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Rick Carter's DVD on Whitetail A to Z

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by George, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    I know several others have posted in various categories about this new DVD from WASCO, but to insure that the word is sufficiently passed around, I'm putting my post here.

    This is, with no doubt in my mind, one of the finest pieces ever ventured on any form of mass media. Good buddy and Sandlapper Rick Carter has completely outdone himself on this one and whether you're a rank wannabe or a seasoned professional, you owe it to your self to get this video.

    Like you might expect an old pain-in-the-ass like me to be, I dropped the DVD in figuring it wouldn't take me very long to find something I didn't agree with. After 4 hours and two disks, I'm still looking. I simply cannot fathom Ken and Rick setting down and getting such a complete and in depth lesson plan in order. It starts with a deer coming in the door and if you ever had any doubts, you see that this deer is a junkyard special with screwed up antlers and a torn ear - the ones that give you heartburn when you look at it. With the "customer" standing right there, Rick takes you step by minute step in what to look for and point out to the customer, the measurements, the annotations, EVERYTHING. When the customer is given his receipt and leaves, Rick again takes you through every conceivable contingency you might experience from fleas and ticks to a multitude of skin cuts to remove the antlers.

    I had talked with Ken a few months back about such a venture and he laughed that he and Rick had just completed a video to update the slightly outdated Sallie Dahmes version they'd marketed for years. So when I got my copy, Ken sort of prepared me that Rick would do things differently than I did them. Now think about that: Rick Carter - World Champion, National Champion a few times over telling how he does it and George Roof- mouth of the mid-Atlantic telling how it should be done. Now there's a no brainer if I've ever heard it.

    Ken, you and Rick have absolutely outdone yourselves on this video. I predict that it will become the standard by which any new taxidermist could learn how to make an exceptional mount from the very first deer he or she takes in. I don't have enough accolades to place on this video. You guys done GREAT.
  2. mrdux

    mrdux Member

    Mine's in the mail.

  3. Rick Carter

    Rick Carter Administrator

    Dang, Uncle George! I'm blushing. Ken is the one who deserves the credit. We have worked together for so long that he is not embarrassed to tell me that an idea is bad or an angle didn't work or that my grammar sucked.LOL Ken is so good at editing he can make anybody look good. We had about 27 hours of video that was cut down to a 4 hour DVD. Ken managed to show all of the necessities in their entirety. When I watched the final cut and realized how he put it all together it was sort of overwhelming. I'm glad you like it and thanks for the great review.
  4. My first blue in the pro class was do to the use of an article Rick did on mounting a competition deer from scratch. Use of that same article and others that Rick has done over the years has helped me understand and learn more than I ever could accomplished on my own. I am so glad that guys with the talent that Rick has is willing to share their talents with us. Thank you Rick for all you have done in the taxidermy industry!
  5. James Marsico

    James Marsico Active Member

    I ordered it two days ago and I am anxious to view it.
  6. Chad See

    Chad See Certified "Fish Head"

    I have yet to see this video, but I will be ordering it! I can say this much, if it is half as good as Rick's wild boar video, everyone is in for a treat. I did a wild boar as one of the first mounts I ever did on my own and with Rick's A-Z wild boar video, it turned out fantastic! I have no doubt that the whitetail video will be the same way. Rick and Ken, thank you for doing what you do!

  7. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Careful Rick. I seriously doubt he could make ME look good. If he can, then I need to visit real soon. I do have a question however. Now both of us know that I'm not a small guy and next to you, I'd be noticeably BIGGER. However, who the hell was that playing your "customer". Now that guy could hunt wampus cats with a switch. He could play center for the Hawks OR the Falcons.
  8. Xiahou

    Xiahou Rocky 6/1/05 - 6/5/08

    I am sold. Next WASCO order its on there.
  9. mrdux

    mrdux Member

    I got mine today. I haven't had the time to watch it in it's entirely but I did scan some of the scenes and was SUPER impressed. I've always enjoyed Rick's seminars and the Boar A-Z video. I really picked up on some tricks in WT finish work that I tried today and was really happy with the results. I'm also going to try that bottle of Krowtan Whitetail that has been collecting dust on my shelf. Thanks to Rick and WASCO.
  10. Mr.T

    Mr.T New Member

    Rick,,, I am stuck midway through doing a Highlander Bull shoulder mount, I set it aside to do some more head scratching,,,, could you do a Highlander Bull from A - Z DVD so I could finishi it? Please!!!!! :-[
  11. James Marsico

    James Marsico Active Member

    I have mounted several highlander bulls. I use a medium bison mannikin and put the Jonas head on it; then you have a nice mount with big shoulders. Everytime after I get one all altered up I think of casting it for myself but never have.
  12. mdupertuis

    mdupertuis Active Member

    Amen George, I posted the same thing in the beginner section. It is just a perfectly organized, well put together effort. I will never look at taxidermy how-to videos the same again. I have watched it several times in my medicated state here recovering from surgery. I hope to put many of the sections to good use soon!
  13. setters73

    setters73 New Member

    Ordered my yesterday ;D.Cant wait.Just by watching the sample video i can tell it is very well done.
  14. Got my copy yesterday and watched it last night. Great!! I've probably mounted over 1000 whitetails but I learned a lot from this DVD. New standard for taxidermy DVD's!!!

    Spent Saturday evening with my wife, watching a 4 hour DVD on Deer head mounting, my wife loved it!! ;D
  15. laserred

    laserred New Member

    The one on WASCO site says its a 3 hr DVD, everyone here says its a 4 hr. Am I looking at the wrong one?
  16. Ken Edwards

    Ken Edwards Taxidermy.Net Administrator Staff Member

    That was an old description. Here is the updated version: http://www.taxidermy.com/video

    We originally wanted to put this video on a single disc with three hours of material. When we were editing the video, we discovered that we needed a full four hours to cover everything completely, so the decision was made to make it a 2-DVD set. Since the video had already been advertised with $21.95 as the price, we are continuing to honor that as an introductory price through the summer of 2008.

    UPDATE: This post is from April 2008! The current price for Rick's DVD is $29.95!
  17. laserred

    laserred New Member

    Thanks Ken!
  18. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    And for those of you "on the edge" wondering about buying a "how to" DVD, that's one helluva price for one fantastic seminar. I've watched it twice now looking for things that might have POSSIBLY been omitted, and I simply can't find them. I've seen a lot, but this is, without a doubt in my mind, THE BEST.
  19. Ken, did you get my online order from a few days ago??
  20. Ken Edwards

    Ken Edwards Taxidermy.Net Administrator Staff Member


    If you need any further information on an order placed with WASCO, you can email wasco@taxidermy.net, or call 1-800-334-8012 for an immediate response from one of WASCO's customer service representatives.

    I apologize if my response seems short, but in order to maintain the status of www.taxidermy.net as an industry-wide web site, I am reluctant to use the Forum for individual correspondence concerning customer service issues with one particular company. On the WASCO web site, I can wear my CEO hat, but here on the Taxidermy.Net, I am merely the webmaster, and do not wish to be perceived as conducting WASCO business.