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base for a L S Black Bear w/cost & retail price

Discussion in 'Habitat and Exhibit' started by J P Baker, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. AndyO and JP
    THE life sizes I just finished the wolf and bear what do the two of you think I charged?
  2. $6500

  3. that was for the mounts add 3500 on top for the base
  4. I love guys that cut there own throats. I guess they dont like making money. JP sounds like you are pretty right on on your pricing, and a smart buisness man to boot.Taxidermists wonder why they dont make much money, you gota charge for what your doing.
  5. V3

    V3 New Member

    On the subject of both bases and what people charge for their work......

    When I mount, lets say a Turkey, Strut Bird, nothing special......
    I make a very nice profit....

    My competition (actually Several) charge 350.00, which is 100.00 less than I do but take in less birds.
    There is another competitor close to me that charges 750.00 for his Strut Birds on a plain base and they too take in less birds than me.
    It is not that their work isn't any good, on the contrary it is very good.
    I think it is more what the market will take. Not what I think I deserve.....

    If we, as Service providers, only cater to the "$", and use that to gauge our success, then we are not successful at all.
    I have been in the business for 6 years and am more than happy with my "Fair and non-pious" prices.
    After my first year, I took my family of 6 to New Zealand for a two week vacation, paid off the bank on my home and built a new shop.
    Three years ago we went to Africa, I hunted with my oldest son while my wife and the younger children went on photo safari.
    Last year we went on a trip to Alaska for a month
    And this year, married off one daughter with a guest count of 350+ people.
    Notice I did not do anything for two years?
    Know why?

    I out priced the market.
    Know why?
    Because I took the advice from several people after a convention.
    "charge more, you deserve it", "get what you think you deserve" or as I came to realize it to be "scr*w the common working stiffs that may be paying you a good portion of their monthly income to get a mount done".
    So for those who say Charge....Charge....Charge......
    Go ahead, i will be glad to have those who cannot afford the elitist prices of the pompous crafter.

    Charge someone for the whole box of screws...........
    So when you mount say a Duck and put two screws in the hanger you charge them for a new box too?
    And as far as pricing out the screws.....It tells you on the unit count how much each one is costing you.....That seems more fair than charging for the whole box.

    But then again in thee times of get what you can and to he*l with good morals and proper business savvy I guess anything goes.....

  6. Thanks V3, finally someone who knows what they are talking about!
  7. well i don't know about adding all the habitat and what not but i can make a jaw dropping custom hardwood lifesize base for a bear or wolf for WAY LESS THEN 1300.00 DOLLARS i'm not slamming any one just adding my two cents so if some one bought a base from me they could get the base have it shipped to them and the customer will still have plenty of money for habitat materials
  8. Wow, this thread is still alive.

    Ok guys, thanks to the ones who understand what I had to say.

    V3 ,

    I'm not sure how you out priced the market, unless your only market is the town you live in. You should look at the bigger picture, our market is the U.S. and beyond. I find it funny when a taxidermist in Podunk where ever says," I can't charge that much where I live because nobody will pay the price." But I have customers from his area paying me twice what he charges plus shipping. Why is it that a customer will pay me 1200.00 for a Bobcat but won't pay his local guy 350.00 for the same mount?

    "scr*w the common working stiffs that may be paying you a good portion of their monthly income to get a mount done".

    I have worked my a$$ off for over 20 years to get where I am and what I do is not something the working stiff has to have to survive, it is a Luxury item. I price every mount as it should be and the customer makes the choice if he wants to pay it or go down the road. That is not screwing anybody. In my shop the customer gets what he pays for.

    "elitist prices of the pompous crafter"

    pomp•ous : excessively elevated or ornate

    I find this statement very funny. Elitist prices? No, mine are very low compared to many shops. Pompous crafter? I think that describes half the taxidermy industry.

    You see, not all of us will agree on how we should charge for our work and I cannot tell you what you should charge for yours. We are all in different stages of our careers and have wide ranges of overhead in our own shops. What works for you will not work for me but, the post was for some to see what others charge.

    As I have said before, if you are happy charging and making what you do then I'm truly happy for you, But don't come at me with your Holier then thou attitude telling me I'm screwing the working man. I have been a working man all my life but, I don't go to a man’s business and tell him he's screwing me because what he has for sale is a major chunk of my monthly income. If I want what he has I work and save for it, then I go buy it. I hate this crap about he can’t afford it, who cares, he needs to get off his ass and work for it if he wants, I do.

    I'm sorry if you don't understand but I'm in business to stay in business and provide for my wife and family even after I'm gone. I have seen too many taxidermist/business men work themselves to the grave and the widow’s don’t have a pot to piss in. Why? They were bad at business. I take business classes and seminars at the local collage all the time, along with working alongside mentors who have retired form successful businesses.

    Do you have any Idea how other crafts or trades charge?

    You might be surprised or maybe you think they are screwing you too.?
  9. OK , How much for a jaw dropping custom hardwood lifesize base for a bear or wolf ,plus shipping to my zip 78405 ?

    600.00 - 700.00? if so, then I would mark it up to 1200.00 - 1400.00 for my customer and then add the price for habitat and mount.

    Why do taxidermist buy bases from catalogs or woodworkers and resale them to the customer at cost? This makes no sense.
  10. Thank you for the pictures and I also enjoyed the phone conversation.
  11. James Marsico

    James Marsico Well-Known Member

    When a taxidermist only charges 1200. for a lifesize bear mount he can not afford to spend lots of time and the best materials in it or he will lose money. 1200. should not even be a 1/2 deposit for a decent lifesize black bear mount. He is not paying himself a decent wage and he is not figuring in a profit which would keep him in a business cash flow black ink. This is the same taxidermist charging less than 400. for a deer mount and the same taxidermist burnt out on taxidermy and disillusioned after a few years. It is the same taxidermist who would scream murder and quit if his other real job payed him less than 15.00 an hour and dropped his benefits. The poor man mind set in taxidermy is mind boggling to me anyway.
  12. Sounds like you have it all figured out Jim...lol.
  13. James Marsico

    James Marsico Well-Known Member

    Very wrong, but I do know a few things about taxidermy after all these years in this business. I have looked at other taxidermists sites and price lists and shake my head at some of the low pricing. Then again some are not worth even the low price that they are charging. I think it is a mistake to charge separate for mount and then base except when a client orders a mount without a base up front. People like "a" price and nobody likes add on extra fees to a invoice. I am not a great taxidermist but I am pretty good and I have lots of experience and I charge most than most, I take in lots of work in a small town that is saturated with very good taxidermists and my business makes a profit.
  14. cwt

    cwt Active Member

    this topic has been beat to death,nobody ever changes someone elses mind, i have never made alot of money.not in taxidermy or my full time job but i do enjoy taxidermy and i get paid for it,and that is my no questions asked from the wife play money. charge what you want to charge and dont worry about what other people charge. if your happy then be happy if you get pissed at what someone charges and how they explain it then it seems that you might be unhappy about what you are charging.i include a suitable base on all my lifesize and turkey and ducks and fish all come with driftwood at no extra charge and if they want something more than a "suitable base then they pay more"