics to this category will help to protect them for future reference.

    I would like to extend a special thank you to Lisa Martin of Rifle Pines Taxidermy for her invaluable assistance in bringing this new category to fruition.
  2. Good call Ken, putting these in there own catagory will make it easier for people to find them. :)

  3. Lisa M

    Lisa M Swing like no one is watching...lol

    Ken, it was really just a lot of tattle tale'ing on my part. If I saw something, I just hollered about it. Thank you for recognizing that effort. It's the good people here that have really made the category necessary though. It's just awesome to see folks willing to share what they know...it's a LONG ways from the years of secrecy.

    We can't toot our own horns/report our own posts. :( (Although I admit I know some that have tried to toot their own horns...but never mind about that! :D) If we try it tells us "You can't report your own post to the moderator, that doesn't make sense!" Should we ask someone else to report it for us? Maybe log out, come back to the thread as a Guest and then report it? What would you prefer?

    Ken/WASCO/everyone involved on y'alls end, thank you again, so very very much for doing this for us. It's going to be a serious asset for so many people. And it'll be a way for those who are "old timers" to share their knowledge for generations to come. Thank you. More than I can say...thank you. ;)
  4. Ken Edwards

    Ken Edwards Taxidermy.Net Administrator Staff Member

    Lisa, I'm sorry you can't report your own post. Hopefully when the Forum software is upgraded to the next version, I will be able to change this feature. But for now, you can do one of four things to nominate you own post. Here they are in the preferred order:

    1. Have a friend nominate your post with the "Report to Moderator" function.
    2. Log out and report your post as a guest.
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    4. Send me a Personal Message (click on the speech balloon beneath my picture) with the URL of the post included in your message.
  5. Ken Edwards

    Ken Edwards Taxidermy.Net Administrator Staff Member

    After tweaking the code, I was finally able to eliminate that annoying error message. I am pleased to announce that you now CAN report your own post to the moderator.
  6. Tom Cruickshank

    Tom Cruickshank The History Channel says I'm "creepy"!!

    You da man Ken. What a great addition to the best site there is!
  7. sarahdj

    sarahdj Active Member

    This is awesome- can't thank you enough for making this easier for us!
  8. Xiahou

    Xiahou Rocky 6/1/05 - 6/5/08

    thanks, this page has already helped me find 2 tutuorials that I need.
  9. Just curious, do you have a link for mounting a full body raccoon?

    And thats. this section of links is almost invaluable!!!
  10. Lisa M

    Lisa M Swing like no one is watching...lol

    mysebring, if you go to the Terry Davis Learning Center, http://tdavistaxidermy.com/learningcenter.html, you can piece together how to get a raccoon done. You also might look into buying a subscription to Breakthrough magazine. A link to Breakthrough is in the upper right corner of any taxinet page under the Quick Links tab. In the latest issue they had step by step instructions for how to do a gray fox. Raccoons aren't much different in techniques. Good luck and have fun. ;)
  11. Thank you very much lisa, I chose a coon to be my first as its not to small or way to big for a NooB ::)
  12. hambone

    hambone Well-Known Member

    K en I just found out about the tutorial section and I think it is great I also can't believe Wing Tips aren't in here.
  13. elkevo

    elkevo Tailgate Bucks

    Thanks Ken; that was easy to find and there are so many good tutorials for us beginner's. thanks again everyone.

  14. murph

    murph Member

    Hi All,
    Is there anyone who can post a tutorial with pics on repairing and sewing up of damaged capes from big bullet holes? I'v got a few in and have always got them sewn up but some have looked much better than others. Just thought this might be helpful to some of the novices.

    Thanks ...Lance
  15. murph

    murph Member

    Hi all....
    In addition to my first post in this room... maybe someone could post a tutorial on the sewing of a patch of skin and hair on a deer cape for a repair... Ths is part of the taxidermy trade also.. how well you can handle a repair right?
  16. james lin

    james lin Member

  17. Gobblingfever

    Gobblingfever 100% PEER GOBBLER ADDICTION!!!!

    That was fun to find and watch them. Thanks Ken
  18. Awesome
  19. 500magnum

    500magnum Living the Dreem

    How do I fined a list of Subjects step by step Tutorials
  20. paul e

    paul e New Member