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schools in the midwest region

Discussion in 'Training' started by mallardman56, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. mallardman56

    mallardman56 New Member

    Hello all
    I am looking for a school around the mid west to attend next fall I currently live in Southeast Kansas and am looking for some place close . any info is greatly appreciated
  2. sid

    sid New Member

    www.secondcreation.com is in Kansas city Kansas 913-422-3111

  3. the truth

    the truth New Member

    You can do alot better than this school.
  4. Xiahou

    Xiahou Rocky 6/1/05 - 6/5/08

    ok, like what?

    I am in the midwest as well and rather curious.
  5. Hey All,

    I am not sure why "the truth" would make a statement like that regards Second Creation Taxidermy, but I would be VERY much interested in seeing a explanation in writing here on this forum and on this thread. If there is justification for that statement, I feel that it deserves elaboration, and if not, I do not believe that cheap shots that make inaccurate allegations are befitting of this forum, and should be removed.

    How about it, "the truth", care to justify your statement?

    Be Well All,

  6. Tricia

    Tricia New Member

    Second Creation gave me a solid foundation in the workings of commercial taxidermy. I've gone on to competitions, where I've received several ribbons, Missouri Trapper's Best Professional Mammal, and SCI Exotic Animal Award. Cindy definitely taught me everything I need to know to start a successful and thriving business. I've expanded this past year, I had to build a new building because I ran out of room for my work. Word of mouth advertising made my business grow very quickly. If you listen and pay attention to what you are working on at school, you will know what to do when you get home. I would highly recommend Second Creation Taxidermy School.

    The Truth has something going on that is personal and definitely NOT true. I suspect that I know who it is, but I have no proof. Perhaps if he had finished taxidermy school, he would feel that he got a complete education in that area. Believe me when I say, he has issues that are best settled in private instead of publicly bashing a school that has been around long enough to earn a very good reputation. And perhaps he should use his regular screen name and not something to hide behind, like the antonym he's chosen, "The Truth".

  7. Hey Tricia,

    Well stated! I am still a student of Cindy's, and I have a HUGE amount of respect for her abilities both in doing taxidermy and in teaching the art form. I think that if "the truth" feels that he can justify his earlier statement, he should do so here on this forum, and while he is at it, he can share his real name and contact info rather than the cowardly hiding behind a pseudonym like "the truth".

    If he feels that there is justification and he is doing something other than taking cheap shots on account of some personal agenda, this how it is done. My name and contact info:

    Frank Baldwin
    1405 W. Ferrel Dr.
    Olathe, KS 66061


    [email protected]

    Be Well, All,

  8. Lisa M

    Lisa M Swing like no one is watching...lol

    Wow "the truth" I don't know what bug crawled in your attitude, but I've heard only good things about 2nd creation. I didn't go there, but wow...I feel sorry for you truth.

    Mallard & Riverdale, I went to CITT in Canon City Colorado. Their web site is www.coloradotaxidermyschool.com and here's a link to where we were talking about CITT. http://www.taxidermy.net/forum/index.php/topic,68664.0.html and here's what I said if you don't want to read the whole thread.

    I still feel the same about the school. I'm going to go back and visit with them again some time this summer. ;) Which ever school you choose, learn everything you can, take great notes, and enjoy yourself!
  9. Suzie

    Suzie New Member

    Hello All - just reading the postings and wanted to add my opinion - I went to Second Creations Taxidermy school and took all classes - I received 3 great months of detailed teaching and am still getting help from Cindy anytime I need it, even though I am no longer a student. i am in the process of setting up my own shop and business and feel very confident that the schooling I received will send me on my way to a great new profession. She offers all her students her undivided attention anytime and is willing to stay late into the evenings to help with anything. I call and email her often with questions on the setting up shop and getting started and she always takes the time to help. She is a teacher for life! I would recommend Second Creations to anyone wanting to learn the art of taxidermy as a hobby or profession.
  10. Kevin M.

    Kevin M. Active Member

    Missouri Taxidermy Institute. Listed in training section.
  11. Well, it has been a couple of days now, and no further word from "the truth". One would THINK that anyone who would choose a screen name like that would be vitally interested in speaking the TRUTH, but apparently not. His/Her silence leads me to believe that there was no basis for the remark - either that or the cat has gotten his tounge. ---- Which is it there, "the truth"???
  12. pureluck

    pureluck Member

    Come on "the truth" tell us the truth, we the people want to know. You have a right to your opinion but lets see what it's based on.
  13. I dunno, pureluck. Looks like the cat has gotten "the truth's" tongue. Pesky kitty anyhow... ;D ...
  14. the truth

    the truth New Member

    The Truth has better things to do than worry about Cindy or Sid or whatever she wants to go by is doing. I am a former student of hers and my experience was not a good one at all. I left there not knowing anything about how to do the finishing work on my mounts. Not sure wether Cindy just didn't want to take time to teach it or from what I have seen or her work I think she doesn't really know any better than the way she taught. I also bore witness to many illegal and very unprofessional dealings. I was previously scheduled to go to MTI but I bought into Cindy's line of BS. I don't want others to waste thier money the same way I did. As for frank I hope your education is a good one. Tricia I did finsih my schooling with Cindy. I however have learned more on here and from some seminars I have attended then I learned in the classes with Cindy. If you are looking for a good investment with your money and a honest and professional learning environment I reccomend looking elsewhere than Second Creation.
  15. Well now, the cat did not get "the truth's" tongue after all. Perhaps "the truth" would like to elaborate on the reasons for his dissatisfaction. I personally think that how much a person learns about taxidermy or any other endeavor is largely dependent on how much attention they pay, and how hard they work themselves. I do not think there is any question about Cindy's skill as a taxidermist, as indicated by the awards she has received, and by the long list of satisfied and repeat customers she has. Could it be that you are the student who conned her into allowing you to go through all of the classes based on the unfulfilled promise that you would be getting a small business loan with which to pay her? If so, how on earth is it that you have the gumption to refer to yourself as "the truth", in third person yet? I would think that ANYONE who has taken instruction given in good faith based on an unfulfilled promise would be VERY hard pressed to accuse someone else of ILLEGAL & UNPROFESSIONAL dealings. I see that you have thus far refused to give your real name, but rather are hiding behind a highly suspect pseudonym. If your accusations have merit, perhaps you would like to lend them credibility by giving us specific information, regards your dissatisfaction. Giving your actual name and location rather than merely taking cheap shots under the psuedonym, "the truth", would be a good start.
  16. Tricia

    Tricia New Member

    I really wish we could get an IP address on "the truth" and match it to the person that I think it is. I bet they match.

    There have been times when I've called Cindy with a question about something that I didn't remember from school or about something that I've never done before and she has always answered my questions.

    There has only been one dissatified student that I know of, and it was a situation of their own making...and that is the person I think you are. How was the waterfowl season this year?

    Ever notice that the truth has ONLY posted when it could be used to bash sid? This time it's to accuse her of illegal activity without any real accusation. You got a problem with her or the way things have been run at her school, you should handle it the correct way. This forum was NOT designed to insult and accuse people of illegal activities. Especially without proof.

    This guy needs help. This is sour grapes and he won't give it up. Obsessive isn't an attractive feature.
  17. Bart

    Bart New Member

    Hello Mallardman56, I greatly suggest attending Randy Hamson's Stoney Hills School of Taxidermy in Cushing,Minnesota. I attended the 4 week class just recently in April of 2008. I had been wanting to learn taxidermy for many years and knew absolutely nothing about taxidermy prior to attending this great school! What an experience it was! I completed 8 specimens in the 4 week period which I am proud to say were of museum quality! Pictures don't lie--just look at Randy Hamson's School of Taxidermy Info and Pic's in the training section and look under the no. 3 paragraph. Randy is a perfectionist,the instruction is at all times 1 on 1, and the setting is a relaxed one! To know nothing of taxidermy and leave in 4 weeks with museum quality specimens speaks volumes of this great school. In my opinion this school is second to none! Sincerely, Bart Harrison,New York